Buck(ed) at the Rodeo

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The rodeo is in town and Buck tries his hand at a bronco riding competition. Winner gets $1000, losers strip an item of clothing. A short interactive story I wrote in the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord community.

Author note: This story was originally written on the Homotextual Gaming Guild Discord community. Each section break offered readers two choices, and the votes determined the course of the plot. Images accompanied some sections of the story; links to these have been added here and there.

Buck saw the sign at the rodeo and couldn’t resist a closer look. ‘Ride the Bronco – Win $1000!’ The ride operator, a stalwart-looking, grizzled bear of a man, saw Buck looking and walked over. 

“Howdy, boy. You interested in this here com-pee-tish-un?” 

“Maybe,” Buck replied. He cast his eyes over the mechanical bull. It looked like it had been cobbled together by someone high on moonshine – all exposed wood and leather, and covered with a mat of dried hay that a pack of starving horses had chewed over. 

“All ya gotta do is stay on for three minutes,” the operator said. 

“That’s all? And if I do it, I get to walk away with a thousand dollars?” 

“That’s right.” 

“Okay. How much to enter this competition?” 

“Oh, it don’t cost nothing at all to enter.” 

Buck frowned. “Really? What’s the catch?” 

The operator held up his hands. “No catch. ‘Cept, if ya fail, ya gotta take off one item of clothing. Yer hat don’t count though, ‘cause that’s boring.” He gestured to the few bystanders on the other side of a low fence. “Audience gets to watch the action for a dollar.” 

Shit, thought Buck. I don’t wanna end up naked in front of all these folks if I do badly… but a thousand dollars would come in pretty handy… 

“So, ya in?”

“I’m in,” Buck replied, sounding more confident than he felt. 

The operator nodded and opened the gate to the bronco ring. There was a good-natured whoop from two cowboys in the audience as Buck approached the bronco. He swung his leg over the machine and sat in the saddle. 

“Ready? Gimme a thumbs up if yer good to go, boy.” 

Buck leaned forward in the saddle and took a tight grip of the bull’s horns, feeling the rough wood under his palms. He gave the operator a quick thumbs up. 

“All right! Here we go!” 

The bronco rose slowly on a piston, then lowered, then paused for a moment before it began to twist and heave and spin. Buck held on tight, his legs squeezing the sides of the mechanical bull. The audience cheered as he rode the bronco. They began to count down as the last ten seconds approached. “Ten! Nine! Eight!” But then the bull’s movements suddenly kicked up several notches. Buck cursed as his legs lost their grip and he slipped off the side of the bull, landing on his ass as the guys watching groaned in sympathy. The operator helped Buck to his feet. 

“Hey, not bad at all for your first try! You nearly made it, pal! Unfortunately, you gotta take somethin’ off.” He held out a hand, waiting. Buck reached behind his neck and untied his bandanna, then handed it to the man. 

“Okay. Come back at the end of the day, I’ll give it back to ya. Unless ya want to have another go?” 

I can’t stop after the first setback! And I only needed to hold on for a few more seconds! 

“’Course I’ll have another go,” Buck said. He strode back to the bull and straddled it. “Let’s do this!” 

The operator grinned. “As you wish.” 

Buck steeled himself for an even tougher ride, but like the previous time, the bronco remained steady and even predictable. But then, about a minute and a half in, the bull spun round fast, then stopped with such suddenness that Buck lost his grip and tumbled to the ground. He heard laughter in the audience as he picked himself up, his shirt and jeans covered in dust. 

Once again, the operator was waiting for him with his hand out. Buck grumbled, but unbuttoned his checked shirt to reveal his lightly muscled, tanned chest. A couple of guys from the audience wolf-whistled and he could hear them commenting on his physique. Meanwhile, the operator watched him with a predatory grin. 

“Not bad, boy. Tell you what. Why don’t cha take a few minutes, get some water. Then if ya want to come back and try again, y’can. If I’m not here, just ask around for me – I’m Trevor.” 

