Escape from Enderon v0.1.2

Escape from Enderon: v0.1.2 is available from the link below:

Link (updated from previous post):

Enderon has changed a lot since the last version (v0.0.10) was posted. Note that currently this Patreon channel functions more like a tip jar. Releases of Escape from Enderon will be free to everyone until further notice.

Escape from Enderon is built in Twine 2 using Sugarcube 2 format. It should run in your browser (I use Google Chrome) like other Twine interactive fiction games.

Trello board:

Changelog (vs 0.0.10):


  • Changed: Re-migrated from Tweego back to Twine 2 environment (the Tweego workflow just wasn’t working for me personally)
  • Changed: Reviewed and updated design document.
  • Changed: Reviewed and overhauled the backstory to the game.
  • Added: Scripting guide for game events (work in progress).


  • Changed: New combat system: you now choose three actions out of a list of possible actions. These add points to your Hit, Dodge and Block scores. Then your opponent does the same, and the Hit, Dodge and Block scores are compared. You need to beat your opponent on two out of three scores to win. The new system is much faster (single round resolution), putting the focus back on story events. Possible actions depend on your restraints and any weapon you are carrying. Enemies have four different combat stances, which affects the actions they pick in combat.
  • Added: Prison mode framework. You can now be imprisoned by Enderon soldiers on defeat. The prison is very much bare-bones at the moment though. You can escape the prison by attempting to run away during the Work phase of the day.
  • Changed: Daily turn loop now has four time phases. At night (if not in prison) you can decide whether to set up camp or not.
  • Added: New stat bars by HiEv replace the previous stat bars by Greyelf.
  • Changed: There are now six main stats to manage: Health, Energy and Arousal which function more or less as they did before; and Humiliation, Obedience and Submission, which affect how story events and scenes play out. In future, bad end pathways will depend on the values of these new stats.
  • Fixed: Issues with pronoun system.
  • Removed: player evasion mechanics.
  • Added: Improved cum splatter mechanics. Cum dries out overnight, adding humiliation (for now).
  • Added: Reinstated win condition: Survive for long enough and you can reach region 5, triggering the current victory scene. (But the game doesn’t have enough events in it to stop it becoming repetitive, yet.)
  • Added: NPCs assess the player’s appearance and restraints and assign one of five labels to the player’s perceived ‘social’ role: fighter, civilian, victim, prisoner or slave. This affects how they respond to the player in some scenes.


  • Added: Game settings passage can be accessed from the sidebar menu as a dialog box. So you can now change settings in-game.
  • Added: Player appearance dialog box is accessed from the sidebar menu.
  • Added: Stat changes are notified to the player in the text if this setting is left on.


  • Changed: improvements to introduction passages
  • Added: Reinstated combat victory/defeat scenes that were present in v0.0.10
  • Added: Event where player encounters a lone Enderon soldier on patrol.
  • Added: Event where player encounters a hostile bandit.
  • Added: Event where player meets a group of villagers and learns some lore.
  • Added: Event where player meets a friendly villager.
  • Added: Event where player finds a field of flowers.
  • Added: Event where player finds a stream of running water.

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