February 2023: monthly review

Last month (Feb 2023)

Stories: No progress this month. Forced to Cum is taking a back seat while I work on the games.

Games: Working on Whodinis Escape Room Challenge. Started to put together the content for scenario 1, of 2 that will be in the game. There’s a Trello board for this game now: https://trello.com/b/d77C4spM/. Dev builds are available on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server. However, because I’m working on the solution to the scenario, dev builds would spoil the solution, so there will be a bit of a large gap between builds.

Next month (Mar 2023)

Stories: Forced to Cum is ongoing at CHYOA.com.

Games: Development to continue on Whodinis Escape Room Challenge. I hope to complete this within a few months, but it is taking longer than I expected and unfortunately the rest of March is looking quite busy for me. The roadmap for the year looks like this:

  • Complete Whodini’s Escape Room Challenge.
  • Continue Enderon (Trello board: https://trello.com/b/150woSdI/).
  • After that will be a Twine mini-game template that can be used to create micro-games.
  • Port Santa’s Sweatshop to Twine (with additional content and other improvements).
  • Revisit Surrendr.

I’m around on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord server, where you can message me, discuss my creative projects, and grab dev builds of my current games. If you’re a fan of gay-focused interactive fiction, come and say hello!

As always, many thanks to all my patrons for your support!