Brief update

Quick update for patrons and followers over on the Patreon.

– It’s been a quiet month, during which I’ve been focused on work and on keeping healthy during the lockdown. If I don’t feel that I’ve managed to make enough progress on my writing and game development, I’ll put pledges on hold for a month (i.e. the start of May billing). I’ll decide at the end of this month. 

A Voyeur Fan has added some chapters to Ass Assassin, Round 2 in the last week and I’m working on the next instalment. The instalment after that will take us to the end of Round 2. 

– GaySpiralStories is running its very first site story contest (Story Challenge), with the theme ‘The Very First Time‘. I’ve started working on an entry. The contest has a deadline of 1st May and I would very much like to enter, so this will be my focus next week.

– I have some free time next week which I should be able to put into my stories and Escape from Enderon. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support! Stay safe!