January 2024: monthly review

Last month (January 2024)

Stories: On hold.

Games: The Zhonghua ZeroDay was updated and released at Itch.io.

You can download it from Itch or from here:

Next month (February 2024)

Stories: On hold.

Games: I am remaking Surrendr, an old domination/bondage escape game I abandoned in 2016. This is going to take a while to complete. I also intend to write up a Twine coding patterns resource before going into the development of the game properly. I’m guessing that it will take at least 6 months of development time, at the moment.

In other news I will be taking some time out for myself and also to change my day job. I also picked up a new hobby of text-based roleplaying on a roleplay server called Wildwood Institute, run by the amazing Time and their friends. You can find Time’s Itch profile here: https://time-to-occur.itch.io/.

I’m around on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server, where you can message me, discuss my creative projects, and grab dev builds of my current games. If you’re a fan of gay-focused interactive fiction, come and say hello!

As always, many thanks to all my patrons for your support!