School is Hellish v1.0.0

With the kind permission of Outlands, I’ve created a mod of Outlands’ game ‘School is Hell’. You can play the original here at This version includes new material from Outlands and contributions by myself, some changes to the mechanics and choices in the game, and various fixes and improvements.

You can grab the game here (642 kB):

To play the game, simply run the .html file in a browser. You can also play the game on

The game is an interactive fiction game which should take you about 2 hours on a first playthrough. There are three endings, based on your character’s karma score at the end of the game. You play as a student in a school that is invaded by demonic forces. Collect items and rescue characters to proceed through the school! Warning: the content can be quite dark, so pay attention to the content warnings in game.

Changelog v1.0.0

This changelog is with respect to the original game, School is Hell. It contains spoilers!

  • Changed: Overhauled start page and intro sequence with new material from Outlands.
  • Added: debug menu as footer passage.
  • Changed: Overhauled Inventory.
  • Added: restored Screwdriver inventory object to Staff Room area
  • Fixed: renamed some variable names to correct inconsistent capitalisation and other issues.
  • Changed: improved how save and load functionality works.
  • Changed: improved whitespace management.
  • Changed: Story converted to present tense.
  • Changed: Succubus renamed to Incubus to reflect male gender.
  • Added: Text colours for player thoughts, player speech, demon speech, NPC speech, etc.
  • Fixed: various improvements to navigating around the school.
  • Changed: nudity enforced throughout story (as agreed with Outlands)
  • Changed: inventory link moved to sidebar
  • Changed: inventory return link changed to use undo macro (prevents variable change duplication)
  • Added: text animation added to Game Over text
  • Changed: Kitchen Knife changed to Switchblade
  • Changed: Slime encounter reworked
  • Added: Nurse’s Office Key item added to inventory
  • Added: Karma mechanic, which affects which ending you get.
  • Fixed: Lucas is now consistently blond.
  • Added: Cock leeches can now be used on characters in certain scenes.
  • Changed: a new option for dealing with Chip’s problem.
  • Added: There’s a cock tree in the Assembly Hall.
  • Added: A new character, Trevor, can be interacted with.
  • Added: Expanded save slots to 3 separate slots, numbered 1-3.
  • Fixed: You can now save Dillan, who was previously not available due to a bug.
  • Added: Two new endings, for a total of 3.
  • Added: Feats (like achievements, but they don’t persist when restarting the game).
  • Added: Counters for how many loads you’ve collected and how many victims you’ve sent to a certain cauldron room.
  • Fixed: Tons of bug fixes and typos!

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