Keep It Down!

This story was originally posted at on 2020-04-29.

Phil’s flatmate Quentin keeps disturbing Phil’s work calls during lockdown.

“Yes, that’s right, I’m glad we’ll be continuing the current supply agreement,” I said. The ongoing coronavirus lockdown might be devastating whole sectors of the economy, but it was great news for my work as a procurement manager for a major supermarket chain (something I tried not to feel guilty about). With more and more people relying on us for their grocery shopping, my role was more important than ever. I spent my day working from home, co-ordinating with our suppliers and solving any problems they raised with us before they resulted in empty shelves across the south-east of England.

My calendar chimed with a notification about my next meeting. “Ah, I’m sorry to cut this short, but I need to jump into another call. Thanks for your time today.” I left the virtual conference and checked my calendar. Five minutes until the next call.

Under my desk, Quentin’s hot tongue was working the underside of my cockhead expertly. He was naked and kneeling in front of my office chair, his head buried in my crotch. I had taped his hands behind his back to keep him focused on my own needs. I noted with satisfaction the sticky strands of precum stretching from his own fully erect dick to his stomach. I nudged it with my foot and watched as his cock sprang up to slap wetly against his stomach.

“This is so much better than last week, isn’t it?” I asked. Quentin mumbled his agreement with my dick still in his mouth. “If only you’d listened when I told you to keep it down.” As I said the words, Quentin’s body shook with arousal and I watched with amusement as his dick jerked upwards and released another stream of clear precum down its wickedly curved shaft. I could feel myself getting close again. I pushed his head down onto my cock so that I could shoot my second load of the morning down his throat.

Things came to a head last week.

At twenty-eight, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be sharing a small two-bed flat with a student barely out of his teens. I didn’t want to move back in with my parents, though. Since I needed to find something at short notice, I figured that I could put up with my living arrangements for the time being while I continued to save up for a deposit on a flat.

Quentin, my new flatmate, seemed friendly enough and we generally got on well. He made no secret of the fact that he was gay, and I volunteered that I was as well. He was in his second year of a design degree at Goldsmith’s. He’d just broken up with his latest boyfriend, Kyle or Kieran or somebody, a week or two before the social distancing measures came into effect. I guess they’d enjoyed a very healthy sex life, because now that Quentin was single it seemed like he spent all his free time watching porn and beating off in his bedroom next door. The paper-thin walls in our flat meant that I could hear the barely muffled sound of guys fucking whenever Quentin was beating off to some gay porn site, which he seemed to do every two hours or so.

So on Wednesday morning, as I struggled to hear one of our dairy suppliers over both a bad internet connection and the whimpering of some porn star stud pleading for a good hard fucking, I made my apologies and ended the call early. I left my room and knocked loudly on Quentin’s door.

The noise from Quentin’s phone stopped and I heard the rustling of clothing being adjusted before Quentin opened the door. He was shirtless, showing off his lean physique, the tent in his crumpled shorts somewhere between indecorous and obscene. I saw barely hidden annoyance in his hazel eyes. His room smelled faintly of sweat and cum.

“Quentin, can you keep it down?” I said. “Look, I don’t care what you do in your room in your own time. But I have to take client calls next door, and the walls are really thin. Can’t you use earphones or something?”

Quentin looked genuinely apologetic. “Oh, shit, man, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb your calls. Uh… earphones, yeah, sorry, mine broke the other day and I haven’t replaced them yet.”


We stood there awkwardly for a few moments.

“Look, I’ve got another call in ten minutes,” I said.

“Okay. Okay, I’ll be quiet.”


I didn’t hear anything more from Quentin for the rest of the morning. But then the afternoon rolled around, and I was five minutes into the first meeting when I started hearing noises from Quentin’s porn again. I muted my laptop microphone, then got up and banged three times on the wall separating our rooms. The sound of men rutting receded.

“Sorry about that,” I said, when I rejoined the meeting. “As I was saying… we care very much about our commercial relationships, and it’s important to us that we meet the expectations that have been placed upon us.” I paused, and before I could continue, I heard Quentin utter a loud “Fuck!” followed by an even louder “Urrrrngh!” The smiles on my clients’ faces switched to pursed lips, furrowed eyebrows.

“Uh… let’s leave it there and catch up next week,” I said as I hurriedly ended the meeting.

I knocked on Quentin’s door again. This time, he answered the door dressed in just a pair of boxer shorts, a light sheen of sweat covering his face and chest, his blond hair a mess. There was a small, dried patch of cum coating his treasure trail.

