May 2020: monthly update

Hello! This is the monthly update for May 2020 which outlines what was achieved in the previous month, announces any important news or changes, and provides some idea of what’s coming up. 

Last month (May 2020)

Stories: There was going to be one final chapter to Ass Assassin, Round 2, but it will now span two chapters. The first part (2,703 words) was published on GaySpiralStories last month. The second part is in the works.

Game: No new development this month. Sorry. The basic gameplay needs some work, based on the feedback I’ve received. I’m taking some time to think about the best way to make exploration/locations more meaningful and less repetitive.

Patreon: Billing has been paused for June 2020. 1 new patron, thanks so much!

Next month (June 2020)

Stories: I’ll be writing and posting the final chapter to Ass Assassin, Round 2. This will wrap up the series. Chapter 4 of The Twelve Days of Punishmas is on hold for now. 

Game: Further development, including a public hotfix and hopefully a v0.0.9 release later. Trello board is here

Patreon: Nothing new to announce at the moment. 

Reminder: I tend to hang out on the GaySpiralStories Discord, so you can contact me there as well as through Patreon or by email. 

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading!