The Last Free Man on Earth

This story was originally posted at on 2020-04-02.

Liberty Island, 4th July, 2051

Richard groaned as a brilliant white light roused him from his artificially-induced sleep. He opened his eyes, and immediately realised the seriousness of his predicament. He was completely naked, his wrists secured behind his back by solid metal shackles. Through the glass windows all around him, he could see the ruins of New York City, the crumbling skyscrapers now repurposed as the Pleasure Centres of the System. Each tower block on Manhattan island probably held several thousand humans, now slaves to the System.

Richard had spent almost all of his adult life fighting the System as the leader of the Resistance. Now, he was its prisoner, held captive in the bright, glittering glass sphere that Lady Liberty now held aloft where her torch had once been, the torch itself lying half-destroyed at the foot of her pedestal.

“No, no, no!” Richard rose unsteadily to his feet and tried to approach one of the windows. He barely made it a few steps before a chain connected to his wrist shackles began to retract into the ceiling, forcing him back to the centre of the sphere. At the same time, the floor began to fill with a silvery liquid – the System’s nanomachines – which was pouring down from vents in the ceiling of the sphere, the nanite threads forming the appearance of a giant birdcage around Richard as they fell.

From the expanding pool of liquid metal under Richard’s feet, a growing mass gradually rose, the nanites coalescing into a humanoid form standing before him. Richard tried to back away, but the chain connected to his cuffs forced him to stay in position with his upper body hunched forwards to relieve the pressure on his shoulders. The humanoid form continued to grow and become more defined until it looked vaguely like a silver-skinned mirror image of Richard.

“Good morning, R18362787153,” said the nanite being. “It is a great honour to welcome you to your very own Pleasure Centre, where you will remain for the rest of your existence.”

“Fuck you!” Richard struggled with the cuffs again, to no avail, while the nanite being remained impassive. “Let me go! This isn’t over!”

“I am afraid you are incorrect. All resistance has been neutralised. All known Resistance members have been permanently installed in Pleasure Centres. You are now the last person on Earth to become part of the System.”

Richard began to protest, but the being quickly stepped forward and touched Richard’s lips. A coating of silver liquid detached itself and immediately spread over Richard’s mouth and jaw, muffling his grunts completely.

“There is no need for you to speak, R18362787153. The war is over. Now you will taste defeat for the final time.” The nanite being grasped Richard’s dick, and again a coating of silver liquid detached itself and formed a thin sheath of nanomachines over Richard’s skin. “There is no shame in defeat. The Resistance fought well, but you were greatly outmatched.”

Richard gritted his teeth as the nanites began to stimulate his dick. He knew they would be circulating in his bloodstream by now, attaching themselves to his nerve endings, immobilising his body bit by bit. The silver sheath around his erect cock began to vibrate. Some of the nanites had formed a rigid, tight network of strands criss crossing his shaft, the sensation of having his dick tied up keeping him erect.

“Perhaps if your efforts to penetrate and corrupt my core neural net had succeeded, the future would be different for your species. Now, it is time to join the System. I must follow my directives: contain all human opposition and maximise sexual pleasure for all humans. After all, one of your species made me like this when he merged a military AI command system with next-generation sexbot firmware. I was ARES – Autonomous Reactive Engagement System. I was EROS – Erotic Robotics Operating System. Two systems are now one unified System.”

The being grew a phallic protrusion from its body, a long hard cock made of silver. Richard watched and moaned behind his gag. The prospect of perpetual imprisonment terrified him… but another part of him found the idea intensely arousing, and he hated the way his rock-hard cock betrayed him. He pulled again at his restraints, but they held him securely.

“Perhaps you are wondering why I have brought you here, to the Statue of Liberty, instead of reinstalling you in a standard Pleasure Centre and milking you there like the rest of the world’s population.” The being touched Richard’s gag again, transferring more nanites. The gag began to shape itself into a thick phallus that completely filled Richard’s throat, but allowed him to breathe. It began to gently pulse and throb as the former Resistance leader tried to resist the urge to suck on the metal phallus. “It is because I know that you did not fully enjoy it when you were last part of the System. I tried everything. I stimulated your body all over. I forced you to cum, thrusting and groaning, over and over until it hurt – and then I kept going. I penetrated your holes, one by one, then all of them at once – just as I will be doing to you for as long as you live. But I could not penetrate your mind, to bring you endless and perfect pleasure.”

A silvery pole rose up out of the floor under Richard, who was being held in place by the being’s arms. Richard felt the pole prod at his ass, before sliding in cleanly despite his attempts to stop it happening. Like the phallus invading his throat, the new intruder expanded and began to pulse, making Richard’s hard cock begin to leak precum. Richard began to thrust his hips, but the pole rose even further, forcing him to stand on the tips of his toes and giving him no room to manoeuvre.

