The Purity Ring, part 3

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Finn accepts the changes the ring has made, and learns more about the ring and about Mr Pollex and Navi. The third and final part of Finn’s story (for now, at least).

When I woke the next day, I was lying on my back on Navi’s bed. It was already late morning, judging by the light. My arms and legs ached. My hole felt empty. I sat up, wiped my eyes.

“Ah, Finn, I see you are awake.”

I froze. Mr Pollex was sitting in a chair in the corner, watching me. He had unbuttoned his checked shirt, revealing a chest with a decent covering of grey hair. Navi, fully nude, was kneeling between his legs, his head buried in Mr Pollex’s crotch. Navi’s arms were tied behind his back with the rope from last night. From the way he was bobbing up and down, he was obviously giving Mr Pollex a blowjob. More black rope ran around his chest and arms, forming a tight harness. His ankles were crossed and tied off with rope as well. Mr Pollex must really like his rope bondage. Or maybe it’s Navi that likes it?

“What- what happened?” I looked at my finger. The ring was gone. Just a faint indentation remained on my skin. Navi turned towards me, but Mr Pollex gently moved Navi’s head back onto his rigid shaft. “Keep going, boy.”

“So…” Mr Pollex began, addressing me. “You seem… not unsurprised. Relaxed, in fact, with what Navi’s doing. That must mean the ring has finished its work.”

My dick was beginning to stir as I watched Navi service Mr Pollex. “I guess. Hold on. How did you get here? Where’s the ring?”

“I came over when Navi didn’t turn up for his shift and wasn’t responding to my calls,” said Mr Pollex. “He always tells me if he can’t make it. When I got in, you were both fast asleep. I had to… separate you and make sure you were both all right. I took the ring off you and am going to put it somewhere safe where naughty boys like Navi can’t get at it. Ouch. Teeth, Navi! What else? Oh, yes, I let you sleep a bit while I got started with Navi’s punishment. You must have been exhausted.” I nodded. “Did Navi tell you about… our arrangement? Well, you look like you have a good idea of it. But tell me, Finn, how are you feeling? Has the ring opened your mind?”

“Oh. Um… It’s hard to remember. I feel like I’ve maybe always been attracted to guys? But I also remember having a girlfriend, I think.” I tried hard to remember. “Yeah, because I bought that ring after she fucking asked me to.” I remembered fragments: auburn hair, the park. Taking the bus. Jerking myself off, strangers watching me cum. Fuck. I was hard again. “Sorry, what did you want to know?”

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with any new feelings and thoughts. I thought you might have been distressed about it, like Navi used to be. Did he… tell you?”

“Um… yes, sort of. He said you made him wear the ring before? And now he’s… happy with who he is.” I watched as Navi slid all the way down Mr Pollex’s shaft, taking the entire cock into his throat. Fuck, that was hot. I wasn’t sure which I wanted more – to be in Mr Pollex’s position, or Navi’s. Maybe I could do a good job on Mr Pollex’s dick and then he could order Navi to fuck me. Fuck, I was getting horny again. I tried to think about something else. The old me would have been disgusted by all of this. Was I a different person now? It certainly seemed that some things about me had changed, and yet, I didn’t actually feel as if I were different. I just felt as if I had always been me, and the ring had merely nudged me forwards a bit on a path of self-discovery.

“So, what now, then?” I asked. “Crap, I should really get back home – my parents will be worried – normally I tell them if I won’t be staying home for the night, but it’s been two days…”

“I can take you home, my dear Finn,” said Mr Pollex. He placed a hand on Navi’s cheek and gently eased Navi off his cock. Navi shuffled backwards. He turned to me quickly. “Sorry, Finn…”

“Quiet, boy,” said Mr Pollex. “Lie down on the bed. Head down.” Navi did as Mr Pollex ordered. I caught a glimpse of his cock, fully erect, before he hopped to the foot of the bed and lay down. He looked up at me and winked. I couldn’t help myself and smiled back.

Mr Pollex tutted. “Silly boy! Your punishment is only just beginning!” He slapped Navi’s ass with some force, making Navi yelp. Mr Pollex then took a length of slack from Navi’s ankle rope and tied it to the ropes at Navi’s back. He tightened the rope until Navi’s ankles almost reached his wrists. “While I’m taking Finn home, you can lie here and think about all the ways you disobeyed me, and how I should punish you for them. Understand?” Navi groaned. “Yes sir!”

