The Zhonghua Zero-Day 1.5.0

The Zhonghua Zero-Day is available from the link below:

You can play it on Itch here:

The Zhonghua Zero-Day is built in Twine 2 using Sugarcube 2 format. It should run in your browser like other Twine interactive fiction games.

In this game, you play as an augmented agent of the International Security Executive (ISEx) in 2027. When a neuroaugmentation expert is kidnapped in Zhonghua, you have to infiltrate a Ruthenian mercenary group’s yacht to gather intel. But when your augmentations malfunction and your arousal level steadily increases with no release in sight, will you succeed in your mission, or will your own desires result in your surrendering to your enemies?


  • Choose an avatar for your character!
  • AI-generated avatars using Generated.Photos.
  • Manage your stats – use a combination of Savagery, Stealth and Seduction against your enemies.
  • Navigate a tile-based map spanning four decks of a yacht. Now with pixel art!
  • Map navigation using buttons or keyboard input.
  • Combat system with 3 enemy types and 12 outcomes to encounters. 
  • Sex scene generator for combat scenes. 
  • Bondage and restraint removal mechanics, with consequences for gameplay. 
  • Seven different endings. 
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