Welcome to Varlance Interactive

Hello and welcome to Varlance Interactive!

Varlance is my pen name for my gay erotic fiction creative work. This site is for archiving published work and presenting other projects such as my interactive fiction games.

For more about my current projects, visit https://www.patreon.com/varlance.

Content warning: The content in these stories and on VarlanceInteractive.com is a work of fiction, which contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations and explicit and crude language. It is not intended for children. The situations described may be unsafe in real life – use good judgement and play safe, sane and consensual.


Intellia is an abandoned fantasy RPG that I created using RPG Maker XP. I released a demo (v3.4) back in September 2008. The current version (v3.4.1) is an updated release which packages a required rgss102e.dll file with v3.4.

To play it you probably need to download the RPG Maker XP Run Time Package (RTP) here: https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package. I’m afraid the game is so ancient that I won’t be able to provide any support for it.

(It’s kind of basic and not very good, compared to my recent games, and is completely SFW.)

Intellia v3.4.1 download link



Map of Intellia from in-game assets.
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March 2023: monthly review

Last month (Mar 2023)

Stories: No progress this month. Forced to Cum is taking a back seat while I work on the games.

Games: Still working on Whodinis Escape Room Challenge. Trello board: https://trello.com/b/d77C4spM/. Dev builds are available on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server. However, because I’m working on the solution to the scenario, dev builds would spoil the solution, so there will be a bit of a large gap between builds.

Next month (Apr 2023)

Stories: Forced to Cum is ongoing at CHYOA.com.

Games: Development to continue on Whodinis Escape Room Challenge. Sorry, not much update news this month.

I’m around on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server, where you can message me, discuss my creative projects, and grab dev builds of my current games. If you’re a fan of gay-focused interactive fiction, come and say hello!

As always, many thanks to all my patrons for your support!

January 2023: monthly review

We’re already at the end of January? Time flies…

This month I am trying something new. Instead of working on my projects late at night on an irregular schedule, I am using co-working spaces twice a week after my day job. (I’m actually posting this now from a workspace.) This will hopefully be a lot more productive overall. Other than that, I am still working through my current projects, particularly Whodini’s Escape Room Challenge

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Twine 2 Sugarcube 2 Notepad++ UDL v1.01

This is an update to my Notepad++ User Defined Language file for Twine 2 Sugarcube 2. It now comes in light and dark versions:

Light version: https://mega.nz/file/3ltgXSQb#HAZd5w1uIhrKvK4UqdAKx3Rmms45dHM2y6vx8zdIb7E

Dark version:

You can download both files from this GitHub repository: https://github.com/varlance/npp-twine2-udl


  • Numbers are now bolded.
  • <br> added as an operator.
  • Dark mode version of file added.

This is v1.01 of each file, which are provided as is. Please feel free to modify these files and distribute them or your own modified versions. You do not need to attribute them or seek my permission.

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