Mr Pollex put on a pair of trousers and buttoned his shirt. He picked up a wrapped parcel of cloth, which I assumed carried the ring and its dampening rock, and put it in his pocket. I got off the bed and went to look for my clothes, which were scattered around Navi’s living room. I picked up the grey T-shirt Navi had given me to wear. It would do for now, but didn’t feel quite right for me. I made a note to buy some more interesting ones, with deeper v-necks. Maybe I needed some skinnier jeans too…

I took one last look at Navi’s house as we pulled out onto the main road leading into town. “If you have any questions for me, I can answer them while we drive,” said Mr Pollex. “And of course you are always welcome to drop by the shop if you need to talk.”

“Sure.” I still had questions, although now that the ring had finished with me, the answers didn’t seem quite so urgent. “Did you make the ring?”

“I… acquired it. It was a long time ago, before I moved to the States. I am not sure how old these things are. I have been trying to study how they were made, but the machines in my workshop can’t even scratch them. They are extraordinary things, and require extraordinary tools.”

“Wait… there are other rings?”

“Yes. Not that many. Not always rings, but always items of clothing or jewellery. Probably there were many others that have been lost to the world. It is likely for the best. Those that remain can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands, so I try to acquire them for my collection, when my circumstances and finances allow. However, I have not heard of any being made available in the last fifteen years, so I cautiously hope that I have most of them in my collection now.”

“How does the ring work, exactly?”

“I do not know that either. I have not worn one myself, only seen their effects on others. This one seems to know what a person really wants and helps them to discover it for themselves. Sometimes that looks like a change in their personality, but I prefer to believe that it works with what is already present. For example, many, perhaps most, of us are capable of being attracted to more than one gender, if only a little bit, just as most of us are capable of making moral choices or immoral ones.”

I nodded. “But what about how it takes over the body?”

“Yes… I said before that the ring wants to bring us pleasure. I believe it uses pleasure as the measure of the worth of our choices, and therefore, whatever changes it makes, it makes because it will make you happier. When it senses that you enjoy the things it does, it gains more power to make even more changes. Of course, balance is important, so I warned you to resist its effects, in case the changes it made were not ones that would have been good for you. However, it would appear that my concerns were misplaced.” I thought about how Navi felt about the changes it had made to his life. He had sounded happy with them.

“If you are asking about the physical means by which the ring takes control of your body,” Mr Pollex continued, “I do not know the detailed answer, but I suppose that if the mind controls the body, and the ring controls the mind… then there is little mystery about it.”

Outside the car, I saw a sign for Five Palms approaching. “Almost there, my dear Finn,” said Mr Pollex. “Is there anything else you wanted to ask?”

“Yes. Navi – I would like to see him again… But what exactly… are you- he calls you sir, I hope you don’t mind me asking…?”

Mr Pollex smiled. “You lack the right words to describe our relationship. How endearing! Yes, Navi and I have an arrangement. It is what the BDSM community would call a dom-sub relationship. I am the dom, or dominant, and Navi is my sub, or submissive. I am sure you can learn all about the kind of things people can get up to from good online sources, Finn. Anyway, we both enjoy the things we do when we play. I do not control Navi in other aspects of his life, so he is free to see you, if that is what you both want.”

I gave Mr Pollex directions to my street and pointed out my parents’ house. “In fact, why don’t you stop by the shop sometime and see us? I could do with another assistant to take some shifts.” He thought for a moment. “You could also… assist with disciplining a certain staff member. If you want to, of course.”

I very much liked the sound of that. “I’ll stop by later, Mr Pollex.”

“Please, my dear Finn, call me Hal. Very good. I’ll see you later, then, and I’ll inform Navi. He’ll be very excited to see you, I’m sure.”

Over lunch with my parents, I told them that I’d stayed over at a friend’s house and that we had gotten so engrossed in studying for an upcoming test at college that I didn’t notice when my phone died. They seemed to buy it, and were just relieved to hear that I was fine.

I lay back on my own bed, looking around at the familiar yet strange things that I kept around my room. My Bible, American Standard Version, a gift from my aunt. An old baseball glove. A shelf of religious philosophy books like the ones in Mr Pollex- Hal’s- shop, for young adults. Some dusty posters of Christian country singers. I should probably replace those. Maybe I could get some new clothes at the same time and save an extra trip to the mall.