“Fuck that,” Buck replied. “Let’s go again!” 

“Third time lucky, boy? All right then, get on and I’ll start it up.” 

Buck clambered onto the bronco, his ass still a little sore from the previous attempt. The crowd was getting larger now, perhaps about twenty or thirty guys filling the wooden bleachers around the ring. He felt a little like a prize bull being put on display. The thought gave him goosebumps. 

Trevor was talking to a young man near the bronco’s control booth. The dude couldn’t have been much older than eighteen or nineteen. He was blond with a wiry physique under his tight flannel shirt and he wore brown leather fingerless gloves. In one hand he was carrying a wrench and his forearms were streaked with what might have been motor oil. Trevor looked up at Buck, then waved the young man away and entered the booth. Buck gave the operator a thumbs up. 

This time, the bronco started up at a medium pace, and Buck struggled from the beginning to maintain his balance. He held on to the wooden handles with a white-knuckle grip as the mechanical bull swooped and spun beneath him. His boots dug into the sides of the bull so hard that his thighs were beginning to ache. The crowd gasped as a particularly vicious thrust tipped Buck forwards, but he didn’t let go. “Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!” 

Then Buck felt something prodding him from inside the saddle. It was positioned directly underneath his ass, and he hollered in surprise as it smashed upwards at the same time as the bronco tipped forwards precipitously. Buck’s legs went up over his head and he flipped up over the bronco’s head, landing with a thump on the soft hay bales surrounding the machine. 

The crowd was loving the spectacle. “Off! Off! Off!” they chanted, as Trevor exited the booth and waited for Buck with his hand outstretched. 

Buck sighed. He was down to his jeans, boxer shorts and boots. If only he’d worn some extra layers, or even a pair of socks… At this point, though, he’d have to satisfy Trevor with either his jeans or his boots. His boots had small spurs that dug into the bronco’s side, but the jeans protected his legs from the rough surface of the machine…

“Come on, boy,” said Trevor. “What’s it gonna be? Crowd’s getting restless.” 

Buck reluctantly removed his boots and then his jeans, raising a cheer from the audience as well as further jeers and catcalls. Trevor snatched the young man’s jeans out of his hands and stuffed them into a large metal lockbox inside the booth. 

Buck slipped his bare feet back into his boots. With only his tight white boxers and his boots left, he knew it was probably sensible to walk away, maybe even come back and try again tomorrow. Besides, there was now a line of guys waiting to have their turn on the mechanical bull, so he’d have to wait anyways. He decided to leave and get himself a root beer to quench his thirst. 

While he was nursing his drink at a bar, someone took the stool next to his and pulled himself closer to Buck. 

“Nice riding, amigo.” 

Buck took a swig of his root beer. “Uh, thanks.” 

The stranger extended his hand, and Buck shook it, wincing slightly at the man’s firm grip. “I’m José.” He looked to be late twenties, with dark hair and brown eyes. 

“Buck. Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but…” 

“Listen, Buck. You did ride well. I watched you almost make it twice in three attempts. You have a real shot at winning the prize. But you’ll need my help.” 

“What do you mean?” 

José leaned in. “The whole thing is obviously rigged. Look, I’m an electrical engineer. Been following Trevor’s bronco ride for three months, since he took it to me in Kansas City for repairs. That asshole even tried to cheat me out of my fee… Anyway, the bronco looks like a pile of trash nailed together, right? But actually it’s got a lot of hidden parts inside to catch riders out at the very end. You look like you know what I mean.” 

“Yeah, I think so. But, if it’s all a scam, why don’t the cops shut it down?” 

José shrugged. “Probably because it’s not illegal. Just ’cause the guys who ride it don’t know about the bronco’s special features, it don’t mean Trevor’s breaking any laws.” 

“Uh, okay,” Buck said. “What’s your angle, then?” 

