The Ones Who Come to Homolas

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07.

With apologies to the late, great Ursula K. LeGuin.

The Great Pride Parade was in full swing in the Free City of Homolas. Rainbow flags rippled gently from windowsills and brightly coloured bunting was strung high up above the streets. The marchers, some half-naked, some dressed in extremely tight sequined outfits, were being cheered by the crowds who had gathered to enjoy the festivities. Entertainers and musicians entertained their spectators, and the vast array of street food stalls lining the parade route filled the air with many wonderful aromas.

The Free City’s reputation as a city of freedom, hedonism and partying was now unparalleled. Of course, it had not always been this way. Ten years ago, Homolas was in the grip of a prolonged industrial and cultural decline. The country had voted to separate itself from the Grand Union of Mercantile States and the economy was foundering under the burden of new taxes and bureaucracy. The Free City’s recovery from its grim past was entirely the result of negotiations between the Mayor of Homolas and (according to most accounts) dark forces conjured forth by the wisest masters of the arcane arts. The pact between the Mayor and the darkness ensures the incredible prosperity of the Free City will continue as long as certain conditions are met.

That is why, deep underground beneath the Citadel of Homolas, there is a dungeon carved out of rock. When the marchers in the Great Pride Parade reach the end of their route, in front of the Citadel gates, they will crown the most athletic, most handsome, and most virile young man as Mr Gay Homolas. Then, while the crowds are distracted by the ceremony, the Mayor’s personal bodyguards will seize the young man and bind his hands behind his back with rope. They will slip a leather hood over his head and lead him to the Armoury.

On the way, the guards will strip the young man of his clothes. They will run their rough hands over the man’s firm body, while taunting him with stories of the other men who have experienced the same fate. At the Armoury, the Master Blacksmith will produce a heavy iron collar and matching shackles. The guards will hold the young man still against the anvil while the Master Blacksmith hammers solid iron rivets into place, locking the collar onto the young man’s neck. The shackles will be locked around the man’s wrists and ankles in a similar fashion. His wrist shackles will be permanently secured behind his back with an iron ring that is welded shut. At this point, having tired of the man’s pleas for mercy, a metal ring gag will be inserted into his mouth and locked in place via metal fittings to the collar. The final addition will be a steel chastity cage that is fitted snugly over the man’s cock and balls, before being padlocked shut. The Master Blacksmith will weld the keyhole closed to ensure that no one else can release the man’s cock from his chastity cage.

The man will spend the rest of his days in a cell inside the dungeon, each of his ankle shackles padlocked to two iron rings set into the ground, and his collar locked to a chain hanging from the ceiling. This position keeps the man’s mouth and hole exposed for the dungeon guards to use as they desire. With his arms secured and his cock locked away, there will be no sexual release for him at all. He will be fed and watered once a day. There must be dozens of other cells, containing other men who were similarly imprisoned after the Great Pride Parade, but he does not see them – he only hears the grunts and screams of those men as they beg for release when the guards come to abuse them.

Every few days, the man receives a few visitors; for it is a condition of the Mayor’s pact that the citizens of Homolas be shown the nature of the man’s incarceration. Some of them come simply to jeer and laugh at the man’s nudity and humiliation; others are torn by guilt and the desire to help, only to be informed that the man is a dangerous criminal and can never be released under any circumstances. A rare few, understanding that the Free City’s prosperity is built upon the cruel punishment the man and his predecessors suffer, will decide to leave Homolas for other towns and settlements beyond the authority of the Citadel. Those few never return, and are not heard from again.

Yet there are many more, men who know how to take what they want, who hear of the man’s suffering, and are consumed by the desire to see for themselves, and to take part – when the guards allow it – in the prisoners’ degradation. They come from all over the Grand Union, to take up residence in the Free City. They keep the farms productive, and the factories busy; they purchase the beautiful houses that spring up in beautiful estates all over Homolas, and partake of the delightful entertainments that the Free City offers. And of course, the ones who come to Homolas always make sure to visit the men in the dungeon often, to sate their lusts, and enjoy the wretched sight of the horny prisoners begging to be allowed to cum while their holes are stuffed with cock.