A Game of Ass Assassin: Path (Only Seventeen: SUCCESS)

This story was originally posted at https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/815104 on 2020-02-03. It’s a concluding chapter of the community series ‘A Game of Ass Assassin’.

Jeff hides out in a club for a while. A showdown. What will the next round bring?

“This is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE community series inspired by the format of The Grandfather’s Gift and the game of assassin where I give you all the set up and you can write what happens next! At the end of each chapter, there should be at least two options for how the story can go. If you want, you can include more than that or write about a possibility that isn’t listed. The only limit is your imagination! Minimum 400 words for each new chapter. Please reuse this intro at the beginning of any chapters you add so that new readers will be able to see all the rules. Enjoy!”

Jeffrey ran from the three pursuing Hunters, keeping to the narrow alleys between the high-rise apartment blocks of midtown West Ferndale. His bare feet pounded the rough ground and his dick flopped from side to side with each step. Two guys holding hands wolf-whistled at Jeffrey as he ran past. “Come and say hello, boy!” the taller one called, while the other man simply leered at him. Jeffrey ignored them and continued his escape. He tried to keep up his pace, but his legs were aching too much. He slowed as he turned the corner into a dimly lit alley. He steadied himself against the exposed brick wall of a small store, narrowly avoiding stepping on some broken glass.

The alley opened up ahead onto West Ferndale’s entertainment district. Jeffrey rounded the corner, looking out for a place to go. Actually, he remembered being here before. He was outside Throbbing, one of the bigger LGBT-friendly nightclubs. Like most places that served alcohol, it was over-21s only, but he’d heard that most of the clubs made exceptions during hell week – the huge crowds that the K.O.K. initiation brought to West Ferndale were just too lucrative. The bouncer, a heavy-set woman with close-cropped hair and muscled arms, took one look at Jeffrey’s nude body marked with the number 17 all over and waved him inside with a grin.

There was a sizable crowd inside the club already and with the lights on low, Jeffrey’s nudity was a little less conspicuous. Jeffrey found a bar area down some stairs – an obvious choice for obstructing the signal from his tracking device. He ordered a glass of water and took it to a small seating area in the corner, where he could watch the entrance. Various men approached him and offered to buy him shots, but Jeffrey refused as politely as he could, fending off their curious hands. Eventually, they mostly left Jeffrey alone, and he could begin to relax in his seat. It was getting late. Jeffrey yawned, letting his eyes slowly close. He just needed a little rest…

“There he is!”

Jeffrey woke with a start.

“Are you sure? He’s got a different number…”

“Who fucking cares?” Shit, it was Rick. “We gotta get somebody before midnight or we’re fucked! Anybody could be that guy, otherwise Hayden’s gonna lose the round! We’ll figure it out afterwards!”

Jeffrey looked over towards the stairs. Rick and Kyle were making their way over towards him, squirt guns at the ready, while Hayden was not far behind. Jeffrey leapt to his feet and pushed through the crowd towards a door marked ‘Fire Exit’. A spray of Triple Whammy zipped past him and splattered all over a dancing queen’s sequined jacket. Shit, they were getting close! A second blast of milky white fluid narrowly missed, instead covering a bearded muscle-man’s tank top. Jeffrey heard the Hunters curse as he slipped through the exit and up the steps to street level.

Jeffrey found himself in an open parking lot between three buildings. There were exits to left and right, but he didn’t think he would get far with the Hunters hot on his tail. His heart pounding, Jeffrey fled across the parking lot towards a stack of metal crates. Behind them, he found a ladder that led up onto some scaffolding. He looked over his shoulder to see Kyle and Rick emerge from the club. They immediately spotted Jeffrey and began firing. Jeffrey reached the first scaffolding platform and was about to climb a second ladder onto the roof when a stream of Triple Whammy narrowly missed his head and coated the rungs above him with liquid. Jeffrey turned in surprise – the shot had come from somewhere above him! Another Hunter – shit! He hurriedly let go of the ladder and took cover behind a stack of cement tiles as a second stream of white hit the wall where he had been standing.

“Where’d the pledge go?” Jeffrey heard Rick ask.

“Up there, on the scaffolding- Hey!” Kyle started as a shot of Triple Whammy landed on the ground near the three Hunters.

“Back off, guys! He’s mine!” came a gruff voice from somewhere above Jeffrey.

Pinned down in cover on the scaffolding, Jeffrey watched as another Hunter on the rooftop fired a second warning shot of Triple Whammy at Rick and Kyle. This time the shot caught Rick in the chest. Rick screamed and began to strip off his shirt, which was already starting to disintegrate into grey shreds. The Hunter’s shirt collar got caught on his glasses, however, and wouldn’t go over his head cleanly. Rick managed to pull the shirt off, taking his glasses with it, but it was already too late. The Hunter’s struggling abruptly stopped as the hypnotic serum took effect. Rick let his arms fall to the side and stood still, staring blankly at Kyle. A prominent bulge was already tenting out Rick’s white trousers.