“I’m just in it for the money. Look. Trevor makes thousands of dollars at each rodeo, selling cheap tickets to people who wanna watch guys agree to strip if they fail at the bronco. He doesn’t really care if, maybe one time in each rodeo, someone manages to stay on and win. That person could be you, Buck! Besides, you seem like a nice guy, and as much as I’d personally enjoy seeing you naked after you lose to Trevor again, I’d rather help you out and get one over on Trevor, you know? So I want to make you a deal. If you win, you give me half of the money. Five hundred dollars. And in return, I’ll make sure Trevor can’t use the bronco’s dirty tricks to cheat next time you ride it. What do you say?” 

I’m not sure if I can trust this guy, thought Buck. “If you know all about how to win that money, why don’t you ride the bronco yourself?” 

José shook his head. “Didn’t you listen? Obviously, Trevor knows me, he knows that I know how the bronco works, so he’d never let me enter his little competition. Look, amigo, it’s entirely up to you. All I’m saying is, it’s easy money, as long as you do what I say.” 

“How about you tell me your plan first and then I’ll decide if I want to go along with it?” 

“Okay, sure. It’s quite simple, really. Trevor’s booth obviously has settings that control the bronco’s movement. You’ll need to distract him and keep him away from the booth so that I can mess with the controls. I gotta make it subtle, otherwise Trevor will know that something’s up and he’ll refuse to pay out, but with your riding skills, it’ll work.” José winked. “Exactly how you get his attention is up to you.”

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Buck said. 

“Great! Trevor’s about to stop the bronco rides for lunch, so I suggest you look for him soon. Remember, he can’t see us talking or he’ll be suspicious, so don’t come looking for me afterwards. Just go for it when he starts the competition again.” Jose clapped Buck on the shoulder, then disappeared into the crowd of rodeo attendees. 

Buck finished the rest of his root beer, then made his way over to the bronco arena. Some of the audience had tried to ride the bronco themselves, and were missing bandannas, shirts and chaps – although so far no-one else was just in their underpants like Buck. 

Buck saw Trevor leaning against the side of the control booth. He was talking to the blond dude with the monkey wrench again. Trevor reached for the dude’s crotch and the dude moaned in a mixture of pain and ecstasy, before catching sight of Buck. The guys quickly separated, the blond dude scurrying off, while Trevor approached Buck with a cocky grin. 

“Well, if it isn’t you again, boy. What’s your name?” 


“Hah, I love it! Ain’t got much left to lose, Buck. Soon yer gonna be ‘Buck’ naked! Hahahah! What can I do fer ya? Competition starts again in half an hour if ya wanna try again…” 

“I- I was wondering- Is there somewhere we can talk?” 

“We can talk here, boy. What is it?” 

“No, I mean, somewhere private.” 

Trevor’s eyes narrowed. “What for, boy? I told ya earlier, you don’t get your clothes back until the end of the day. Wouldn’t be no fun for the crowd otherwise.” 

“It’s not about that…” 

“Then what?” There was an awkward pause as Buck racked his brain trying to think of an excuse. “Oh, I bet I know what it is. Ya interested in workin’ fer me? Helpin’ with the customers, keeping their clothes safe, that kinda thing?” 

“Uh, yes! Yes,” Buck replied. 

“‘Course, I already got George lookin’ after the bull. And you’ll have to share the trailer with us until I can afford a bigger one, but it could work… Follow me.” 

Buck followed the operator through a door and into the parking lot. The sun felt good on his exposed body and legs. Trevor led him to a trailer. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. “Come on, boy. We can talk in here.” 

Buck followed him inside. Trevor sat on a bed and spread his legs. 

“‘Course, we can talk specifics later. What I’m really looking for in an assistant is someone to look after my needs.” Trevor gestured to the floor in front of him. “Ya understand, boy?” His eyes dropped to the bulge in Buck’s boxers. “Yeah, I knew you’d want this soon as I set eyes on ya. Go on, ya know what to do.”

