Night Shift at Cresswell Mall v1.0.3

Good news! The author Charmides over at kindly gave me permission to post the game I made using Charmides’ choose-your-own-adventure story, Night Shift at Cresswell Mall. I’ve made it available at that site, so if you would like to play it you can either:

1. Join the TUGStories forum and navigate to this post:

Joining the forum is free and the game is freely available to download once you have access to the thread where it’s been posted.

2. Download the game directly using this link (166 kB):

To play the game, simply extract the contents of the .zip file and run the .html file in a browser.

The game is a short interactive fiction that should take you less than 15 minutes to reach one of the 19 possible endings. You play as a (gender non-specific) security guard at a shopping mall, facing off against three male burglars. You can choose options to proceed or let the game roll the dice for you. It’s bondage focused with a heavy emphasis on gags, so if that’s your thing, definitely check it out!

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November billing paused; brief update

I’ve paused the Patreon billing for November. Been making progress with the optimisation but not enough to release the next playable version. I’ve migrated the codebase from Twine 2 into Tweego so there is an upfront cost in terms of learning a new workflow, but in the long term it should be easier and faster to add content. 

In the meantime, last night I started and fully completed a short interactive fiction game in Twine 2. The game uses the text of an existing choose-your-own-adventure story by another author. I’m waiting for that author to (hopefully) give their permission before I can make the game available. Until then, I can’t say much about it – watch this space. I can fairly quickly reuse the framework for this game with my own stories. Is that something people would be interested in playing? Let me know!

Many thanks to current and former patrons. I really appreciate your support!