Ollin’s Trek (Enderon fan story)

I was notified by user bigsmile21 at TUGStories that they have written a fanfiction story based on a playthrough of Escape from Enderon! It’s called ‘Ollin’s Trek‘ and you can read it here: https://tugstories.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=13619 (you might need a user account at TUGStories to access it).

It was posted back in May, but I only got notified about it in September. Go check it out 🙂

The Lawn Boy

This story was originally posted at https://www.gaycupidstories.com/story/show/10002323 on 2021-08-27.

Nick hires a lawn boy called Oliver. A short story I wrote in the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord community.

Author note: This story was originally written on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord community. Each section break offered readers two choices, and the votes determined the course of the plot. Images accompanied some sections of the story; links to these have been added here and there.

“Hey,” I called to the hot guy on his bike. For some reason, even in the heat of summer, he was wearing a grey beanie, matching his cycling shorts. “You looking to earn some money?”

“Um, maybe,” the hot guy replied. “What do you need?”

“Oh, just a few things here and there. Front yard needs mowing, there’s a patch of brush to put in the garbage, and some birds are building a nest on my back porch. You mind helping me out for a bit?”

“You want me to be your lawn boy, Mr…” He squinted at my mailbox. “Turner?”

“Nick. Mr. Turner sounds so formal. And, well… I guess. But I’ll make it worth your time.”

“Nick.” He smiled and held out his hand, which I took. “Sure. I’m Oliver.” He walked his bike over to my shed. I showed him to my equipment.

He spent the next hour or so in the 87°F heat, stripped to the waist, working on my yard. Never once took off that beanie, though.

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