The Purity Ring, part 3

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-24.

Finn accepts the changes the ring has made, and learns more about the ring and about Mr Pollex and Navi. The third and final part of Finn’s story (for now, at least).

When I woke the next day, I was lying on my back on Navi’s bed. It was already late morning, judging by the light. My arms and legs ached. My hole felt empty. I sat up, wiped my eyes.

“Ah, Finn, I see you are awake.”

I froze. Mr Pollex was sitting in a chair in the corner, watching me. He had unbuttoned his checked shirt, revealing a chest with a decent covering of grey hair. Navi, fully nude, was kneeling between his legs, his head buried in Mr Pollex’s crotch. Navi’s arms were tied behind his back with the rope from last night. From the way he was bobbing up and down, he was obviously giving Mr Pollex a blowjob. More black rope ran around his chest and arms, forming a tight harness. His ankles were crossed and tied off with rope as well. Mr Pollex must really like his rope bondage. Or maybe it’s Navi that likes it?

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The Purity Ring, part 2

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-22.

Mr Pollex’s assistant Navi gets Finn into even more trouble as the ring opens Finn’s mind to new possibilities.

I slept fitfully. Tied to the bed in Mr Pollex’s shop, my hands cuffed together, my arms secured tightly in a leather armbinder, I barely managed any sleep. Unable to lie flat on my back, I had to constantly roll from side to side to relieve the pressure on my shoulders. Through it all, that damned ring kept me so hard, I felt as if the slightest movement of air over my dick would make me shoot my load.

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The Purity Ring, part 1

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-16.

Finn buys a cursed purity ring from Christian bookshop owner Mr Pollex. It proves to be more than he can handle.

“You have the most beautiful hands.”

I snatched my hand away, a little roughly. Mr Pollex seemed hurt by this, but he quickly regained his composure. “When you’re my age, you learn to enjoy the great pleasure of admiring the easy graces of youth,” he said. “I’m so very sorry if I… weirded you out there. May I help you find anything else?”

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You Will Rate This Story Five Stars

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-12.

Yiannis discovers an erotic mind-control story that keeps him frustratingly horny until he can give it the rating it deserves.

Note: this story was inspired by a Discord interaction with ckabu_recruiter 🙂

Yiannis slung his work bag onto the sofa and then poured himself a shot of whisky on the rocks. On Friday nights, when he didn’t have a date from Grindr or Tinder lined up, the middle-aged marketing executive enjoyed nothing more than to settle into bed with a cold stiff drink in one hand and his warm, stiff cock in the other, to enjoy some alone time reading erotic fiction. Usually Yiannis skimmed through the updates on all of his go-to story sites before picking a few stories that he would use to fuel his fantasies. While scrolling through his favourite archive of mind-control erotica at the excellent GaySpiralStories, a notification popped up on his phone. It was an email from one of the less frequently updated story sites, urging him to read their most recent addition.

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Both Cocks Locked

This story was originally posted at: on 2020-01-11.

My name is James Belmont, but you probably know me better as the former superhero called Doublewood. You see, I’ve always been different. The most obvious thing that makes me different from most other guys is the fact that I have two cocks. They’re side by side, both about 6 inches when I’m fully hard, and yes, they both work. Or at least, they did when I used to be able to get hard. I’ve been wearing a cock cage for a long time now. I can’t get the cage off, and the only person who can let me out of it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. So I’m fucking horny all the time, and there’s nothing I can do about it!

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The Cyberflasher’s Comeuppance

This story was originally posted at: on 2020-01-11.

Greg stepped onto a half-full District Line carriage and took a seat. It had been a couple of days since his last hook-up and Greg was getting pretty horny. He took out his phone and opened up his current go-to dating app. His profile pic showed off his tousled blond hair, cold blue eyes and impressive jawline. As much as Greg liked the compliments he got on that photo, what he really enjoyed was how people reacted to his explicit nude photos. Especially when they neither wanted or expected to see them. Whether the women he cyber-flashed reacted with shock, anger or disgust – it all gave Greg an exhilarating thrill that he all too often wanked over when he got back to his flat.

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A Game of Ass Assassin: Path 1.2.4 (Caught by Pablo: FAILURE)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07. It is part of the GaySpiralStories community series ‘A Game of Ass Assassin’.

K.O.K. vice-president Pablo and frat bro Zachary catch Jeffrey hiding in the apartment. Game over…

“This is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE community series inspired by the format of The Grandfather’s Gift and the game of assassin where I give you all the set up and you can write what happens next! At the end of each chapter, there should be at least two options for how the story can go. If you want, you can include more than that or write about a possibility that isn’t listed. The only limit is your imagination! Minimum 400 words for each new chapter. Please reuse this intro at the beginning of any chapters you add so that new readers will be able to see all the rules. Enjoy!”

“Finn! Hold on!” Jeffrey said. “I have a better idea! Your brothers are just coming in to check on you, right? They’re not gonna be expecting anyone else here. I just need to find somewhere to hide until they’ve gone.”

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The Twelve Days of Punishmas: Christmas Day (Day 1)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07.

Liam apologises to his brother Freddie and receives his first punishment.

By Christmas morning, Liam’s feeling of fear had now settled into a general sense of dread. He no longer held out any hope of the whole thing being a prank. Shutting himself in his room all night, Liam had tried again and again to make himself cum. He showered twice, hoping the refreshing showers would give him some kind of final boost towards orgasm. Each time he tried, he found that he could get extremely closely to cumming, but actually reaching orgasm was impossible. He finally gave up at around 4 am, his cock red and raw from hours of rough stimulation, trails of precum across his abs and sticky patches on his ballsack.

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The Ones Who Come to Homolas

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07.

With apologies to the late, great Ursula K. LeGuin.

The Great Pride Parade was in full swing in the Free City of Homolas. Rainbow flags rippled gently from windowsills and brightly coloured bunting was strung high up above the streets. The marchers, some half-naked, some dressed in extremely tight sequined outfits, were being cheered by the crowds who had gathered to enjoy the festivities. Entertainers and musicians entertained their spectators, and the vast array of street food stalls lining the parade route filled the air with many wonderful aromas.

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This story was posted at on 2020-01-06.

Josh was excited and horny. He’d been frustrated all week: each of his Grindr hook-ups had cancelled their meetings or failed to show up – but tonight was going to be a wonderful exception. He’d already met the guy – Nathan, another student at the university Josh attended – for a quick coffee at lunchtime and they’d made plans for tonight. Sure, he ought to prepare a couple of essays for Monday, and maybe clear up the junk in his room this weekend – but it could wait. He hadn’t cum for five days now. And student life was all about priorities.

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