Escape from Enderon v0.1.3

Escape from Enderon: v0.1.3 is available from the link below:


Releases of Escape from Enderon will be free to everyone until further notice.

Escape from Enderon is built in Twine 2 using Sugarcube 2 format. It should run in your browser (I use Google Chrome) like other Twine interactive fiction games.

Trello board:



  • Added: Seeded random number generation: random events in the game now generally are predetermined when the game is initialised. So going back or forward in the history doesn’t change the random outcomes. Exceptions are things like character names, combat (it’s more interesting that way).


  • Added: most of a new character trait system. Each character class starts with three traits. Some traits affect your performance in combat. Others affect prison captor variables.
  • Added: Combat modifiers framework and modifiers for health, energy, arousal stats. The player and enemies will perform worse in combat if health or energy are low or arousal is high.
  • Changed: Combat mechanics take the new trait system and modifiers into account.
  • Changed: combat depletes health and energy.
  • Fixed: rare feedback bug when restraint items/clothing was blocked by multiple factors.
  • Changed: Restraint widgets modified to support removing a restraint from a slot.
  • Changed: Better handling of post-combat navigation. This supports scenes which trigger combat but then return the player into a specific scene after combat.
  • Added: monks as a new enemy type.
  • Added: captor persona framework (not yet in use). Captors will have one of three personas that determine how cruel they treat the player in prison.


  • Added: Class and trait information is displayed in the Appearance window.


  • Added: Chastity monks story event.

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