“Yes sir,” said Buck. He knelt down in front of Trevor and began to undo the older man’s leather belt. He unzipped Trevor’s pants and pulled them down along with Trevor’s underwear. Trevor’s dick was cut, with a short, fat head on a thick shaft. For some reason it reminded Buck of a water tower. He leaned forward and gave Trevor’s shaft a tentative lick. Trevor’s musk was not unpleasant, he decided. He took the head of the bronco operator’s cock into his mouth. 

“Oh, that’s nice, boy,” Trevor murmured. “Why don’t cha go ahead and suck it deeper. See how much of it I can fit down yer throat. Ohhh…” Buck let Trevor push further into his mouth, his lips stretching around the man’s shaft, feeling Trevor’s pubic hairs tickling his forehead. He started to suck harder, using his tongue to massage the shaft. With his left hand he gently grasped the base of Trevor’s shaft, then, sensing no objections, he wrapped his fingers around the root and formed a cock ring out of his fingers, keeping Trevor’s hot, throbbing member captive while he continued to work over the man with his tongue. 

“Damn… you’ve done this before, haven’t ya, boy? I ain’t gonna last much longer if ya keep doing that. Ohh, fuck…” Trevor sat up, and Buck leaned back on his knees. 

“Don’t wanna shoot my wad just yet, boy. Ya gotta earn it.” He carefully grasped a fistful of Buck’s hair and began to slowly and firmly pump his other hand up and down his cock. Buck watched as Trevor’s dick loomed over him. 

“Ya want this load, boy?” Buck nodded. 

“I can’t hear ya…” 

“I want your load,” Buck said. “Please…sir?” 

“Yeah, that’s what I like to hear. Where do ya want it?” Trevor was fisting his cock faster now, and the trailer was starting to smell more strongly of Trevor’s musk. “Down that hot, tight throat of yours? Or all over yer face?” 

“I… uh…” 

There was a loud knock at the door. Trevor swore, and released Buck’s head so he could stuff his dick back into his pants. “Fuck! What is it?” 

The door opened, and the blond dude that Buck kept seeing around the place popped his head round it. “Ah, sir, it’s time to run the bronco again.” 

“Shit! Okay, thanks George. Let’s go, boys.” To Buck, he said, “We’ll finish this later. Come on, if ya still want to win the competition, ya can even have the first ride of the afternoon.” 

As Trevor was speaking, George looked Buck up and down with barely disguised contempt. Or was it a hint of jealousy, Buck wondered? He let Trevor hurry onwards to the bronco arena. 

“If you think he’ll go easy on you, you’re wrong,” George said. 

“Excuse me?” 

“You should quit before you lose more than just your clothes. Take it from me. I’ve been looking after that bull for a while now. You have no idea what it can do! Nobody’s won the ‘competition’ in a long time, not since Dallas. That was over a year ago and after we got the whole thing re-tooled in Kansas City, there’s no way anyone can hang on all the way. And I don’t know what sir told you, but it’s always just been him and me. You understand? Just some friendly advice, pal.” 

“We’ll see about that…” 

They reached the bronco ring. There was a line of about twelve guys, most of them already shirtless, waiting to try their luck at the competition, but Trevor waved Buck over. 

“Ya ready to ride? Guess it’ll be yer boots on the line this time, haha! Unless there’s something else ya wanna ride,” and he discreetly ran a hand over his crotch, making Buck blush. He looked away, and suddenly spotted José in the crowd. José looked alarmed, and was trying to get Buck’s attention without letting Trevor or George see him… 

“Well? What’ll it be?”

“I- something I need to do first,” Buck said, and he dived into the large crowd of spectators before Trevor or George could say anything. He made his way to where he’d noticed José. Someone grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him towards an exit from the indoor arena. “It’s just me,” he heard José tell him. 

