The Twelve Days of Punishmas: Christmas Day (Day 1)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07.

Liam apologises to his brother Freddie and receives his first punishment.

By Christmas morning, Liam’s feeling of fear had now settled into a general sense of dread. He no longer held out any hope of the whole thing being a prank. Shutting himself in his room all night, Liam had tried again and again to make himself cum. He showered twice, hoping the refreshing showers would give him some kind of final boost towards orgasm. Each time he tried, he found that he could get extremely closely to cumming, but actually reaching orgasm was impossible. He finally gave up at around 4 am, his cock red and raw from hours of rough stimulation, trails of precum across his abs and sticky patches on his ballsack.

Sensing that something was troubling Liam, his family showered him with concern over breakfast. Was he sleeping all right? How was work? Was he feeling ill? Liam did his best to fend off their questions while thinking about how he was going to get through this. Clearly, there was something very strange going on. Until he could figure it out, he decided it was best to go along with the instructions in Santa’s letter. The thought of having to apologise to people he’d wronged in the past galled him, but the fear of failing and possibly never getting to cum ever again terrified him even more. He decided that he would start by apologising to Freddie.

After Christmas lunch, and the merriment of presents being opened and Christmas food being consumed (which mostly passed by Liam in a blur, distracted as he was by his predicament), Liam knocked on Freddie’s door and waited. “Come in.”

Freddie was slouched on his bed, reading a book. Something about gay history or some other gay shit, thought Liam. Unlike Liam, Freddie had a slender build, all skin and bones under the brightly-coloured V-neck shirts that Freddie liked to wear. His eyes were ice-blue and his blond hair was usually styled into a fauxhawk, although not on this occasion. Liam noted with contempt the single white stud earring in Freddie’s right ear. Freddie looked up at Liam and frowned. “Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

Liam said, through gritted teeth, “I’ve come to apologise. For being an asshole to you.”

Freddie sat up, dropping his book in surprise. “Uh… ok. Whatever. I…” He swallowed. “Not sure I believe you. You’ve been making fun of me being your ‘faggy brother’ for years. And now you want to say sorry? Just go away and leave me alone. I can’t wait until you fuck off back to London.” Freddie returned to his book, pointedly ignoring Liam.

Was that it? thought Liam as he went back to his room. I apologised to Freddie, who’s probably gonna tease me about it forever after this. But I don’t feel any different. Liam lay on his bed. He removed his soft dick from his jeans and began stroking it to a firm erection. Once again, he got close, but was unable to cum. He sighed. Perhaps he was missing something. He picked up the letter from Santa and read it again. Oh. Maybe I need to use the exact words that it says on here. Shit.

Liam knocked again on Freddie’s door. “Come in. Oh, it’s you again. What do you want this time?” said Freddie irritably.

“I… I’m on Santa’s naughty list because of… how I treated you. Please… please punish me.”

As Liam finished speaking, Freddie’s scornful expression went blank for a moment and Liam thought he saw a pink flash across Freddie’s eyes. Freddie looked a little distant, then he put his book down and got up off the bed.

“You’re right, Liam, you do need to be punished. All those years of humiliating me in front of my friends. Making fun of my ex. Jokes about me taking it up the bum. So pathetic. I have the perfect punishment for you.”

Freddie opened his wardrobe and took out the skimpiest, most embarrassing Christmas elf outfit that Liam had ever seen. “Remember this? I wore it for a fancy dress party when I was still in school. You said it made me look like a gay elf bitch.” The outfit consisted of a green elf hat with white trim, a little green waistcoat, and a tiny pair of green shorts. “Put it on now,” Freddie said. He leered over Liam’s toned body as Liam took off his shirt and put on the waistcoat and hat. The small waistcoat had had its sleeves cut out extensively, so that it revealed Liam’s muscular arms and shoulders fully. It was too tight to button up in front, exposing Liam’s toned chest, and so short that it showed off Liam’s abs and treasure trail. The green shorts were even worse. They hugged Liam’s hips tightly, leaving nothing to the imagination. Liam’s firm muscular ass was perfectly displayed in the tight fabric, as were his cock and balls. If he got an erection in these, anyone looking at him would notice the prominent outline of his cock almost immediately. “Very nice. You look exactly like a naughty elf who needs to be taught a lesson in this outfit. I think… as punishment you will wear this costume until Christmas is over. You can take it off if you need to use the toilet or shower or something, but otherwise it stays on at all times.”

Liam gritted his teeth. “Fine. Is that all?”

“That’ll do for now,” said Freddie. “Now get out and leave me alone.”

He’s probably gonna jerk off over seeing me like this, thought Liam angrily as he marched back to his own room. I am going to fucking kill Santa if I ever meet him.

Back in his room, Liam examined his new look in the mirror. The elf costume had barely fitted Freddie when he’d worn it two years ago and on Liam it was obscenely tight in all the wrong places. He thought about taking it off, but something prevented him. It was as if whatever strange Santa magic was stopping him from being able to cum could also change how he felt about his punishment. Even though he hated the way the costume looked, it didn’t seem… right… to take it off against Freddie’s orders. He didn’t want to obey Freddie, exactly, but he… didn’t want to not obey Freddie either. So he ran his hands over the costume, only half-heartedly willing himself to remove it. His fingers brushed over the bulge in his shorts. Shit, he was getting horny again. He laid back on his bed and rubbed his cock through the shorts. He slid his hand under the shorts – it was an extremely tight fit – and jerked himself to a full erection. Finally! It didn’t take long before he was back on the edge of orgasm, writhing on his bed in a haze of lust. But once again, Liam found he simply could not make himself cum. Fuck!!! He balled his fists and slammed them on the bed in frustration. I took Freddie’s punishment! Why can’t I fucking cum? He took out Santa’s letter again.

“Once you have received your punishment, you may ask them for permission to cum.”

Liam screamed into the pillow.