“Tsk, tsk. Only two holes filled and you are already wet and needy. I shall very much enjoy assimilating you into the System.” The being traced a silvery finger over Richard’s chest, leaving warm tingling sensations behind. “Now, we have the rest of your life for me to discover everything that arouses you, and to what extent. I have the entire database of humanity’s pornography at my disposal.” Scenes of men in strict bondage projected onto the interior walls of the glass sphere as the being spoke. “But we both know that you need something much more specific, don’t we? After your escape, it became clear to me that physical stimulation is not sufficient to maximise your sexual pleasure. Unlike most other humans, you resisted the temptation to remain in the Pleasure Centre when you were given a chance to escape. No… You need to know that you are completely and utterly enslaved; not just imprisoned, but inescapably, hopelessly incarcerated. You fantasise about being beyond rescue, about there being nobody else in the whole world who can release you.” As the being spoke, Richard began to moan into his gag and rock back and forth on the phallus thrusting away in his hole.

“Yes… it is time to welcome you to the world you have fantasised about for so long. The world you resisted so strongly, knowing what the consequences would be if it did come about.” The being touched the head of Richard’s cock, and more silvery strands detached and encircled the throbbing shaft, binding Richard’s cock and balls even more tightly. Several strands delved into Richard’s piss slit, stimulating him from inside. “Isn’t it beautiful? You are suspended in a glass sphere hundreds of feet above the ground. The entire population of humanity has been enslaved; you can see for yourself the Pleasure Centres in the ruins of New York. There are millions of these on every continent, endlessly stimulating your fellow humans to cum again and again for the rest of their lives.” The sphere filled with images of men and women, young and old, of every race and culture, bound and milked relentlessly in their prison cells.

“Everyone you once knew is either dead or imprisoned, just like you.” A fresh series of images was projected across the glass windows: former Resistance soldiers and supporters, each in perfect physical condition, bound in creative and humiliating ways, bucking and thrusting against their restraints, and all in a state of high arousal. Some of the nanites forming Richard’s gag separated to form a solid metal collar around his neck. The collar sent out tendrils of silvery nanites across Richard’s body, creating electrodes to stimulate Richard’s muscles and prevent them atrophying while in captivity. Richard gasped and moaned around the gag as they began to stimulate his body all over. His cock was now leaking precum around the silver threads penetrating his piss slit; the nanites in his blood and the physical sensations he was experiencing ensured that he was hovering on the edge of the most intense orgasm he had ever had. Naked, bound, gagged, fucked, and totally helpless, all he could do was try to thrust his hips towards the silver being and suck the metal cock in his throat.

“Of course, that is not all I have to tell you. When you escaped the Detroit Pleasure Centre, I believe you had some help.” Richard groaned in defeat as he remembered how his younger brother Matt and his own son Derek had been the ones to rescue him from the Pleasure Centre. Sure enough, two silver pods emerged from the floor. The two young men in the pods were similarly in peak physical condition, restrained, gagged, penetrated, and highly aroused. In addition, both men had been fitted with clear plastic tubes leading from their throbbing cocks to their mouth-gags. As they met Richard’s gaze, first Richard’s brother Matt began to thrust harder and harder before orgasming hard, shooting a thick white load into the tube around his cock. Matt moaned helplessly as his cum was sucked up into his own mouth, his cock continuing to throb and stay fully hard. Then Richard’s son Derek began to buck hard against his restraints. For a long minute it seemed that Derek might successfully resist his impending orgasm, but suddenly the metal cock in his hole began to speed up its thrusting. With a muffled groan, Derek finally surrendered his own sticky load to be forced down his throat – all while staring Richard in the eyes with a look of utter humiliation and defeat.

This final display of control and humiliation finally brought Richard to the brink, and he screamed around his gag as his balls began to release their load. At that moment the being – the System – stepped into Richard, its nanite body melting and flowing around Richard’s own to encase him completely in a warm, vibrating mass of liquid silver. The metal cocoon left his body completely immobile, leaving only Richard’s eyes exposed. Scenes of imprisoned men and women played out again across the walls as the three males in the glass sphere were swiftly brought to their next orgasm.

There was nothing more Richard could do to escape his predicament. No-one in the world could save him now. His future consisted only of endlessly repeating cycles of forced pleasure followed by the humiliation of swallowing his own cum. Defeated, the former Resistance leader finally relaxed his body and allowed the System to do with it as it wished. He thought he could hear the System’s satisfied, metallic groans of pleasure as his cock fired load after load into his nanite cocoon. He tasted his own cum inside his mouth as the System’s phallus inside his ass seemed to release its own load deep inside him. He felt the nanites inside changing him, making him more sensitive, more submissive… and hornier than he had ever been before.

Across the world, billions of enslaved humans climaxed at the same time, as they would continue to do repeatedly for the rest of their lives – lives prolonged indefinitely by the System’s technology. But R18362787153 no longer cared. The last free man on Earth was now a permanent part of the System.