November 2023: monthly review

Last month (November 2023)

Stories: On hold.

Games: The Zhonghua Zero-Day was completed! The current build is v1.0.0 which is available from the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server. Seven endings made it into the game. I’ll release it on Patreon this week and then later on it will see a wider release over at I wanted to add an Easter egg and clean up some of the back end code first.

I’ve also started the port of Santa’s Sweatshop into Twine and will try to release it before Christmas, but December’s always a busy time of year so we’ll have to see if I can meet this deadline.

Next month (December 2023)

Stories: On hold while I work on Santa’s Sweatshop in Twine.

Games: Full release of The Zhonghua Zero-Day is pending. Porting Santa’s Sweatshop from CHYOA to Twine in time for Christmas.

I’m around on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server, where you can message me, discuss my creative projects, and grab dev builds of my current games. If you’re a fan of gay-focused interactive fiction, come and say hello!

As always, many thanks to all my patrons for your support!