The Purity Ring, part 2

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-22.

Mr Pollex’s assistant Navi gets Finn into even more trouble as the ring opens Finn’s mind to new possibilities.

I slept fitfully. Tied to the bed in Mr Pollex’s shop, my hands cuffed together, my arms secured tightly in a leather armbinder, I barely managed any sleep. Unable to lie flat on my back, I had to constantly roll from side to side to relieve the pressure on my shoulders. Through it all, that damned ring kept me so hard, I felt as if the slightest movement of air over my dick would make me shoot my load.

A faint glow outlined the edges of the door; it was morning. I heard muffled voices outside.

“… can’t believe you had the nerve to take it! … should have told me…”

That was definitely Mr Pollex. But who was he speaking to? I didn’t want any more random strangers to see me like this! I pulled weakly at my restraints.

“I’m sorry, sir! I just wanted to see what would happen if…” said the other speaker. He sounded younger, with an out-of-town accent that I couldn’t place.

The door opened. I closed my eyes until they adjusted to the brightness. When I opened them, Mr Pollex was leaning over me, while the other guy was at the foot of the bed, admiring Mr Pollex’s handiwork. The new guy looked to be early- to mid-twenties, dark-haired, brown eyes, probably of Indian heritage. He stood about half a head taller than Mr Pollex. His upper body filled out his tight purple tank top well, tapering to a narrow, defined waist that looked as if he put in serious time doing core exercises at the gym. Huh, I didn’t usually notice things like that about guys’ bodies. Probably the influence of the fucking cursed ring. The guy seemed to be checking me out as well. I noticed that he wore a black stud earring in his right earlobe. Our eyes briefly met and I thought I saw a hint of mischief in the way he grinned at me.

“Finn, my dear, how are you feeling?” I grunted in response. “This young man here is my assistant, Navi. Navi, get Finn’s feet untied while I take off the armbinder.” Navi looked far too eager to get his hands on my body, I thought. And what did Mr Pollex say earlier? Was Navi to blame for me buying this ring?

I leaned into Mr Pollex’s shoulder as he unlaced the armbinder and slowly eased it down off my arms. Watching him as he worked, I realised I hadn’t paid much attention to him yesterday. He looked to be in his fifties or thereabouts, with salt and pepper hair. His face was starting to become defined by the lines on his forehead and around his mouth. For his age, he was in fairly good shape. Decent bulge in his… damn it! I forced myself to look away. I wondered why a supposedly religious bookshop owner like him had all these restraints around, not to mention the obvious question about why he had a cursed ring in his shop! Was it unfair of me to see him as creepy? “There we go, Finn. Your lovely hands are free of the armbinder now.” Nope. Still creepy.

Mr Pollex continued to work on removing the other ropes as Navi finished up with untying my right ankle. Once I had been set free – except for my cuffs, which were still restraining my out-of-control hands – the two men helped me to my feet and supported me as we moved back to the basement storage area. They helped me into a wooden chair. Navi stood, watching me, his hands folded across his chest, while Mr Pollex unwrapped a parcel of cloth that he had produced from his shirt pocket. He revealed a misshapen lump of gray stone streaked with a seam of silver.

“This is the tool I was talking about, Finn,” Mr Pollex said. In the presence of the stone, it felt as if the ring’s effects were dampened. I sensed my control over my hands returning, my fingers slowing their spontaneous movements. “Cut from the same rock as the silver ore used to make the ring. Finn, my dear, please lean forwards so I can reach your fingers.” I did as he asked. The ring slipped off my finger with ease. I was free! I felt an incredible sense of relief and gratitude. I would have hugged Mr Pollex, if not for the cuffs.

Mr Pollex squeezed my arm. “Finn, it’s all right. You look exhausted! You are welcome to stay here as long as you need, or we can get you dressed and on your way if you prefer.” I nodded. The unnatural lust from the ring faded, leaving just the muscular ache and fatigue of the night before, but it was nothing I couldn’t sleep off later. To Navi, Mr Pollex gestured to his workbench. “The key to the handcuffs is just over there. Excuse me while I go and put this ring somewhere safe.” He climbed the steps and disappeared through the curtain into the shop. Navi approached me with the key. He removed my handcuffs and set them on the workbench. Finally, my hands were mine again! I curled and stretched my fingers, marveling at how they reverted so quickly from instruments of ungodly torture to servants of my will.

