The Cyberflasher’s Comeuppance

This story was originally posted at: on 2020-01-11.

Greg stepped onto a half-full District Line carriage and took a seat. It had been a couple of days since his last hook-up and Greg was getting pretty horny. He took out his phone and opened up his current go-to dating app. His profile pic showed off his tousled blond hair, cold blue eyes and impressive jawline. As much as Greg liked the compliments he got on that photo, what he really enjoyed was how people reacted to his explicit nude photos. Especially when they neither wanted or expected to see them. Whether the women he cyber-flashed reacted with shock, anger or disgust – it all gave Greg an exhilarating thrill that he all too often wanked over when he got back to his flat.

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The Ones Who Come to Homolas

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-07.

With apologies to the late, great Ursula K. LeGuin.

The Great Pride Parade was in full swing in the Free City of Homolas. Rainbow flags rippled gently from windowsills and brightly coloured bunting was strung high up above the streets. The marchers, some half-naked, some dressed in extremely tight sequined outfits, were being cheered by the crowds who had gathered to enjoy the festivities. Entertainers and musicians entertained their spectators, and the vast array of street food stalls lining the parade route filled the air with many wonderful aromas.

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The Twelve Days of Punishmas: Christmas Eve (Day 0)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-04.

19-year-old Liam hates Christmas. Unfortunately, this year he’s on Santa’s Naughty List, and naughty boys don’t get to play with themselves. Making amends is going to be quite the challenge…

Liam hated Christmas. The nineteen-year-old boy (he really was somewhat immature) had only been home for one day but already he had gotten into a slanging match with his mum, shouted at his younger brother, and broken several wine glasses. Liam had a strained relationship with his family at the best of times. It seemed that the added stress of Christmas brought out the worst in everyone, though to be fair to the Heywoods, Liam had done fuck all to rein in his behaviour. He had flatly refused to help around the house, leaving his brother Freddie and his cousins Gary and Scott to shoulder the burden of catering and entertainment for the household.

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