Buck(ed) at the Rodeo

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The rodeo is in town and Buck tries his hand at a bronco riding competition. Winner gets $1000, losers strip an item of clothing. A short interactive story I wrote in the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord community.

Author note: This story was originally written on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord community. Each section break offered readers two choices, and the votes determined the course of the plot. Images accompanied some sections of the story; links to these have been added here and there.

Buck saw the sign at the rodeo and couldn’t resist a closer look. ‘Ride the Bronco – Win $1000!’ The ride operator, a stalwart-looking, grizzled bear of a man, saw Buck looking and walked over. 

“Howdy, boy. You interested in this here com-pee-tish-un?” 

“Maybe,” Buck replied. He cast his eyes over the mechanical bull. It looked like it had been cobbled together by someone high on moonshine – all exposed wood and leather, and covered with a mat of dried hay that a pack of starving horses had chewed over. 

“All ya gotta do is stay on for three minutes,” the operator said. 

“That’s all? And if I do it, I get to walk away with a thousand dollars?” 

“That’s right.” 

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