“Hey, uh, Finn? I’m gonna help sir- Mr P., open up shop. Are you gonna be okay down here?” asked Navi.

“Uh… yeah. Thanks.”

“Okay, cool. There’s a toilet and sink in there-” – he pointed to the other side room – “if you need it. I think your clothes are still in the bedroom. Come upstairs when you’re ready. I can give you a ride home, or whatever.”

“Wait – can I ask you some questions? Where did the ring come from? How does Mr Pollex know so much about it?”

Navi patted my arm reassuringly. “We can talk in my car. Don’t worry. I’ll see you upstairs, Finn.”

Thankfully there were no other customers around when I ducked through the curtain onto the shop floor. I had put my jeans and my torn shirt back on. Mr Pollex and Navi were talking quietly when I approached them at the counter. Mr Pollex seemed disappointed, while Navi looked annoyed. “Ah, Finn, my dear. I hope you are feeling better now. I can only apologise for what happened. Please, forgive me. That ring was not meant for you, but when I saw you wearing it, I only wanted to… help you see that other paths are possible, and sometimes our obsession with purity blinds us to the many ways we can enjoy our time in this world.”

Sweet baby Jesus, he’s fucking insane. I merely nodded, resisting the temptation to roll my eyes. Navi tapped my arm and led me out of the shop to his car. As we walked, I could feel my anger rising at both Mr Pollex and Navi. I needed answers. Whatever was going on, I wanted to make sure no-one else got caught up in it!

“So, Finn, where can I take you?”

“Home,” I said. “Drive towards Five Palms, I’ll give you directions on the way.”

“Um… do you mind if we stop at my place first? It’s not that far, and I can lend you a shirt so you don’t have to explain what happened to yours.”


I sat in silence for some time as Navi drove. I checked my phone, but the battery was dead. I put it back in my pocket. I looked at Navi. Neither of us seemed to want to disturb each other’s thoughts. I thought about going to the police. Would they believe me? A cursed ring? What if they arrested me instead for indecent exposure? Fuck, but it was Mr Pollex’s fault in the first place. Who even keeps a fucking cursed ring around anyway?

“So… you wanna talk?” asked Navi hesitantly.

“Yeah, let’s talk,” I replied. “Let’s start with the ring. Where did it come from? Why the fuck is something like that even around?”

“Okay. I’m not sure of the exact details, Finn. It’s something that sir- Mr P. made, I think. Don’t know how he did it, but he designed it to… unleash one’s inner desires, or something. I don’t know much more about it.”

“Okay… next question. I heard you talking about it this morning before you came into the room. It sounded like you knew all about it already. How do you know what it does?”

Navi paused for a moment. “Sir- Mr P., he used it on me.”

“Shit, he did? Hold on… why do you keep calling him sir?”

“Um…” Navi paused again. “He, he likes me to call him that,” said Navi. “That’s all I’ll say about it.”

“Right… okay… Let’s go back to the ring. You wore it? What did it, uh, do to you?”

Navi said nothing. I was about to ask him again, when Navi pulled into a driveway and killed the engine. “Sorry, Finn. This is my place. Let’s talk inside while I find you a shirt you can borrow.”

I followed Navi inside his house. It looked like he lived alone. The living room was strewn with dirty plates, clothes draped over chairs, a pile of old fitness magazines. A brown, withered houseplant slowly decaying on a windowsill. “Make yourself comfortable while I find a shirt for you,” said Navi. He stepped into another room. I looked through a stack of books he had left on a shelf. A biography of Oscar Romero. Some books on occultism and magic. A Bible, the spine rather frayed. A couple of self-help books.

Navi reappeared with a tight grey T-shirt. “Here. This should fit you.” He was grinning at me again. I felt like a deer about to be savaged by a wolf. “Put it on and we’ll get going.” I took off my torn shirt, slipped it through the belt of my jeans. I took the shirt from Navi and pushed my arms through the holes, bringing the material over my head. As I did so, I felt Navi grab my left hand and isolate my ring finger. “What the hell, dude?” I tried to struggle out of the shirt, but it was too late. Navi shoved the ring onto my finger, and then let go, stepping away.

As soon as the ring settled back into place, I felt it reassert its control over my hands. This time, it meant business. Familiar pulses of heat spread down my body. My dick was already stiffening, tenting my jeans. My hands extricated me from my borrowed shirt and tossed it aside. They began to undo my belt and unbuckle my jeans. Navi watched me with amusement as my hands slipped my briefs and jeans down my legs, forcing my sneakers and socks off – I stepped out of them to avoid falling over. It seemed that the ring wanted me to be completely naked for what it had decided to do with me.