“Quentin, seriously?”

“Phil, mate, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be so loud.”

“Well, you were.”

“I guess.”

I folded my arms across my chest. “I still have two more calls today. Can you at least wait until the end of the day before you beat off?”

“Yeah, sure. I just… I guess, since we can’t have actual hook-ups at the moment, I’m just getting all this horniness out of my system, or something.”

“This is getting ridiculous. How many times are you gonna beat off today? Don’t you have uni stuff to do?” I cast my eyes towards his half-built prototype of… well, whatever it was, some wood and cardboard construction held together with tape.

“Not really. My course is suspended until further notice, so… Look, I won’t disturb you again. Promise.”


“Again, really sorry mate.” The door closed.

I heard nothing from Quentin’s room during my next call, although by now I was on edge, my finger poised over the mute button on my laptop just in case. If only there were some way to mute Quentin. A gag? I imagined how he’d look wearing the classic leather ballgag I kept in my collection of toys. His slender arms reaching down to his dick, furiously beating off, while the red rubber ball in his mouth muffled all those moans and groans. Shit, I was getting hard thinking about it. Maybe his horniness was rubbing off on me. Yeah, he’d look good gagged and docile, but I’d have to put it on and take it off every time I wanted him quiet. Much more convenient if I could just order him to be quiet and he’d comply, like the guys in those mind control stories I enjoyed reading now and again…

Finally, I made it to the last call of the day. I was just about to close that meeting when I was interrupted by some guy’s voice yelling “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum!” I mumbled some apologies to the meeting participants, then exited the conference and slammed the lid of my laptop closed in frustration.

I slammed my fist on Quentin’s door. This time, he opened it wearing just a small white bath towel. I wondered if he was doing all this to aggravate me, or to be a huge cocktease.

“Phil! Fuck, I am really sorry.” He didn’t look it. “See, I managed to find my old pair of earphones, but then I got carried away, and I pulled the plug out of my phone by accident. It won’t happen again I swear!“

“Damn right it won’t happen again,” I said. “If you won’t keep it down, then I’m gonna make you be quiet.”

Quentin smirked. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” I grabbed him by the arms, turned him around and pushed him face down onto his bed. He put up token resistance, clearly wanting me to continue. I whisked the towel off his body, exposing his pale arse cheeks.

“Are you going to punish me for being naughty?” Quentin teased, wiggling his hips.

“Silence, boy.” Quentin was probably rolling his eyes; I wasn’t that much older than him. I looked around his room for something to restrain him with. He’d left out some rolls of black tape next to one of his design prototypes. I reached for one and peeled back the cut end of the tape. “Hands behind your back.” I crossed his wrists and then wrapped the tape around them half a dozen times, then lifted him fully onto the bed by his ankles. I then wrapped the tape a dozen times around those too, then joined his ankles to his wrists with yet more tape.

“Ha, didn’t realise you were a kinky fucker,” Quentin said as I rolled him onto his side. He was already hard, his six inch uncut dick nodding at me.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it,” I said. “Now. I told you to be silent, didn’t I boy?” I considered retrieving the ballgag from my room, but then decided to go with the satisfying elegance of more tape. Quentin’s eyes widened in surprise as I began wrapping the tape over his mouth and around his head. I carefully wrapped a few loops over his eyes as well, so that he was blindfolded and gagged. I whispered in his ear. “I need to prepare something, so don’t go anywhere. And I don’t want to hear any noise coming from your room. Got it?” I squeezed his balls, making him grunt through the gag. “I might be an hour or so.” He moaned and tried to pull against his bindings, but they held tight. He was mine until I decided to let him go.

I left the door to his room open and grabbed my laptop, then settled on the sofa in our shared living room-slash-kitchen, where I could keep an eye on Quentin while also preparing the next stage of his punishment. I opened the browser to my favourite site for hypnosis audio files and downloaded one that I thought would do the job with limited modification. I recorded some interesting trigger phrases, then edited the file together before sending it to my phone, from which I sent it on to Quentin’s phone.

