The Last Free Man on Earth

This story was originally posted at on 2020-04-02.

Liberty Island, 4th July, 2051

Richard groaned as a brilliant white light roused him from his artificially-induced sleep. He opened his eyes, and immediately realised the seriousness of his predicament. He was completely naked, his wrists secured behind his back by solid metal shackles. Through the glass windows all around him, he could see the ruins of New York City, the crumbling skyscrapers now repurposed as the Pleasure Centres of the System. Each tower block on Manhattan island probably held several thousand humans, now slaves to the System.

Richard had spent almost all of his adult life fighting the System as the leader of the Resistance. Now, he was its prisoner, held captive in the bright, glittering glass sphere that Lady Liberty now held aloft where her torch had once been, the torch itself lying half-destroyed at the foot of her pedestal.

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Ass Assassin, Round 2 Path 1 (Hunted)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-02-11. It is part of the series ‘Ass Assassin, Round 2‘, which continues where ‘A Game of Ass Assassin‘ left off.

Jeffrey is hunted. Biff is angry. Carl is terrifying. Mitch has a plan. The stakes are even higher in this round…

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The Cyberflasher’s Comeuppance

This story was originally posted at: on 2020-01-11.

Greg stepped onto a half-full District Line carriage and took a seat. It had been a couple of days since his last hook-up and Greg was getting pretty horny. He took out his phone and opened up his current go-to dating app. His profile pic showed off his tousled blond hair, cold blue eyes and impressive jawline. As much as Greg liked the compliments he got on that photo, what he really enjoyed was how people reacted to his explicit nude photos. Especially when they neither wanted or expected to see them. Whether the women he cyber-flashed reacted with shock, anger or disgust – it all gave Greg an exhilarating thrill that he all too often wanked over when he got back to his flat.

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The Twelve Days of Punishmas: Christmas Day (Day 1)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07.

Liam apologises to his brother Freddie and receives his first punishment.

By Christmas morning, Liam’s feeling of fear had now settled into a general sense of dread. He no longer held out any hope of the whole thing being a prank. Shutting himself in his room all night, Liam had tried again and again to make himself cum. He showered twice, hoping the refreshing showers would give him some kind of final boost towards orgasm. Each time he tried, he found that he could get extremely closely to cumming, but actually reaching orgasm was impossible. He finally gave up at around 4 am, his cock red and raw from hours of rough stimulation, trails of precum across his abs and sticky patches on his ballsack.

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The Twelve Days of Punishmas: Christmas Eve (Day 0)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-04.

19-year-old Liam hates Christmas. Unfortunately, this year he’s on Santa’s Naughty List, and naughty boys don’t get to play with themselves. Making amends is going to be quite the challenge…

Liam hated Christmas. The nineteen-year-old boy (he really was somewhat immature) had only been home for one day but already he had gotten into a slanging match with his mum, shouted at his younger brother, and broken several wine glasses. Liam had a strained relationship with his family at the best of times. It seemed that the added stress of Christmas brought out the worst in everyone, though to be fair to the Heywoods, Liam had done fuck all to rein in his behaviour. He had flatly refused to help around the house, leaving his brother Freddie and his cousins Gary and Scott to shoulder the burden of catering and entertainment for the household.

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