“Fuck! Navi, what the hell? Why are you doing this?”

Navi smiled. “I just wanted to see what it’s gonna do to you. You’re a sexy guy, Finn, and I reckon there’s some reason why you, of all the guys in this town, ended up buying that ring. It sounds crazy, but I think the ring chose you somehow. Uh-” My hands reached out towards Navi. They grabbed the hem of Navi’s tank top and tried to lift it off him. “Whoa! Interesting…” Navi raised his arms, letting the hands remove his tank top and toss it onto the floor. Damn, Navi’s chest was nicely defined, smooth, firm. My hands ran themselves all over it and my dick twitched as I felt the heat from his body.

“Mmm…” Navi murmured. He placed his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. “So… I wanted to know what it was gonna do to you, whether it’ll be the same things that it did to me.”

“What did it do to you?”

Navi brought his mouth close to mine. “It opened my mind to what two guys can do with each other. To each other. It showed me that… I wasn’t a freak. I didn’t need to hide who I was, what I wanted, my kinks… That I could find someone to do things with me. Even in a place like Phalanx.” He leaned in to try and kiss me, but I turned my head to the side. The hands had started to pull at the waist of Navi’s shorts, but they seemed to sense my reluctance to kiss Navi. My hands grabbed Navi by the back of his neck and pulled him in for another kiss. “Just… give in, Finn,” Navi whispered. “I’ll be gentle.” The ring sent another wave of arousal to my dick. I could feel Navi’s bulge through his boxer briefs as we kissed. Fuck… I was kissing a guy… and enjoying it…

My hands moved to Navi’s shorts again, and then we were stumbling, tipping forwards into Navi’s bedroom. Navi landed on his bed, the hands eagerly pulling off his boxer briefs and casting them aside. His dick was impressive, at least seven inches and still growing. Navi pulled me onto the bed, flipped me over on my back. My right hand wrapped around the base of Navi’s shaft and pulled him forwards until he was straddling my chest, his legs on either side making sure I couldn’t roll away from him. Now his dick was fully hard, the dark head of it bobbing slightly with his pulse. I could feel the heat coming off it, smell his musk. Navi seemed to understand what the hands were planning before I did, and leaned forwards to bring his dick closer to my face.

“Finn, it looks like the ring wants you to suck my cock.” Navi placed his hand on my head, trying to reassure me, while my hand tried to push the head of his cock past my lips. “First time?” I nodded. “It’s okay, Finn. Just need to get used to it. Let your lips slide over it. Use your tongue to apply pressure. You don’t need to shove it down your throat like in porn, okay?” I swallowed nervously. “We’ll work up to that,” Navi said with a grin. Fuck! I wasn’t sure whether I wanted him to be kidding, or not…

My left hand moved up and gripped my chin, trying to make me open my mouth to Navi’s cock. I parted my lips and let Navi slide in, tasted the salty wetness at the tip. The hands made sure that Navi’s cock stayed in my mouth. Navi began to thrust slowly, grunting as his cock slid further into my throat. I tried to follow his instructions, focusing on tonguing and licking the underside of his shaft where it joined the head. “Fuck, Finn, you’re doing so good,” Navi groaned. “I’m getting close.” Navi tried to pull out, but the ring had its own plans for us. My right hand tightened its grip on Navi’s shaft, while my left hand grasped Navi’s balls. Navi was not going anywhere. “Shit, that’s tight! Urgh… Finn… fuck, I’m close! Urgh!” I felt Navi’s legs, pressed against my body, tighten. Navi’s cock stiffened, and his cum shot into my mouth, one, two, three, four spurts… The ring was sending waves of heat to my dick again, and I sensed it wanted me to swallow Navi’s jizz, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I turned away and spat it out.

The hands finally let go of Navi’s cock, and he shuffled back, before moving to lie beside me. My hands planted themselves on my own hard dick, the left massaging my balls, the right pumping my cock. Navi watched as I stroked myself, his hand exploring my chest, my nipples. I was so aroused, I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum at this rate. But, once again, the ring seemed to have its own ideas. My hands slowed and stopped just as I was about to shoot my load. “Fuck…” I couldn’t move my hands away, and had no choice but to lie on Navi’s bed, waiting for my arousal to subside. Navi chuckled. “Seems the ring is punishing you for not swallowing.”