Quentin startled as I popped the earphones into his ears. “Calm down, boy,” I said. I was looking forward to using that phrase on Quentin later. I plugged the earphones into Quentin’s own phone, which I made sure to put on charge from my own power pack. I didn’t want Quentin to somehow wriggle the earphones off or pull out the cable from the phone, so I wrapped a little more tape over his ears and strapped the phone and the power pack to the middle of his back. The tape between his wrists and ankles had stretched a little, but stayed on. I left him in a loose hogtie all night, switching between that and a bound spreadeagle position on his back the next morning (with breaks to let him use the bathroom and kitchen). He protested, of course; it was a silent protest, if you’ll excuse the pun. However, I could tell – and not just because he stayed rock-hard throughout most of it – that he was really getting into being under my control.

By Friday morning, he was desperate to cum.

I made him wait until Saturday evening, wringing out three orgasms over a long edging session.

I pulled out of Quentin’s mouth and scooted my chair back so that he could emerge from under the desk. He looked like he wanted to ask me something.

Volume up.”

Quentin shivered as the command took effect, allowing him to speak for the first time today. “Phil, please,” he whispered. “Let me cum! I’m so horny…” He pulled at the tape around his wrists. “It’s been two daaays…”

Calm down, boy,” I said. Quentin visibly relaxed, waiting for my next command. “Hmm… I suppose you have been qu- been well-behaved. Why don’t we have a little fun on my next call?” I was much less concerned about Quentin’s volume during the next meeting – our contract with the next supplier was ending and it was just a courtesy call to ensure they had no issues with us. “Tell you what. If you make it through the whole call – fifteen minutes – without making any noise, I’ll let you cum. If anyone on the call hears you, you’ll have to wait another two days. At least. Got it?”

Quentin nodded.

“Good.” I pushed him back under the desk. “I’m dialling in to the meeting now, so keep it down.” I heard Quentin suck in his breath as he got hit by a fresh wave of arousal. I smiled.

The meeting began. “Hello? Ms. Anderson? Ah, glad you could make it. I just wanted to follow up on a few things…” I slid my bare foot over Quentin’s firm balls and cock, teasing. “Yes, that’s right. I know, this lockdown is really starting to bite, but we need to keep it down, you know, the number of infections.” I felt Quentin’s dick rubbing against my foot. He was probably right on the edge. I drew my foot away and almost thought I heard a disappointed whimper coming from the boy. After giving Quentin a minute to cool down, I continued to work over his cock and balls with my foot, listening to his breathing as a sign that he was getting close, while still paying limited attention to the call.

“…and, you know, I believe that’s everything I wanted to cover today. I’m sure you have a lot of other demands on your time, so I wanted to keep it down, I mean, keep this call short.” I chuckled as Quentin suppressed a moan. “Yes. Please email me if anything does arise after today. Okay. Thanks again. Bye.”

As soon as Quentin heard the call end, he began pleading for me to let him cum. “Phil, come on, I really need to cum, my balls are aching so bad…”

“Yeah, okay, I guess you did manage to keep it down for the whole call,” I said, enjoying the way his dick leapt to attention. “All right. Let me get that tape off.” As soon as I freed his hands, he dashed out of my room and into his, closing the door. I heard him lie on his bed. Judging by the sounds coming through the wall, he was furiously beating his meat.

It took him about ten minutes to figure out that he couldn’t cum on his own. I stood in his doorway and watched as he let his arms flop back on his bed, his dick rubbed raw but still aching for release. “Phil, you bastard. You’ve done something to stop me cumming, haven’t you?”

“Finally figured it out, huh?”

“Dick. Come on, you said I could cum. Let me cum!”

“Yeah, I did. You ready for it?” I stepped closer, dropping my voice to a whisper. “After all, today you’ve been very… very…” Quentin’s breath caught in his throat.

“… quiet.”

“AAAAUUURGH!” With a deafening roar, Quentin thrust his hips up off the bed and cum blasted out of his dick, shooting out over his chest and stomach in three, four, five long streams. “Urrrrgh! Uuurrgh! Urrgggh! Fuuuuuckkk!” He collapsed back on the bed, breathing heavily.

We both jumped as we heard someone banging on the wall of Quentin’s room, the one that didn’t separate my room from his. A gruff male voice yelled through the wall. “Would you please KEEP IT DOWN?”

I looked over at Quentin. His dick, helplessly responding to the trigger, was already hard again.

“Guess I need to put you on mute,” I said, before he could speak. Quentin’s words immediately died in his throat. “Anyway, you probably want to have a quiet night with some peace and quiet.”

Leaving Quentin writhing on his bed in the throes of an earth-shattering, yet completely silent orgasm, I returned to my room, gently closed the door, and basked in the silence for the very first time in weeks.