He blinked as they emerged in the outdoor part of the rodeo. “This way.” He let José lead him towards one of the smaller outside arenas, where there was a team roping contest on. Buck’s exposed upper body and legs attracted some curious glances, but a hard stare from José helped to deflect attention from the two guys. José found some empty seats near a large storage shed and sat down. 

“So, what’s going on?” asked Buck. 

“I got in to the booth, like I said, amigo,” José began. “But when I opened it up, the control panel was totally different on the inside to how it was before. I couldn’t risk doing something to it, so I had to leave it alone for now.” 

“Oh, shit… Where does that leave our little scheme, then?” 

“We can still do it,” José said. “I found the model Trevor’s using now and know how we can loosen a few connections here and there. Shit, if he’s managed to buy and mod an El Toro, he must be raking in the cash! Anyway, you’re gonna need to distract him again so I can get in and make the changes. Then you just gotta do your thing on the bull, and we’re a thousand dollars up!” 

“So that’s what you’re up to…” Buck and José spun round to see George behind them, monkey wrench in hand. “I knew something was up when I found you on your knees in our trailer, Buck. Wait till sir hears about this! Hey, what the fuck!” 

José rushed towards the blond mechanic and wrestled with him for the monkey wrench. They fell against the door of the shed and into the interior. Buck quickly followed the sounds of struggle. Inside the shed, which Buck noticed was filled with coils of rope, fences, and other rodeo equipment, José had George pinned against one wall, but George was waving the wrench with some force. 

“You can’t trust him, Buck!” George shouted. “He’s a liar and a cheat! He takes bets on the riders! Probably gonna make a- a small fortune when you lose your last scrap of clothing!” 

“Don’t listen to him,” José said. “Daddy’s little locked boy sure has a big mouth!” To Buck, he said, “You think these guys want to lose a thousand dollars in a fair competition? We can’t let him warn Trevor. Help me tie him up, Buck!” José managed to pry the wrench out of George’s hand and tossed it to one side, before grabbing a nearly coil of rope. 

“No! Wait!” George spluttered. “I know how the bull is rigged – I’ll make sure you win, Buck! Aaargh!” José had flipped George around and had the young man’s arm twisted up behind his back. “Please- I mean it, Buck, you can trust me…” 

I need to hear what George has to say, thought Buck. He dashed forwards and wrapped his arms around José in a bear hug. 

“Hey! Are you- out of your mind?” José exclaimed. He tried to swing Buck off him but Buck held on tight. George extricated himself from José’s grip and the three guys tumbled to the dusty floor of the shed. Buck landed on top of José and used his weight to hold him down while George started to wrap a length of rope around José’s wrists. 

“Fuckers! Buck, let me go! Aaah, fucking hell! Get off me!” Once George was finished binding José’s hands, he untied José’s own navy blue bandanna and rolled it into a ball, then stuffed it into a protesting José’s mouth and tied his own pink bandanna over the top as a cleave-gag. He then started on José’s legs, using loops of rope to bind them together at the ankles, knees and mid-thigh. 

“Help me move him,” George said. The guys dragged José, struggling and grunting into his gag, towards a corner of the shed. George tied another rope around José’s ankles and looped the other end around a heavy metal workbench. 

“Don’t think he’s going anywhere,” Buck said. “Now, how I can beat the damn bronco?” 

“Oh, all in good time, Buck,” George said. “First, I want you to fuck me.” 

“You what? Hey-” 

George took Buck by the hand and led him back to the area near the entrance of the shed, José glaring at them as they went. The blond mechanic hoisted himself up onto a large crate covered with soft hides and began to unbutton his flannel shirt, revealing his slim, smooth chest. “What are you waiting for?” he said to Buck. He placed the shirt to one side and then undid his pants, sliding them down his tanned legs. Buck was surprised to see the boy’s dick encased in a shiny metal cage, with a tiny brass padlock keeping it secure. 

“What is that? Doesn’t that- hurt?” 