“For fuck’s sake,” I gasped, as the hands began to move again, but deliberately slowly, keeping me on the edge. “I need to cum…” I looked at Navi. “Please…”

“I don’t know, Finn. I kinda like seeing you all frustrated and horny like this…”

There was a buzzing noise from somewhere on the floor. Navi got up and retrieved his phone from the pocket of his shorts. “Ah, gotta get back to the shop.” He grinned at me. “Don’t worry, Finn, I’m sure you’ll be in good hands. I’ll be back about six.”

“What? You can’t leave me here! Hey!” My hands were still slowly stroking me. I heard the sound of Navi’s car starting up, fading into the distance. I tried to thrust my hips, but the hands made sure to stop moving as soon as I tried to push myself over the edge. I was at the mercy of my own fucking hands. And the worst part was…

…I wanted more.

By the time Navi returned, it was already dark outside. I had been teased and denied for hours. My balls were aching, swollen with seed. The hands barely needed to move to keep me like this; I was so close that just a couple of strokes would have brought me to a messy climax. I desperately wished I could somehow make myself cum by sheer force of will, but my body didn’t seem to work that way – at least, not without the ring’s help. The hands wouldn’t let me get up from Navi’s bed; it didn’t matter how I tried to twist or sit up, the hands stayed where they were.

“Hey, Finn…” Navi appeared, carrying two boxes of pizza. I realised I hadn’t eaten anything since the night before. “Wow, looks like the ring really did edge you all day. Um, are you hungry? I got some pizza.” He set the boxes down on a bedside table.

“Seriously?” I said. “I mean, fuck, I haven’t eaten since yesterday, but what about…” I nodded at my hands, still slowly edging my cock. “And how long are you fucking going to keep me here?

Navi looked at my hands. “It doesn’t take long for the ring to finish whatever it changes it has planned for you, so I guess… some time tomorrow? I have another shift at the shop, then I’ll come back and take the ring off. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love the new you.” Navi ran his hand down my chest. “You should have seen me before, dude. I was a fucking closet case. Giving other people shit about being fags. Giving myself shit. Now… I’m free. Free to enjoy hot sex with hot guys like you. Free from guilt, from shame. Don’t you want that, Finn? Just… let the ring guide you, let it remove your inhibitions.” Was Navi saying that I was actually gay all along and I just needed the ring to help me realise it? That didn’t seem right. I had a girlfriend, didn’t I? It was difficult to think when my fucking hands were keeping me on the edge of a massive climax…

Navi fed me pizza by the bite while he continued to talk. “But what I really want to know is whether the ring does something else to you. What I mean is, it seems to know what you secretly want, deep down, and then… brings it to the surface. Before I wore it, I already knew I had certain fetishes. Restraint, submission, toys… I loved the idea of all that, but I was too scared to do anything about it. So I was already a kinky fucker before the ring found me. I don’t get that impression from you, though. You’re basically just a repressed straight-acting Christian boy, am I right? Or is there more to you than that, Finn? I wonder what you fantasise about when you jerk off… a big thick cock pounding your hole, maybe? Having people see how much of a horny slut you are?” I thought back to yesterday, to how I jerked off on a bus in front of a bunch of strangers, and groaned. “Yeah, I bet it’s something like that.” Navi smiled. “People watching you play with your sexy body, stroking your cock, shooting your load…” My face reddened. “Mmm… How about I help you cum while you tell me exactly what happened to you yesterday?”

Navi reached for my cock, giving it a few teasing strokes. It was all I needed to bring me to orgasm. My hands froze and then began to squeeze me hard, but it was too late. I cried out as the cum shot out of my cock, over Navi’s hand, coating my hands and crotch. It seemed to go on for ages, the hands’ slow squeezing somehow prolonging my orgasm, and by the time my cock had stopped leaking jizz, I was gasping for breath, feeling a little dazed.

The relief was short. The ring seemed to grow heavier on my finger, and I felt my legs and feet stop responding to my control. I got up off the bed, turned around. “Navi, I think… the damn ring’s controlling my legs now. What the fuck?” My hands pushed Navi onto the bed, reached for his tank top, stripped it off. “What’s happening?”

