Escape from Enderon v0.1.6

Escape from Enderon: v0.1.6 is available from the link below:

Releases of Escape from Enderon will be free to everyone until further notice.

Escape from Enderon is built in Twine 2 using Sugarcube 2 format. It should run in your browser like other Twine interactive fiction games.

Trello board:



  • Added: Imprisonment sequence. When arrested, the player character will be stripped, searched and sent to their cell.
  • Added: A guard will bring a ration of food to your cell at night (placeholder).


  • Added: Implemented prison-based class traits (commanding, charming, rebellious) – these affect morale or disposition changes among the captors.
  • Added: Tracking of days elapsed while imprisoned.
  • Added: Captors will regenerate health, energy and arousal gradually overnight. Captors who are killed (if fought repeatedly, for example) are removed and replaced with fresh captors.
  • Added: A named captor will be present in the prison yard (supports scenes that aren’t implemented yet).
  • Added: Slacking off at work in the prison can lead to a punishment scene (still in placeholder).
  • Changed: Increased energy gain on sleeping in prison; reduced health loss at camp if the player did not eat the day before
  • Changed: When found in loot, food usually comes in 1, 2 or 3 portions.
  • Changed: Better handling of variable initialisation if a debug quickstart is selected or if the game is started from a different passage during testing.
  • Changed: While travelling with the group of villagers, the helpful villager at the end of that scene will give the player food instead of general loot.
  • Fixed: Removing restraints when this should not be possible
  • Fixed: Hunger penalty applied multiple times instead of once daily
  • Fixed: Taking health damage due to hunger even though the player ate at camp
  • Fixed: Error messages caused by calling a nonexistent captor array.
  • Fixed: Loot widget drawing only one item or drawing the wrong number of items.
  • Fixed: Loot widget did not reset money amount in loot (could cause repeated money increase if called multiple times in a passage).


  • Added: Restraint readout now shows whether your wrists are bound in front, behind your back or above your head.


  • Added: Prison morning scenes (3 variants). Guard demanding oral sex, Inspection and cavity search, plus a standard wakeup scene.
  • Added: Placeholder minor punishment scenes (chained to pole in yard; naked and on display in yard).
  • Added: Chastity scene for players caught masturbating in the prison cell.
  • Added: Flavour text when sleeping with high arousal.
  • Added: Placeholder scene where you can perform sexual favours in the prison yard to get items from the prisoners.

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