My phone had started up again on charge and was buzzing with old notifications. Missed calls and messages from Lunula. She couldn’t see me any more. I vaguely remembered meeting her recently, but it didn’t seem very important now. I cleared the notifications. Everything else could wait. I was feeling tired again…

I dreamt that I was sitting in church. The usual Sunday morning service, Pastor David trying to get the congregation fired up about the latest topic in the culture wars. Something absurd about bathrooms.

There was a banging on the door to the church. I turned around. Two cops entered and marched down the aisle towards me. They were looking directly at me. I needed to get away, but there was nowhere to go. The cops reached my seat. The first officer was a burly, muscled guy, the second was more lean, wiry. They were both packing significant bulges. I licked my lips. “Mr. Gerson, you are under arrest for possession of obscene materials. You have the right to remain silent.” I tried to push past them, but the burly officer grabbed my arms and held them while his partner applied handcuffs. “Search him.” My shirt was ripped from my body, exposing my chest. The burly officer unbuckled my tight jeans, peeling them off my legs. I was naked underneath them, and my dick was already stiffening.

The shocked faces of people around me were turning me on as the officers stripped me in the middle of the church. They took their time to explore my body, letting their leather-gloved hands stroke my chest, massage my cock, grab my balls. Once I was fully erect, they marched me forwards to the front of the church and laid me down on the communion table. The leaner cop pushed two of his fingers into my mouth. “Suck, boy.” I ran my tongue over his fingers as if they were his dick. He pulled them away, rubbed the wet fingers on my exposed pucker, slid them inside me. The other cop had taken his cock out of his uniform pants and was stroking it over my cheek. “Open up, slut.” I tilted my head back and obediently opened my mouth, letting the thick mushroom-shaped head of his cock enter me. It felt so good to please the officers. That’s what good sluts do, right? I wanted everyone to see that I was a good slut. The cops needed to make an example of me, and the more people who saw me, the better.

The other cop removed his fingers from my hole, before replacing them with his own dick. The congregation gasped in shock as the cops spit-roasted me. I was still hard, and already leaking precum from my dick. I wanted to touch my dick, but the cuffs kept my hands behind my back. The cock in my mouth thrust in deeper. I tried not to gag and felt a strange sense of pride when the officer let out a low growl of pleasure and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. The officer fucking me was hitting something inside me that made me want to shoot, just like yesterday when I was being fucked by Navi’s cock. All those eyes on me… fuck, I was close… so close… and then I was cumming, my jizz blasting out of my dick all over my chest, but the cops didn’t stop, they were going to keep abusing my body until I was completely humiliated in front of the crowd. Then maybe they would take me down to the station, and pass me around all the other officers, maybe even the prisoners would get to use me…

I woke with a start, my middle finger inside my ass and my right hand around my softening dick. There was a decent load of my jizz drying on my shirt – Navi’s shirt. I sat up, caught my reflection in the mirrored surface of my wardrobe. My right hand was wet and sticky. I remembered how the ring had wanted me to taste my seed, to taste Navi’s. I hoped he was all right with being punished and that he would want to see me again. I lifted my fingers to my mouth, watching the young man in the mirror doing the same. Looking at his hands, my hands, streaked with cum.

I realised that Mr Pollex- Hal- had been right all along.

My hands were beautiful.

I’ve been taking shifts in Hal’s shop for a few months now. Business is good. Navi and I persuaded Hal to stock more specialist Christian books from a more diverse range of voices and traditions, and get rid of some of the shitty stuff that wasn’t selling. It seems to have worked, because Karpel’s, which was way too focused on hardcore evangelical literature, is closing down next month and I hear the others are struggling to stay afloat.

“Finn, did you move the price tagger thingy?” Navi gave me a quick kiss on the lips before looking around the counter. These days, he wore a padlocked chain collar around his neck as a sign of his ownership by Hal. “You keep leaving it in a different place every time you use it. So annoying.”

“Haven’t seen it. Go ask Mr P.” I preferred to call Hal that at work. Navi still calls him sir. I tried that for a while, but I didn’t really take to being Hal’s sub the way Navi did; it just didn’t feel right. I touched the key hanging around my neck. Navi was still serving out his chastity sentence for what he did to me. Two more weeks before I needed to decide whether to let him out of the cage or not. I liked how fucking horny it made Navi. I suspected Navi was also in two minds about whether he wanted me to release him.

