You Will Rate This Story Five Stars

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-12.

Yiannis discovers an erotic mind-control story that keeps him frustratingly horny until he can give it the rating it deserves.

Note: this story was inspired by a Discord interaction with ckabu_recruiter 🙂

Yiannis slung his work bag onto the sofa and then poured himself a shot of whisky on the rocks. On Friday nights, when he didn’t have a date from Grindr or Tinder lined up, the middle-aged marketing executive enjoyed nothing more than to settle into bed with a cold stiff drink in one hand and his warm, stiff cock in the other, to enjoy some alone time reading erotic fiction. Usually Yiannis skimmed through the updates on all of his go-to story sites before picking a few stories that he would use to fuel his fantasies. While scrolling through his favourite archive of mind-control erotica at the excellent GaySpiralStories, a notification popped up on his phone. It was an email from one of the less frequently updated story sites, urging him to read their most recent addition.

Looks like it might be worth checking out, thought Yiannis. Let’s take a look. Reviewing the updates section of the site, Yiannis located the link to the brand new story at the top of the page. A first-time author, with their very first story! That could mean a couple of things; from experience, Yiannis knew that sometimes a new author brought some fresh and exciting new fantasies to fuel his wank sessions, while at other times, he just couldn’t push past the first few paragraphs due to the author’s amateurish writing, questionable plot or atrocious spelling and grammar. English was not actually Yiannis’s first language, but he had come to London many years ago as a postgraduate MBA student, and considered himself to be a pretty good judge of an erotic story author’s standard of writing.

The story started out ordinarily enough. Hot guy number one, physical description, hot guy number two, physical description, the hot guys meet, sex. It wasn’t the best story Yiannis had read this week, but it wasn’t terrible either, and yet there was something oddly compelling about this story… perhaps in the way the words on the screen seemed to fluctuate subtly in brightness and focus, capturing Yiannis’s attention and pushing out any thought of leaving the site from his mind. Stroking his erect cock with increasing excitement, Yiannis closed his eyes and imagined himself as one of the main characters in the story. Slowly massaging his balls with just the right amount of pressure, he continued to fantasise about his character, an archetypal fresh-faced twink with an insatiable lust for cock, being spanked and fingered by a dominant daddy-bear type in a sex club’s bondage darkroom, just as in the story. Taking the head of his cock in his fingers, Yiannis carefully edged himself as he continued to read the story on his phone. Over the next hour or so, the story guided Yiannis through its tale of depravity, debauchery and domination, and Yiannis found himself getting more and more aroused. Reading about how the hot leather daddy gradually extended his influence over the innocent twink until he eventually persuaded the horny slut to debase himself on a camsite for thousands of perverted male viewers made Yiannis painfully hard, and his cock leaked precum all over Yiannis’s hand and onto his sheets. Yiannis stroked his cock faster, using his copious precum as lube, his fist gliding up and down his erection, as he put his phone down and focused just on his fantasy. Fucking hell, he was so close! It wasn’t quite enough, though, for Yiannis to cum, so he picked up his phone again and continued to read; eventually, when he reached the end of the story, he felt a strange urge to go back and reread it – despite the fact that the story hadn’t quite been arousing enough to get him off. Visual stimulation might be what I need, thought Yiannis, as he instead switched to one of his favourite porn sites. Eyeballing the thumbnails, Yiannis selected a clip of two guys in a bar, which he knew led to a deliciously kinky scene in which the bar manager punished the cocky bartender for stealing cash from the till with an aggressive oral and anal fucking.

Several hours later, a sweating, exhausted Yiannis had watched a dozen of his favourite porn vids and yet it still hadn’t been enough to get him off. The day’s exertion was now catching up to Yiannis and although his cock was still hard and aching for release, he doubted that he would be able to make himself cum and actually enjoy it. Annoyed, Yiannis closed the porn site’s browser tab, revealing the story that he had been reading earlier. “Rate this story five stars?” was displayed at the bottom of the page, the first letter of each word glowing slightly. Stupid story – it kind of sucked and even though the characters were hot, it didn’t get me to cum and I’m still so fucking horny, thought Yiannis, as he angrily closed the page without bothering to submit a rating for the story.

Yiannis’s weekend was consumed by his all-encompassing need to cum. Once a day, or every other day, was his usual schedule when he wasn’t dating, but for some reason, Yiannis had been inexplicably horny since that Friday night, and yet he still couldn’t manage to make himself cum. Unable to get release, his thoughts continually wandered from whatever he was doing. Whenever he was distracted, he found himself thinking again about the strange story that he’d read and how he really ought to give it another read, so that he could appreciate it properly. It was maddening, and a little weird, but most of all, it was turning him on like fuck – as if he were a character himself in some crazy author’s sordid tale, his desperate need to cum being used to break his will and turn him into a horned-up sex-starved slut – in short, exactly the kind of story that Yiannis most enjoyed.

Legs spread wide, a ten-inch long rubber dildo fully inserted in his asshole, Yiannis lay on his back on the coffee table in his living room, working his cock with his right hand while thrusting the dildo into his hole and back out again in deep, slow strokes and moaning into the camera for the pleasure of his online audience. Lately, Yiannis’s attempts to cum had become more and more intense and elaborate. Requests to write ‘slave’ and ‘cockslut’ and ‘pussyboy’ on his naked body in permanent marker, to show off his deepthroating ability, to stuff his tight hole with embarrassingly thick plugs – Yiannis accepted them all, hoping that the increasing degradation and exposure would finally take him over edge. Again and again, Yiannis performed for his viewers, each time inching a little closer to orgasm, but finding it infuriatingly impossible to actually get there.