“I’m not sure, dude, but I like where this is going,” said Navi. He helped my hands strip him completely, before lying back on the bed, his eight inch cock already hard and waiting for me. The hands seemed to know where to find what they needed; I watched myself open the drawer of Navi’s bedside table and pull out some coils of rope. I thought the hands were going to make me tie myself to the bed somehow, but then my left hand grabbed Navi’s wrists and held them above his head while the right set to work binding Navi’s wrists together. Once they were secure, the hands tied off the loose end of the rope around the bed frame above Navi’s head. I watched him test the ropes, his arms and chest flexing. Fuck, he looked pretty sexy tied up like that…

The hands took another length of rope and made several loops around Navi’s right ankle, before tying it off to the corner of the bed. Then they did the same with Navi’s other foot, leaving him tightly tied down. Navi pulled against the ropes, but he was not going anywhere. The ring made me kneel on either side of Navi’s groin. I felt my asshole begin to pulse with heat and a familiar itching began. “Uh… Navi, I think it’s gonna make me ride your cock…” My right hand swept up some of the cum I had shot over myself earlier and used it to lubricate my ass and Navi’s cock. “First time?” I nodded. “Just try to relax-” Navi didn’t get to finish as my legs suddenly lowered me onto Navi’s groin, the hands guiding the head of his cock towards my asshole. I braced myself for pain as his cock touched my ass, but there was nothing, just the strangely pleasurable sensation of Navi’s hard dick, sliding into my hole, stretching my ring, filling me. My cock began to stiffen again. Navi grunted as he thrust upwards with his body, fucking his cock into my hole. “Urgh… you’re so tight… fuck!”

We continued like that for a while, the ring guiding my movements, Navi doing his best to thrust into me. I knew the ring was making me enjoy being fucked, but I realised that part of me actually did enjoy this; there was something primal and raw about being fucked by another guy that was turning me on like nothing I had ever done before. I wanted to make Navi cum, wanted him to fill me with his seed. Fuck! Maybe Navi was right and the ring really did uncover my hidden desires?

Navi was thrusting harder, more urgently now. “Urgh… Finn… I’m getting close… urgh… so hard…” I leaned down and brought my mouth to his. He moaned into my mouth. We kissed, Navi gently probing my mouth with his tongue. A few more thrusts, and then Navi was cumming, his cock pulsing inside my hole, filling me with his load. He relaxed back onto the bed, spent. The ring was not finished with us, though. The fingers of my right hand formed a tight circle around the base of Navi’s cock, keeping it hard and inside my hole. My legs wouldn’t let me push myself off Navi’s cock. Navi realised too that the ring seemed to be planning to keep us joined together. “Finn… oh fuck…” He tried to roll from side to side, but tied down as he was, there was nothing he could do to pull out of me.

“Shit… you okay, Finn? I can’t pull out… the ring won’t let me. You’re not hurt or anything are you?”

“I’m fine,” I said. “What happens now? Can you get your hands free?”

Navi tugged and twisted his wrists, but the rope held him tight. “No way, man, you tied these knots like a pro. I think we’re stuck here until the ring decides enough is enough…”

We stayed like that for a while, enjoying the physical closeness of each other’s bodies, until I began to feel Navi’s cock become erect again. Navi was still recovering from fucking me and didn’t want to do it again so soon, but once more, the ring had its own ideas. While my right hand held Navi’s cock firm, my legs worked to make me ride slowly up and down on his cock, using Navi as if he were a living sex toy. This time, I kissed Navi, closing my eyes and focusing on the way his lips and tongue felt. It took Navi much longer to shoot his load this time, and he did so gasping and shuddering through a long, slow climax that my hole milked from his sweat-soaked body.

After the third orgasm, Navi really struggled hard against the ropes and tried to call for help. The hands found a ball gag inside Navi’s toy drawer and gagged him – the only time the ring allowed his cock to slip out of my ass. We began again. Navi had stopped thrusting, so the ring made sure that my body did all the work. Each time I rode up and down Navi’s cock, it seemed to rub something inside me that made my cock harder. The ring wouldn’t let me cum from being fucked, though. I was suspended on the edge of climax again while the ring taught me the pleasure of being fucked by Navi’s thick cock, being filled with his cum…

Through the fourth and fifth times, as the ring continued to force Navi to cum inside my hole, Navi merely moaned incoherently into his gag. He had long since stopped fighting the ropes, and there was nothing either of us could do except wait for the ring to release us, if it ever decided to. Navi continued to cum again and again inside me as the night slowly turned into dawn. I lost count after the eighth or ninth time.