“Rick? Rick!” Kyle grabbed Rick by the shoulder and shook him. “Shit!” He raised his gun, aiming at the roof where the shots had come from. “Not cool, man! We’re gonna take out pledge 117, and when we get the chance, we’re gonna find you and make you our dosed up fuck-slave. Show yourself!”

“Yo, dudes, are you blind?” the new Hunter called out. Jeff spotted some movement as the Hunter crept to another hiding spot. “That guy’s number 17! He’s my target, so fuck off and let me finish him!”

“What happened to Rick?” Hayden had taken shelter behind a low wall and was now creeping closer to Kyle’s position.

“Some fucking idiot shot him! He’s trying to steal our kill!”

“What the hell? He’s gonna pay for that!” More shots of white liquid flew through the air, landing just short of Kyle and Hayden. “Fuck! I’m almost out of time. We gotta get moving now!”

Kyle nodded. “I’ll keep our mystery shooter busy. You go ahead and get the pledge!”

Kyle took aim at the Hunter on the roof while Hayden crept closer to the crates beneath Jeffrey’s position. Jeffrey looked around frantically for a way out. Taking the ladder down was certain to get him shot and captured. There was nowhere to hide on the scaffolding once Hayden climbed up, though. Behind him, there were a few builders’ tools, a can of paint, scraps of cloth… He looked at the ladder up to the roof. A plan formed.

“Ha! Got him!” yelled Kyle as the other Hunter gasped in shock and slumped forwards over the safety railing, his shirt disintegrating. “Head shot for the win! He’s-“ Kyle stopped mid-sentence as the other Hunter’s final volley of Triple Whammy splashed across his chin and neck and over his chest. His arms fell to his sides. His eyes dilated and he stood still, staring forwards, waiting for instructions.

“KYLE! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Hayden reached the ladder below Jeffrey and began to climb. He clambered onto the platform and looked around. Jeffrey was nowhere to be seen.

“Up here, you cheating scumbag!”

Jeffrey ducked as Hayden angrily fired at him, the shot passing far above Jeffrey’s head. Safely hidden from the Hunter below, Jeffrey carefully took off the cloths that he’d hurriedly wrapped around his hands and feet. He peeked over the side again. Hayden had his hands on the rungs of the next ladder. Hayden’s eyes opened wide in shock as he realized the rungs had been doused with Triple Whammy, but by then it was too late. Jeffrey watched Hayden let go of the ladder and stumble backwards, coming to rest against the stack of cement tiles, his eyes dilated and his cock forming a tent in his white trousers. Jeffrey breathed a sigh of relief. He’d survived the round!

A crowd had gathered in the parking lot, attracted by the commotion and the various half-naked college studs staring blankly into space. The muscle-man that Jeffrey had seen dancing in Throbbing now had Rick splayed out on his back on the hood of a car and was thrusting roughly into Rick’s ass. He looked like he was having the time of his life fucking the hypnotized college hunk. A group of other guys stood around jerking their dicks, waiting their turn. Kyle was on his knees, his face buried between some dude’s ass-cheeks while a second man took Kyle’s muscular ass from behind. Jeffrey recognized the two guys as the gay couple who had wolf-whistled him earlier. A third group of men were climbing the scaffolding to get to Hayden.

Jeffrey decided that it was an excellent time to leave. He descended to street level down the other side of the roof and kept to quieter streets until he reached WFU’s campus. The K.O.K. bros waiting for survivors to arrive greeted Jeffrey with high fives as he reached them. He was made to stand in front of a K.O.K. banner with his hands behind his head while one of the frat bros pointed his camera at Jeffrey and took a series of photos of his naked body. Jeffrey was too tired to protest as the cameraman paid particular attention to his dick, before asking him to turn round and expose his ass. Finally, the frat bros removed his tracking device. Jeffrey confirmed his name and identity to the frat bros for their records. Fortunately no-one seemed to notice that Jeffrey’s number was different from when he’d started the round.

He hurried back to his dorm room, hoping to catch up with Samir. There was no response when he knocked on the door, so Jeffrey had to wait for the RA to provide him a spare key to his room. On Samir’s desk, he found a note – Samir had gone to stay with one of his data geek contacts so they could work on the data drive that Samir had recovered from the apartment. Samir had kept Jeffrey’s backpack from their earlier meeting at ‘Frankie’s’ bar and it was sitting on Jeffrey’s bed. He checked his phone for messages, but there was nothing from Samir, just a missed call from Dad. Before hitting the showers, Jeffrey texted Samir a brief message thanking him and hoping he was going to be all right. Samir had really helped him out today and it was clear that Samir wanted to be more than just friends.

What would the next round bring, Jeffrey wondered, as he lay on his bed. Assuming half of the pledges survived this round, there would still be at least a hundred guys competing for only twenty spaces in the frat. Can I really beat those odds? Was Samir right to say that the frat won’t treat me fairly if I lose? Am I… starting to feel something for Samir?

But the question that disturbed Jeffrey most, as he idly stroked himself, was:

Why does thinking about losing the next round make my dick so hard?

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