Keep It Down!

This story was originally posted at on 2020-04-29.

Phil’s flatmate Quentin keeps disturbing Phil’s work calls during lockdown.

“Yes, that’s right, I’m glad we’ll be continuing the current supply agreement,” I said. The ongoing coronavirus lockdown might be devastating whole sectors of the economy, but it was great news for my work as a procurement manager for a major supermarket chain (something I tried not to feel guilty about). With more and more people relying on us for their grocery shopping, my role was more important than ever. I spent my day working from home, co-ordinating with our suppliers and solving any problems they raised with us before they resulted in empty shelves across the south-east of England.

My calendar chimed with a notification about my next meeting. “Ah, I’m sorry to cut this short, but I need to jump into another call. Thanks for your time today.” I left the virtual conference and checked my calendar. Five minutes until the next call.

Under my desk, Quentin’s hot tongue was working the underside of my cockhead expertly. He was naked and kneeling in front of my office chair, his head buried in my crotch. I had taped his hands behind his back to keep him focused on my own needs. I noted with satisfaction the sticky strands of precum stretching from his own fully erect dick to his stomach. I nudged it with my foot and watched as his cock sprang up to slap wetly against his stomach.

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