Plugged in the Cavern

This story was originally posted at on 2020-02-02. It’s the third of a series of very short stories at that page.

Story III: Plugged in the Cavern (by Varlance)

“I tire of your resistance,” Harvon sneers as he twists the key. Still weak from the ambush, I moan as the metal plug expands, stretching me. “Perhaps this place will change your mind,” he says, before leaving. I tug the thick chain securing my plug to the cavern wall. Already the carpet of blue fungi is awakening, releasing spores that stick to my naked body.

Wherever the spores land, they send jolts of pleasure to my groin. My plug rubs something deep inside me. I want to stroke my already erect dick. No! I must control myself. Perhaps help is coming. If I can remove the plug, I can escape… but each tug only makes me hornier. No! I can’t hold back… I try to catch my seed in my hands, but there’s so much. Where it lands, plumes of spores drift up.

Maybe if I’m careful I can cum without disturbing the fungi. Yes. Good boy. Stroke yourself, cum hard. Huh? My dick, dusted in blue, is hard again. I pump my shaft, let the pleasure overtake me. My hole clenches around the plug. More plumes. Feels so nice to be a good boy. No! I must focus. Harvon returns tomorrow. Maybe if I’m good, he’ll take the plug out. But then my hole will be empty…

So horny… I can barely think. Just want to… urgh… cum. More seed to feed the fungi. So pretty, the patterns they make on my skin. Urgh, so sensitive. Feels like my whole body is an extension of my dick. Good boys are always ready to cum. Think I’m ready again. So horny…

I am stroking my cock with one hand and shoving the plug deeper with the other when Harvon reappears. “Good news, well, for me.” He smirks as I arch my back and shudder through another climax, displaying my firm body for him like a good boy. “Your brother has been… taken care of.” He tosses a key onto the ground. “You are free to go.” He walks away. I don’t understand. Have I displeased him?

I take the key; it fits the plug perfectly. I give it a few turns. Wrong way! Better. The plug stretches me a little further. I feel so full. So horny. I toss the key away, letting it bounce far beyond my reach, and go back to stroking my cock like a good boy.