“Only in a good way,” George winked. “Sir likes to keep me horny and frustrated as much as he can, but hey, you’re hot, I haven’t been fucked in too long, and all this fightin’ and ropin’ and shit gets me going, so… enough talking.” He pulled Buck into a kiss and wrapped his legs around Buck’s waist. He felt George’s leather-gloved hands roam over his exposed chest like a pack of wild horses over the plains of Wyoming, before coming to rest at Buck’s navel. Buck slipped his boxers down, his dick already hard. He spat into his hand, and George smirked. “Wait.” George produced a small bottle of oil-based lube and poured a little into his fingers, then lubed up Buck’s shaft and then the tight brown ring of his own asshole. 

“Ready?” Buck asked, and George nodded. “Please… uggh!” Buck slid into the boy’s hot, tight ring, slowly and steadily pushing into George’s hole until his thighs hit the edge of the crate. He instinctively moved his hands to the boy’s hips and pulled George’s body towards him, eliciting another moan from George. 

The brass padlock of George’s cage made a clanking noise each time Buck thrust his dick into the boy’s ass. It felt fucking incredible – he didn’t know how George was doing it exactly but it felt like George’s ass was milking his shaft for all he was worth. “Ooooohhhhhh…” He couldn’t hold back any longer, and with a final thrust, he shot his load deep inside. George was cumming too, moaning as a thin stream of jizz spilled from the end of the metal tube around the boy’s caged cock. 

Buck pulled out of George’s ass and helped George get back on his feet. He watched George put his clothes back on. José seemed to have given up on his struggling and there was relative quiet inside the shed. 

“Fuck, that was so good,” George said. “Right. The bronco. Follow me…”

George led Buck back to the trailer he shared with Trevor. Inside, he knelt down and retrieved a black and yellow hard plastic case from underneath the bed. Inside the case were various… what looked like plugs and other toys made of steel and black rubber, or something along those lines – Buck wasn’t quite sure. George selected one and held it up for Buck to see. “Here it is.” It was a fairly solid-looking tube about eight inches in length and two inches across at its widest point. The plug was tapered at one end, while the other end had a sort of thinner neck that seemed to be mostly made of rubber. 

“The bull’s been modified with a dildo that comes up out of the saddle, you see,” George explained. “I use this plug myself whenever Sir wants to watch me test out the equipment. If you want to win, you gotta wear it! Otherwise the dildo will push you right off before you know what hit you! And if that don’t work, the whole saddle is electrified as well. Gives you a nasty shock! But if you wear this, it’s so solid that it’ll block the dildo from pushing you off, and the shock just gets dispersed. Sir won’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late. Piece of cake!” 

Buck reached for the plug, but George placed a hand gently on Buck’s. “It’s a bit tricky to put in. Let me help.”

“Thanks, George.” 

“Least I could do, Buck,” George replied. “Now lean over the end of the bed so I can get this inside you.” 

Buck did as he asked, resting his elbows on the bed and his head on his arms. He felt George slide his boxer shorts down. George picked up a large tube of lubricating gel from the toy case and squirted some gel onto his palm. The mechanic made sure to coat the plug with plenty of gel, then applied some of the gel to Buck’s asshole. 

“Here it comes, Buck.” 

He felt the edge of the plug against his ring, and then some pressure, but the gel allowed George to slide the thick plug smoothly into Buck’s hole with little resistance. The round part of the plug stretched Buck’s ring as it entered him, making him shiver slightly. Buck began to stand up, but George laid a hand on his spine. 

“Not yet.” Buck watched George attach a black latex hand pump to a connector at the end of the plug and start pumping. Inside his hole, the plug began to stretch him even more. His cock had risen to a full erection during the process and George gave it a teasing stroke once he was satisfied with the plug. The blond mechanic continued to pump until Buck began to complain about how full he was feeling. 

