The Twelve Days of Punishmas: Christmas Eve (Day 0)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-01-04.

19-year-old Liam hates Christmas. Unfortunately, this year he’s on Santa’s Naughty List, and naughty boys don’t get to play with themselves. Making amends is going to be quite the challenge…

Liam hated Christmas. The nineteen-year-old boy (he really was somewhat immature) had only been home for one day but already he had gotten into a slanging match with his mum, shouted at his younger brother, and broken several wine glasses. Liam had a strained relationship with his family at the best of times. It seemed that the added stress of Christmas brought out the worst in everyone, though to be fair to the Heywoods, Liam had done fuck all to rein in his behaviour. He had flatly refused to help around the house, leaving his brother Freddie and his cousins Gary and Scott to shoulder the burden of catering and entertainment for the household.

Liam would have much preferred to be back at his little flat in London than spending Christmas Eve with his extended family. Instead of being stuck in a dreary, grey Slough, he would be having a lads’ night out with his best mate Paul, which would have been much more enjoyable. Although, come to think of it, even Paul had been irritable recently, and despite not being able to remember it, Liam suspected that he might have said something to offend Paul the last time they went out for a few drinks. Whatever. Paul was such a whiny bitch sometimes.

Slamming the doors on his way up, Liam stormed up the stairs to his old bedroom and put on his decidedly non-Christmassy music to drown out the family’s bickering. He tossed his grey sweater onto a chair and slumped on top of the bed. Ouch! Something poked Liam in the side. Liam grabbed the item and examined it. A little square box, somewhat heavy, wrapped in sparkly red paper and tied with a green bow. There was a paper tag attached to the bow that read, in neat gold lettering, ‘A Christmas gift for Liam, from Santa’. It looked rather Christmassy indeed. Liam found it all sickening. He considered throwing the present out of the window.

As he reached for the window latch, a faint pulse emanated from the present. It gave Liam a strange warm feeling of festive cheer. He felt… pink inside, somehow? Distracted, Liam set the box down beside him on the bed. That was weird. He looked at the present again. There was lettering on the other side of the tag. ‘Not to be opened before Christmas.’ Liam rolled his eyes. Who cares whether it’s exactly the 25th of December anyway? Liam ripped the paper aside and opened the box.

Inside was a smooth, almost rubbery lump of coal, the size of a large egg, and darker than midnight. Seeing it made Liam angry all over again. Did one of his stupid cousins think it was funny to prank him like this? Scott? No, it was probably Gary, it was more his style. He was going to take the coal, shove it into that bratty teen’s mouth and make him eat it. Liam’s fingers closed around the lump of coal. The lump immediately crumbled into dust and smoke. Another pulse of pink, this time much more potent. Liam felt that one in the pit of his stomach and it seemed to make the walls of his room wobble as if reality were somehow being warped. Then it was gone.

Liam stormed back out of his room and ran downstairs to find his cousins. Several minutes of angry shouting later, Liam’s stepdad told him they had gone out to do some last minute shopping, and would he mind helping his mother prepare dinner.

Much swearing immediately followed.

Of course, over dinner, Liam loudly and aggressively confronted his cousins about the stupid prank, and after listening to them denying everything, he was banished to the living room with his plate of food while his mum, stepdad, cousins and brother spent some quality time together.

Liam flicked through the TV channels, but nothing really caught his attention. He watched a little bit of Strictly. Some of the women were great dancers, he had to admit. He wondered what it would be like to compete on the show, training with a hot, athletic, graceful dancer for hours and hours. Holding her close, waiting for the cameras to go away before throwing her down on the studio floor and fucking her brains out. Shit. Liam was hard. His cock was at full mast, eight inches of meat tenting out his jeans obscenely. He decided that he ought to get some relief before his cousins saw it and made fun of him, or even worse, his gay brother saw it. Liam hated it when gay guys paid him unwanted attention and he knew his brother Freddie loved to piss him off by making stupid comments about being a ‘closeted power bottom’ or something like that whenever he got the chance.

In the privacy of his old bedroom, Liam stripped off his shirt and jeans and lay on his bed. Liam was proud of his gym-fit physique. If his light brown hair were just a few shades darker he would definitely be considered ‘tall, dark and handsome’. He had the sharply defined jawline and flat stomach of a typical male model. There was a coldness in his eyes and a tension in the way he usually held himself, though, which hinted at his often short temper.

Liam pushed the waistband of his boxers down his thighs and began to stroke his erect cock, his left hand gently fondling and squeezing his balls through the fabric of his boxers. He was beginning to leak a little precum, making his fingers sticky. It didn’t usually take long for Liam to make himself cum and he could feel that he was already getting close. He rolled his hips and pumped his cock into his fist, enjoying the sensation. His balls were ready to release their load. He ran his fingers around the head of his cock, teasing himself and taking him closer to orgasm. His breathing became a little more rapid. The mattress creaked slightly with each movement of his hand on his cock. He moaned quietly. It felt like his climax was just seconds away. But, somehow, Liam found that he just couldn’t quite get there. He shifted position on the bed. He jerked his cock a little faster, increased his grip a little more around the shaft where the bulge of his glans began. He thrust his hips, curled his toes in anticipation of the orgasm to come.

Still, nothing. It felt like Liam was suspended on the edge of a massive climax, but try as he might, he just couldn’t get there. He kept going. The minutes crept by. He became aware of movement from downstairs. The family was probably moving to the living room to watch TV. Fuck, he was getting distracted. He tried to think about how good it would feel to shoot his load. His cock was throbbing and leaking like crazy, the exposed head purple and sticky with precum. A strand of precum stretched between his cock and his stomach. He was so close! His arm began to ache. He willed his cock to shoot. He switched hands. He moaned with frustration. Breathing hard, sweating, eyes watering, he finally admitted defeat. His stubborn cock remained rock hard, dancing in time with his pulse. He looked at the clock. He couldn’t believe he had spent almost an hour trying to wank himself off and failing.

Did that weird lump of coal have something to do with it? Maybe there was something in that coal dust which was harmful. Stop it, Liam told himself, now you’re just being paranoid. Liam looked around for the box, which had rolled under his desk. Inside it was a folded up piece of paper that he hadn’t seen earlier. He opened it and read it. And as he finished doing so, a knot of fear formed in his stomach.

In gold lettering, the note read:

“Dear Liam Heywood,

I have checked my Naughty List multiple times. Each time, your name was on it. You have been a very naughty boy this year. Boys who don’t play well with other boys don’t get to play with themselves.

The season of goodwill is the perfect time for you to make amends to those you have wronged. On each of these 12 days of Christmas, you must find one of the people whom you have treated appallingly and ask them to punish you. You will say to them, ‘I’m on Santa’s naughty list because of how I treated you. Please punish me.’ Once you have received your punishment, you may ask them for permission to cum.

If you fail, you will stay on the Naughty List until next Christmas time. You may not be given this chance again.

Now go and spread some festive cheer!