Escape from Enderon v0.1.5

Escape from Enderon: v0.1.5 is available from the link below:


Releases of Escape from Enderon will be free to everyone until further notice.

Escape from Enderon is built in Twine 2 using Sugarcube 2 format. It should run in your browser like other Twine interactive fiction games.

Trello board:

Changelog (vs 0.1.3):


  • Added: Initial framework to support captors interacting with the player in prison.
  • Changed: Outdoor event probabilities rebalanced to make the game more challenging.
  • Changed: Some combat and event rebalancing.
  • Changed: Improved Start passage.
  • Fixed: $campDescription not being populated.
  • Fixed: LootEngine widget broke due to changes to random loot generation.
  • Fixed: various typos.
  • Fixed: It was possible to eat at camp while gagged.


  • Added: From v0.1.5, whether the game uses seeded or true random numbers is based on a user-defined setting that can be changed during the game.
  • Added: Random number widget, to allow the game to have both seeded random and true random outcomes.
  • Added: Combat effects of different restraints.
  • Added: Player health depletes if no food was eaten at camp the night before.
  • Added: Risk of attack if player attempts to masturbate when the camp is not a safe spot.
  • Fixed: Combat trait effects were being processed three times instead of once.
  • Fixed: Friendly NPCs were not able to remove insertables in orifices when they should have been able to.


  • Added: Enderon main theme music (“World Map” by Scrabbit at OpenGameArt).
  • Added: Volume and audio controls.


  • Added: Scenes that trigger if the player’s health or energy drops to zero.
  • Added: Friendly villager may decide to betray the player to enemies instead of removing restraints.
  • Changed: Friendly villager will only help out with your restraints about 3 times before they tell you they can’t do any more. (Suggested by Discord user @nebjibis.)
  • Changed: Enhanced effect of setting up campfire + improved descriptions of sleep passage.
  • Changed: Wash in river passage now requires player to take the risk to wash in the river, or leave the area.
  • Changed: Scene selector avoids choosing the same passage as last time.

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