“Sorry, but I gotta make sure it doesn’t slip out of you while you ride, ’cause Sir won’t look kindly on you using this to win. All right, time to go.” Buck felt behind him for the end of the plug, and gave it an experimental tug, but it was well-inflated and secure. He stuffed his still erect dick into his boxers while George packed his toy collection away. Then the two guys returned to the indoor arena, Buck trying his best to walk naturally as possible given the eight inches of metal and rubber stuffing his hole. 

They arrived at the ring-side just in time to see another unlucky rider being thrown off the mechanical bull and onto the hay bales, to the evident delight of the audience. Trevor left the booth and helped the rider to his feet while the crowd chanted, “Off! Off! Off!” The rider scowled and handed his shirt to Trevor, clearly frustrated, and flipped the finger to the spectators, who responded with laughter and jeering. 

“All right, who’s next? Who will ride the bronco for just three minutes, to win one thousand bucks?” Trevor called. The queue seemed to be empty now, and a hush descended on the indoor arena as it seemed nobody wanted to be next to face the bull. George elbowed Buck. “Go on, now’s your chance!” 

Buck coughed, for dramatic effect, and then stepped forward into the ring. Trevor sensed the crowd’s gradually building excitement and spun round to greet Buck, who announced loudly, “I will! Let’s do this!” 

Trevor grinned. “Back for more, Buck? I wonder what yeh’ll lose this time, yer boots?” There was a cheer from the audience. “Or yer underpants?” An even bigger cheer this time, with whooping and wolf-whistling. “Or maybe even both?” 

Playing to the crowd, Trevor announced, “It’s time for the grand finale of this here com-pee-tish-un! And that calls for a grand prize – not one, not two, but THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!” Another huge cheer from the crowd. “But with one condition: ya gotta ride the bronco TOTALLY NAKED!” Wild cheering and applause. 

Trevor put his hands on his hips and looked directly at Buck. “Just so ya know, Buck, if ya win, ya get to walk away with three thousand dollars, but if ya lose, yer gonna spend the rest of the night here as the star attraction in our Buckin’ Bronco after-party! We already sold more than three hundred tickets, and I bet every dude who bought one is hoping for some ‘personal time’ with ya! So if ya can’t handle it, ya better walk away right now!”

“That prize money is gonna be mine, dude! Let’s ride!” 

The audience went wild as Buck slipped off his boots and his boxers and stood before Trevor completely naked. George picked up Buck’s discarded clothing and disappeared into the control booth. Trevor held his arm out towards the mechanical bull, grinning at Buck. 

The lights in the arena dimmed as Buck strode over to the bull and mounted it, leaving the young man illuminated within a narrow circle of light. He shivered slightly, partly from the slight chill inside the arena and partly from the sense of exposure to the audience, some of whom were taking flash photos of him on top of the bull. He took a deep breath, then grasped the bull’s horns and braced for the machine to start moving. 

Trevor’s voice reverberated around the arena: “For three thousand dollars, give it up for our brave cowboy, Buck!” 03:00 appeared on the display board above the booth, and then the bronco rumbled into life. 

For the first two minutes, the bull’s movements were erratic, but in the same kinds of patterns as Buck had experienced in his previous rides, and he managed to stay out of trouble. The problem was that every time the bull bucked forwards and backwards, or rose up before falling downwards again, the end of Buck’s plug made contact with the saddle. Every bump pushed the plug against his prostate, sending impulses to his dick, and before long Buck was sporting a full erection. How much more of this could he take? It was already getting difficult to keep his balance, and he felt sure that if he lost control and shot his load, he wouldn’t be able to last the full three minutes. So he tried to grip the sides of the bull with his legs and feet, ensuring that his dick didn’t come into contact with the smooth leather saddle. It was a difficult position to maintain, though, and without his jeans and boots the rough wooden surface of the bull was starting to chafe horribly. 

