Ass Assassin, Round 2 Path (Maze)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-04-30. It is part of the series ‘Ass Assassin, Round 2‘, which continues where ‘A Game of Ass Assassin‘ left off.

Carl puts Jeffrey’s booby-trapped warehouse to the test.

“This is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE community series inspired by the format of The Grandfather’s Gift and the game of assassin where I give you all the set up and you can write what happens next! At the end of each chapter, there should be at least two options for how the story can go. If you want, you can include more than that or write about a possibility that isn’t listed. The only limit is your imagination! Minimum 400 words for each new chapter. Please reuse this intro at the beginning of any chapters you add so that new readers will be able to see all the rules. Enjoy!”

In the last round, Jeffrey played in a grueling game between Hunters and Hunted. Eking out a narrow victory, he moves on to round 2 with the danger of becoming the frat’s brainwashed jizz-hungry fuckboy looming over him every second.

There was no time to waste – Jeffrey couldn’t let fear take hold, not now! His path was about to collide with Carl’s once again. Who would come out on top, and what would it cost? He hoped the makeshift traps he’d laid out in the warehouse would help the guys take down Carl – and to achieve that, he needed everyone to be on alert and in position to confront the menacing Hunter.

“Guys, listen to me! We gotta work together if we’re gonna– Mitch, what the fuck?” Jeffrey glared at Mitch as the blond pledge hurriedly put his uniform back on, prompting Art and Clay to do the same. “We don’t have time!”

“Sorry,” Mitch shrugged, clearly not sorry.

Jeffrey sighed. “Look… everyone, just take one of these each.” He handed out the balloons. “Careful! These are full of Pink Haze. One solid hit should be enough to stop Carl, okay? Now… I need all of you to go where I tell you, and when you get there, you watch out for Carl and you throw these haze bombs at him once you have a clear shot. Got it?” The others nodded. Jeffrey found himself surprised and relieved that they accepted his authority without complaint.

“Everyone stay on top of the containers, don’t go down into the maze if you can help it. Art, you get in position up front, near the entrance. Clay, follow Art, but stop when you get to the really tall stack of three containers. Mitch, you take John and wait behind the blue container with the big plastic barrels. I’ll stay on the gantry to operate some of the traps and co-ordinate you guys. If you need help, retreat to the back of the warehouse – the ladder there leads back up to here. Come back and find somewhere to hide until it’s safe. Got it?”

“Sounds like a plan! Let’s take that fucker down!” Mitch whooped.

Before any of the others could respond, the lights in the warehouse went out.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Carl’s voice echoed through the warehouse, as dim emergency lighting flickered on above the maze, barely lifting the gloom. “I hope you are not afraid of the dark, Liebchen!”

While the pledges crept across the maze walls to their assigned positions, Carl continued snipping through random cables inside the warehouse’s electrical panel, the smashed padlock still hanging off a metal latch. The massive Hunter grasped a section of the thick mains supply cable and ripped an arm’s length of it out of the wall, sending bits of plaster flying. Now spitting blue sparks, the cable was just long enough to touch the side of one of the metal containers…

Art yelped as he felt the metal container beneath his feet suddenly come to life in an electrifying surge of power! Luckily, the rubber soles of Art’s shoes kept him from any serious injury, but the electrical impulse made his leg muscles cramp and give way from underneath him. Art tumbled off the side of the maze and landed in a heap against a wheeled metal trolley lift that Jeffrey had laid on its side to use as a barricade. Behind him, he could hear the others scrambling to get off the electrified maze walls. Art staggered to his feet, the muscles in his legs protesting, his feet numb. That brute of a Hunter was probably charging through the maze straight towards him! He needed to be ready.

His balloon had rolled away from him into a corner, but fortunately, it was still intact. Art picked up the haze bomb and turned to face the passage leading towards the warehouse entrance. Heavy footsteps echoed up ahead, becoming louder as they approached his location, then stopping abruptly. Was Carl… waiting for him in the next passage? Maybe he should throw the haze bomb at the corner, and if Carl was hiding there, he’d get a partial hit at least—

“GRAAAARRRRGHHHH!” Carl bellowed as he suddenly rushed around the corner towards Art, the Hunter’s massive frame filling the passage. He swiftly closed the distance, bearing down upon Art like an enraged bull. Panicking, Art hurled the balloon at Carl, but he misjudged the distance and it sailed past the Hunter’s face, exploding wetly against the maze wall. Carl grinned as he fired plumes of Pink Haze at the helpless pledge, reducing his underwear to tattered strings and painting Art’s bare chest a deep pink.

Art heard Clay and Mitch distantly calling his name, but it didn’t seem important to respond. His long cock was already erect, demanding his attention. He barely noticed as he felt his naked body being picked up and laid onto a cold metal surface. He wanted to stroke his cock, but no, his arms were being held above his head. Carl was wrapping some kind of fabric around his wrists. He pulled at it, but he couldn’t move his arms at all. Now there were straps holding his body down. He tried to kick, but his feet were soon tied down as well. He felt some thick tape being wrapped around his mouth. Then he was moving, feet first. He was being wheeled along, each jolt and bump making his cock and balls bounce and drip a little more precum onto his impressive abs.