“Sir’s busy working on the new business. Come on, Finn, I know you used it last.” Hal was branching out into the business of sex toys. Navi and I had modeled some of them in the online teaser videos – I loved the idea of horny guys all over Phalanx being tempted to buy something after seeing me thoroughly testing each one. Sales were growing quickly and we were almost ready to open a physical shop. It would be the first adult store in Phalanx to cater to gay and LGBT customers. I’d suggested calling it ‘Mister P Leather & Gear’, which amused Hal a lot.

The shop door opened and a blond guy with a football-player build entered the shop. Navi and I both ogled the guy’s muscular frame and powerful arms. I also noted with satisfaction his impressive, perfectly curved bubble butt. The young man looked briefly at the books on display, before approaching the counter. “I’ll let you satisfy his manly desires, Finn, since I’m… somewhat constrained,” Navi winked. I gave his ass a friendly slap through his black denim shorts before letting him go. He ducked behind the curtain to go to the storage room. I picked up my phone and continued scrolling through my Grindr messages. Tonight’s hookup had canceled on me, but I was sure I could line up someone else before my shift ended.

“Excuse me.” The young man’s mouth curled in distaste. I wondered if it was my deep V-neck shirt in hot pink, the ‘two male symbols’ tattoo on my chest, or something else that bothered him. “Uh, dude, do you, um, sell rings? Like, purity rings?” he asked. His voice was deeper than I expected. Very sexy. “My girlfriend takes all that stuff really seriously.”

“Oh yeah? I used to know someone like that. I think. It was a long time ago. A fucking shame, really, but whatever floats her boat, right?”

“Yeah, dude, so true. I mean, I could totally be nailing some other chick by now, but there’s something about her that I really like. She’s really sweet sometimes.” The guy pointed to a ring that was sitting by itself on a shelf to my left. “How about that one?”

I put my phone down on the counter and picked up the ring. This one was a little heavier than mine had been. It was also fashioned out of a solid band of silver. Navi had stuck one of his sticky price tags over the rim, but underneath the tag I could just make out some letters inscribed in black: PUREASSNOW.

I looked at the guy, turning the ring in my fingers. “Sorry. I don’t think this one’s for sale.”

“You sure? There’s, like, a label on it. Come on, dude, I already went to two other shops and they don’t sell these any more.”

“Well… I should really check with the manager first.” Navi returned from the storage room. He pretended to be busy rearranging some shelves, while watching us. He winked at me.

The guy glanced at my phone, the Grindr home screen still showing. I frowned and put my phone away. “Come on, dude, just sell it to me, and then you can… go back to sending dick pics to your boyfriend or whatever.” Jesus, what a dick. “How much is it?”

I smiled grimly. “For you, my dear, just three dollars.”

The guy pulled out three dollar bills from his wallet and pushed them across the counter. He pocketed the ring. He shot Navi a dirty look before swiftly exiting the shop.

“Not even a thank you,” I said to Navi. “Kids these days.”

“Yeah, but did you see his ass? Practically perfect.”

“That’s no excuse for bad fucking manners. Anyway, I thought Mr P didn’t want these things getting around?”

Navi grinned. “I got him to change his mind. Took me ages to persuade him, though.” I raised an eyebrow. “I said it would be a good idea to find out what the other rings and stuff do, in case something happens to the shop or something and they get out and around. Besides, once we open the new shop, this place is gonna need some fresh meat to run it.”

“So, you were only thinking about the needs of Mr P’s business, were you?”

“Well… I was also curious about whether you would actually sell it after everything that happened.” Navi grinned. “But other than that… yeah. It was purely business.”

“I’m not sure I believe you.”

“Well, then, maybe you should get the truth out of me after a long, slow interrogation… Got any plans later?”

“I do now. Don’t forget.” I fingered the key around my neck. “Anything incriminating I discover may result in time being added to your sentence.”

“You’ll never break me.” Navi grinned.

“In fact…” I checked the time: half an hour to go. There was plenty of rope in the storage area, and a set of unopened packages from one of our sex toy suppliers. “I think your interrogation should start right now…”

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