The bull suddenly jerked to one side, and Buck nearly lost his grip of the bull’s right side horn. It tipped Buck forward, and his legs gave way, but before he could tip over the bull’s head, the machine returned to a level position and Buck landed awkwardly on the saddle, the impact on his plug making him groan as he struggled to hold back the cum churning in his balls. Suddenly, there was a solid –clunk– as an internal piston pushed into the surface of the saddle and into the end of Buck’s plug, but no further. George had been right. The plug had saved him from being ejected by one of Trevor’s tricks. He glanced over at the display – only thirty seconds left – and then at Trevor, who was still looking smug inside the control booth. 

Then, it happened. Another –clunk-, and Buck discovered that he couldn’t lift his ass off the saddle. The plug had somehow become solidly attached to the saddle. He tried to reach behind him, but George had done a good job inflating it, and there was no way the plug was slipping out of him without being deflated. 

“Ohhh… fuuuuuck!” Buck yelled as the bull started to spin and jerk back and forth rapidly. He lost his grip on the bull’s horns and put his hands on the bull’s rump to keep himself from tipping backwards as the bull reared up. The audience roared with a mixture of excitement, lust and derision as Buck’s erect, leaking cock and plump red balls were fully exposed. He could feel the plug inside him vibrating slightly, and then a pulsing sensation pummelled his prostate. He was being electrically stimulated! 

Camera flashes blinded him while the timer display ticked down to the final ten seconds. “Ten! Nine! Eight!” The bull continued to rock back and forth, but now it had started to slowly spin round to give all parts of the crowd a look at Buck. “Seven! Six! Five!” He tried to push himself off the plug, but it kept him impaled on the bronco in full view of the jeering audience. The electrical stimulation was building to a crescendo. “Four! Three! Two! One!”

“Noooooooooo!” Buck bellowed, as cum blasted out of his cock in a powerful stream. The first volley arced high, then landed over Buck’s face and chest, followed by less forceful ropes of jizz that coated his muscular chest and abs. The bull rumbled to a final stop, but the plug inside Buck remained attached, leaving Buck unable to dismount. 

“What an incredible performance!” Trevor announced. “We have a WINNER! Congratulations, Buck! Now, don’t forget to buy yer tickets for our Buckin’ Bronco after-party, where ya can get some one-on-one time with our lucky winner and some of our other, less lucky, riders!” 

Trevor and George left the booth and approached Buck, who was trying to push the plug out of him without success. “You asshole. You betrayed me!” said Buck, seething, to George. “Let me down! If you think I’m staying for your stupid after-party…” 

“Come on now, Buck, did ya really think George here was gonna help ya out of the goodness of his heart? This is just business, ya understand? More importantly, though, do ya want to keep that three thousand dollars or not?” 

“What do you mean? I stayed on the bull and beat your stupid competition. Everyone here tonight saw it!” 

“Of course, of course.” Trevor stepped closer to Buck. “But you and me, we both know that ya cheated, don’t we? Ya only stayed on ’cause George gave ya a special plug to stop ya getting bucked off!” 

“But… but…” 

“Haha! Exactly! So let me tell ya what happens next. We’re gonna let ya down off the bull and get ya ready for the party, and everyone who wants to meet ya, is gonna meet ya. And yer gonna do whatever it takes to make ’em happy, right? Then, tomorrow, maybe – if everyone’s happy – ya get yer winnings and go on yer way.” 

Buck nodded, defeated. 

“Good. Okay, George, ya can let ’em in now.” George went over to the booth and began to usher several audience members into the ring, who made a beeline for Buck. “I bet these guys want more than just pictures, so look happy, boy, like ya just won a shitload of money! We’ll come back later to get ya down off that bull!” 

“No, wait, please! Trevor! Hey!” Buck called, but Trevor ignored him. The VIP audience members had reached Buck now, some taking photos, others copping a feel of Buck’s body and cock. He saw George wave to him from the booth, before adjusting the controls, and suddenly the electrical pulses started up again. If only he’d trusted José… if only he’d been more suspicious of George… but it didn’t matter now. He sighed in resignation and surrendered himself to the many hands surrounding him. 

BAD END — Party Animal

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