Carl grinned as he pushed the trolley lift carrying the naked, gagged pledge with one hand, the other wielding the squirt rifle full of Pink Haze. One down, four to go. Sehr gut.

Clay peeked out from his position behind a stack of wooden pallets. There was a trap up ahead, a tripwire leading to a cascade of heavy blue barrels, hidden by a curtain of orange plastic netting hung across the passage. All he had to do was wait for the Hunter to get caught in the barrels before landing a good hit with his haze bomb. Either that, or run away at the first sign of trouble – there was no need for him to be a hero for that guy Jeff, was there? Clay’s fingers shook as he held the balloon bomb. He’d heard the sound of a scuffle up ahead, which probably meant Art had been taken out, and he’d be next…

There was a metallic clattering, rumbling noise from the passage ahead. Clay steadied his arm, his eyes on the end of the passage. It had to be Carl… right?

To his surprise, a metal trolley lift on wheels came hurtling through the orange netting. Carl’s jaw dropped open. Art, completely nude, was strapped onto the trolley, desperately trying to hump the air with his huge cock, apparently oblivious to everything else!

The trolley ripped through Jeffrey’s tripwire, and a ramp halfway up the passage hit the floor with a heavy thud, releasing the barrels into the passage. The barrels collided with the trolley, pinning it harmlessly against the side of the maze. Clay waited. Where was Carl? Maybe it was safe to approach and rescue Art?

Carl chuckled as he ducked under the netting. “Ha, ha, ha. An amusing trap!” He advanced steadily down the passage towards Clay. It was now or never. Clay lobbed the balloon bomb at the Hunter, but he didn’t quite put enough force behind it. The balloon burst all over Art, painting the tall pledge’s legs pink. Art’s eyes rolled up and he moaned through his gag as the liquid Pink Haze made him even more desperate to cum.

“Time to run,” Carl taunted as he continued to advance down the passage. Clay agreed. He sped quickly around one corner, then another, the Hunter’s heavy footsteps following him close behind. If he could just make it back to Mitch and John—

Without warning, a rope snapped tightly around his right ankle and pulled him up into the air. Clay gasped as he found himself suspended upside-down from the ceiling of the warehouse! Above his head, he saw the bemused Hunter watching him, and then lifting his squirt rifle. He tried to bend and reach for the rope around his ankle, but he didn’t have the core strength to untie the knot.

Seconds later, he felt the warm mist of Pink Haze from Carl’s gun on his back and shoulders, his boxer-briefs unraveling thread by thread, exposing his ass… and then the only thing that mattered was Carl’s voice from below him, telling him to keep stroking his thick cock for everyone to watch…

John swore as he saw a totally naked Clay being winched up and out of the maze, his right ankle caught in the snare that had been intended for Carl. “Shit! Clay! CLAY!”

“John, keep it down!” Mitch hissed. “If Clay’s out of action, we’re next! Focus, dude!” In the middle of the warehouse, the two pledges had taken positions behind strategically placed metal crates arranged opposite a narrow gap in the passages between the shipping containers. Jeffrey had cleared the no-man’s-land between the gap and the two Hunted, leaving nothing for Carl to hide behind if he tried to cross. Jeffrey had also deployed several flypaper traps, partially hidden by debris, to slow or trip Carl if he happened to step on them.

After a tense couple of minutes, John and Mitch heard the sound of something heavy trundling along the passage towards the gap. John carefully stood to survey the area, haze bomb in hand.

The end of the trolley lift came into view, and John stifled a gasp as he saw who was strapped to its surface. “Art? Fuck, Mitch – he’s got Art!” The athletic pledge was still tied securely to the trolley, bound at wrists and ankles with thick straps. John’s eyes were drawn along Art’s toned legs to his magnificent long cock, completely erect, the head glistening with precum and swaying from side to side as the pledge bucked his hips in a vain attempt to get some kind of friction on his cock.

Mitch reacted first, lobbing his haze bomb towards the trolley. The balloon landed on the wall just to the left of the gap, exploding in a cloud of pink. “Shit!”

“Ha. Tell me, do you have any more of those bombs?”

“Yes, I have one,” said John, before realising what he’d done and clapping his hand over his mouth.

“For fuck’s sake!” Mitch shouted at John. “Shit… give me your balloon and get back to safety!”

“Do not listen to him,” came Carl’s deep voice from the other side of the space. “Listen to me, What is your name?”

“John,” the entranced pledge replied, as Mitch looked on in horror.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Listen to my voice John, only my voice.” Carl pushed the trolley further into the open space, stepping into view. “Stand up.” He smiled as John rose from behind his cover. “Wunderbar. Ah, I see you have another with you.