Turning off the camera, Yiannis let the dildo slide out of his ass with a wet plop and headed straight for his shower, his erect cock bouncing wildly and flinging little drops of precum onto the floor with each step. Eleven-forty-five already. Tomorrow was a work day and Yiannis had barely slept for more than four hours in a row before being woken up by the relentless need to jerk off and empty his balls. He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, then rolled onto his bed on his back, exhausted and still uncontrollably aroused. I should read that story again, maybe it’ll help me to cum. Searching for the story, Yiannis returned to the website where he’d found it, but it had for some reason been removed from the site’s archives. Shit! There was a notice from the site administrators, saying a recently uploaded story by user ‘Acrostic’ had been temporarily removed for ‘violating community standards’. Over a thousand comments had been posted underneath it, complaining about the story’s removal. Readers expressed incredulity that such a popular story, which had received hundreds of five star ratings, could be removed without warning or explanation, and demanded that the story be reinstated. Yiannis thought some of the commenters sounded unreasonably desperate, as if they would do anything, or pay anything to read that story one more time, or they might never be able to find sexual satisfaction again. Fuck, he was hard again, imagining all those gay story readers desperate for release, but always frustrated, always horny, always available. It terrified Yiannis to think that something like that might also be happening to him, and yet his cock leaked a little more precum with each comment that he read.

Vacillating between starting another wank session, which Yiannis knew would only consume more of his night without providing any relief, and getting at least a few hours of rest before work, Yiannis finally drifted off to a sleep filled with dreams of faceless horny young studs being teased and edged by leather-clad, silver-haired daddies. Eerily, when Yiannis examined the faces of the studs more closely, he saw his own face superimposed on the impossibly athletic men in their tortured states of arousal. Some of the dream-Yiannises were being fucked, some were on their knees with huge cocks stretching their throats, and some were simply restrained in tight rope bondage or in heavy metal chains, permitted only to watch the hot sex happening around them, but not to touch their erect members. There was a tap on Yiannis’s arm. A grinning daddy-bear wearing a mask and a black leather chest harness clamped a meaty hand on Yiannis’s shoulder and pushed Yiannis to his knees, before bending down to look Yiannis in the eye. “Read my story again,” the bear said, “and rate it five stars. “Submit your rating, submit, submit…”

Yiannis woke the next morning with his sheets twisted tightly around his sweat-slicked body, his erect dick already leaving a damp, sticky trail over his belly. On his bedside table, his phone screen glowed, the story site still open in the browser; Yiannis immediately refreshed the page, but the story had still not been restored. Urgh… I wonder if I should take the day off sick, in case the story gets uploaded again, thought Yiannis, but his manager was already concerned about his lack of focus at work and he didn’t want to give that arsehole any more excuses to use against him. Well, if he went in to work, perhaps he could at least distract himself from how horny he was feeling.

It was quiet in the office as Yiannis placed his takeaway flat white on his desk and fired up his computer. Looking around briefly to make sure no-one was watching his screen, Yiannis opened a private browsing tab and navigated to the story site. Little had changed on the site, other than the number of requests for the story to be reinstated reaching the tens of thousands. Ricardo, the hot new intern (whom Yiannis had pegged as being probably gay), had also entered the office, and he gave Yiannis a friendly wave from his seat. As Yiannis waved back, he noticed that Ricardo seemed a little flushed and was constantly shifting his position on his chair, which reminded him of how the hot young twink in the story had been made to wear a vibrating butt plug under his trousers…

There was a notification from the website. Excited, Yiannis returned to the page. The story by ‘Acrostic’ was not going to be reinstated, but the site would instead redirect readers to the author’s personal blog where the story would be available for everyone to read. Heart pounding with anticipation, Yiannis clicked the link to Acrostic’s website. It was there! Shit, only the first section of the story was available for free; the rest of the story was locked behind a paywall, and the site was asking Yiannis to subscribe to a one-year membership at a cost of nearly two hundred pounds. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe…

There was no other option if Yiannis wanted to read the story again. Only a couple days’ wages – you should treat yourself for once, Yiannis told himself, as he entered his card details and signed up. Relief flooded over Yiannis as the site revealed the full story to its newest paid-up member. Yiannis’s cock was already rigid and tenting his trousers as he walked awkwardly to the toilets to take care of his raging erection.

Frustratingly, all four cubicles were already occupied when Yiannis entered the toilets, but by now his urge to cum was totally overwhelming his ability to make sensible decisions and all Yiannis could think about was taking out his cock and shooting his load right there and then. Inside the cubicles, Yiannis could hear barely suppressed moans of pleasure and the slick-slick-slick of men openly masturbating with little care for who else might be able to hear. Very carefully, Yiannis perched on one of the sinks, hoping that no-one else would enter the room. Even if they did, he was beyond caring – he was going to cum at last!

Stripping off his office attire, Yiannis lost himself in the pleasure of stroking his cock while re-reading the stupid, cursed, sexy, mind-fucking story once more on his phone. There it was again – the request for a five-star rating at the end of the story. A quick tap on the five stars button, and Yiannis immediately felt a wave of heat rush through his entire body from head to toe – and then he was cumming, cumming, his cock spurting one, two, three, four times, oh God, the feeling of finally shooting his load was so fucking intense, he didn’t even notice when the cubicle door in front opened and a shirtless Ricardo, glowing phone screen in hand, his smooth chest covered in cum from his own orgasm, watched wide-eyed as Yiannis’s cock continue to fire an ungodly volume of hot cum all over Yiannis’s chest and belly.

Ricardo and Yiannis looked each other up and down awkwardly, for a long, uncomfortable stretch, until the silence was broken by both of their phones buzzing with a notification from Acrostic’s website.

“Subscribe to a three-year site membership now (only £499.99!) to view the sequel to Acrostic’s story!”