“John! JOHN! Don’t listen!” Mitch called. “Dude, come on! Throw the bomb at Carl!”

The tall, skinny pledge swung his arm back and was just about to throw his balloon when Carl uttered another instruction.

“John! Komm! Cum! Komm now!”

As soon as John’s brain processed Carl’s commands, a blast of intense arousal overwhelmed him. “Uuuuuungh!” He barely avoided sinking to his knees as his low-hanging balls contracted and several ropes of cum shot out of his dick, which hadn’t had time to become fully erect.

“Again! Cum!”

“Fuuuuuck! Fuck! Fuck!” John leaned against the crate in front of him for support as a second explosion of sensation flooded his body. The head of his big uncut cock was now fully exposed. John groaned as his cock throbbed and fired several more spurts of cum onto the floor. “Please… no more…”

Carl grinned. “Cum! Do not stop!”

John yelled as the sensation in his dick and balls returned with a vengeance. It felt as if all of the nerve endings in his groin were being stimulated and someone had turned up the dial to eleven. “AAAARGH!” His cock, pointing straight up at him, fired a long stream of cum with such force that he felt it splatter wet and hot across his cheek and neck. John involuntarily tightened his grip on the balloon still clutched his hand. With a wet squelch, the balloon burst. Pink mist enveloped him immediately, and everything became a blur…

He felt Carl picking him up, surprisingly gently, before laying him down. He was lying on his back. He could feel a warm body underneath him… Shit, was he lying on top of Art? His arms were being strapped down to the trolley above his head, and his ankles followed shortly after. He could feel Art’s hard dick poking at his hole. Despite shooting his load so many times, he needed to cum again. John relaxed and let Art’s cock slide into his ass, his hole clenching around Art’s shaft and eliciting moans from the gagged pledge underneath him.

Carl grinned as he wheeled the trolley with the two naked pledges on it towards the back of the warehouse.

Out of options, Mitch dashed through the remaining sections of the maze towards Jeffrey. He side-stepped two of Jeffrey’s flypaper traps on the way. Nearly there… If he could get back up to the office, maybe he could follow the gantry round to the exit—

Something caught his foot, sending him tumbling forwards. Shit, another one of Jeffrey’s traps! He groaned as a heavy net of rope collapsed on top of him, knocking the wind out of him and pinning him down against the floor.

“Ugh… fucking hell. Jeff? JEFF!”

“I’m here!” called Jeffrey from the upper level. “Mitch, where are you?”

“Caught in this stupid net! Help me!”

“Shit! I’m coming down there now!”

Mitch fought against the weight of the net, trying to scramble out from underneath. Any second now, Carl was going to appear, and then the game would be over for him… He twisted and turned, trying to free his legs which had gotten caught up in the tangle of rope.

Jeffrey reached the warehouse floor and rushed through the maze to Mitch’s position. Frantically, the two pledges worked to extricate Mitch from the net. Jeff helped Mitch to his feet just in time to see Carl rounded the corner, squirt rifle in hand and grinning like a maniac.

“Liebchen. I see you now. Leaving so soon?” The massive Hunter pounded after Jeff and Mitch as the pledges sprinted back to the ladder leading up to safety. Mitch and Jeffrey reached the base of the ladder at the same time. Jeffrey was about to get a foot on the rungs when Mitch roughly shoved him aside and clambered up at full speed.

“Hey!” Jeff shouted as Mitch disappeared. He’d landed awkwardly in a pile of plastic sheeting, and by the time he managed to get back to his feet, Carl was waiting for him at the end of the passage.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. What a fun game you made here, liebchen! Almost as much fun as last year.” Carl smiled. He stepped forward slowly, menacingly, the barrel of the squirt rifle pointing at Jeffrey. “Ah, I see you also have one of those balloons.” As Jeffrey weighed the haze bomb in his hand, Carl paused for a moment. “I give you a choice. Choice one: put down the balloon and roll it away slowly, then I go easy on you. Choice two: you make this difficult, I fuck you all night, then I fuck you again all week after I join Kappa Omega Kappa.”

In Jeffrey’s horned-up, Pink Haze-addled state, he couldn’t help imagining Carl bending him over a crate and splitting him open, filling his ass with a load of cum, or being pushed to his knees, his mouth full of Carl’s dick… No! Not now! Surely, there was some way out of this predicament?

Choice #6: Should Jeffrey…

  1. Go for the takedown by throwing the haze bomb at Carl?
  2. Stall for time, using the haze bomb to keep Carl away while hoping for some kind of intervention?
  3. Try to escape by climbing the ladder (FAILURE)?
  4. Do as Carl says: roll the haze bomb away and surrender (FAILURE)?

“Anyone who wishes to write off of any of these prompts is free. I encourage you to include at least one choice in every branching path that leads to failure, and clearly mark it as such. I’d enjoy reading plenty of stories about Jeff’s possible failures where he becomes a hypnotized fuck-slave of the frat in addition to ones where Jeffrey perseveres and triumphs.”

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