Digital Marketing with HypnoHype! Case Study: PiersMortonXXX

This story was originally posted at on 2021-03-24.

Piers, an out-of-work graduate, takes a job in digital marketing for a Covid conspiracy newspaper. He gets some invaluable digital marketing advice from HypnoHype and learns to love being a content creator.

“Piers… Morton, is it?”

I nod. “That’s right.”

“Like the presenter on Good Morning GB? Oh, don’t worry, I’m not some lefty snowflake. He’s the voice of the common man, that’s what I say. We need more people like him in this day and age, what with everyone losing their heads over this bloody plan-demic. Anyway, I understand you’re interested in the Digital Marketing role I posted recently?”

“Uh, yes, Mr. Kershaw.” At twenty-one and graduating from Manchester Uni with an English degree into the worst economic recession in generations, I’ve been struggling to find anyone who’ll offer me a job. I adjust my tie to give my fingers something to do. “I saw your ad on SyncedIn.”

“Call me Dane. We’re all on first name terms here.” He skims through my one-page CV, which is probably the best short fiction I’ve written in months. Just kidding. Dane doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would find that joke funny. I wait patiently, observing him on my laptop screen. Thirty-something, probably, clean-shaven, with pale blue eyes and light brown hair that’s cut very short at the back and sides, combed and parted on the left. What’s it called, an uppercut? No, undercut, that’s it. He’s wearing a grey suit jacket over a crisp white shirt and dark red tie. He’s the editor and publisher of ‘The Torch’, a small local newspaper I’ve not heard of before. I hope he doesn’t ask me any difficult questions, and wish I’d spent a bit longer doing my research for this job.

“Well, Piers, I’m basically happy with your qualifications and experience. I don’t think this is a particularly taxing role for a young, tech-savvy guy like you.” Dane puts my CV to one side, out of view, and addresses me directly. “So I’d like to offer you the position, starting on a trial basis for the first week. All I want you to do is help run our social media for me so that I can focus on the content and publishing side of The Torch. We need to get our brand out onto all those social media channels so we can reach more readers. I’ll give you the passwords for our existing Facelook and Pinstagram accounts so you can get started, but I’d encourage you to set up new ones as well. What’s that one that all the kids these days use to send each other naked selfies? Fapchat or something? Maybe don’t use that one,” he laughs.

I laugh awkwardly. “I won’t, Mr… Dane.”

“That’s basically all there is to it. Any questions?”

The job search sites always tell you that you should prepare a clever question to ask about your potential employer, but I honestly don’t think anything he could say would make me think twice about taking this job. He could tell me my role involves snatching purses from elderly pensioners and I’d still sign on the dotted line. So I get to the point. “When do I start?”

“Glad to have you on board, Piers! Just need to get the paperwork out of the way. Check your email. I’ve just sent you a contract. Once you’ve signed and returned it we’re good to go. Let’s have a catch up tomorrow over Vroom to get you fully up and running.”

I email my signed paperwork to Dane, and that’s it – I’m officially The Torch’s new Digital Marketing Executive. Dane sends me back some HR policy documents that he tells me to read over the next week. He sends an email round to everyone, welcoming me to the team, and tells me to introduce myself, which I do.

Hi everyone, my name is Piers and I graduated earlier this year (English at Manchester Uni). I’m really glad to be joining The Torch and working with you all to help us build our readership through social media! A bit about me: I’m a keen squash player (obviously not at the moment with gyms and so on closed due to lockdown) and I watch a lot of TV and films.

I get a few replies welcoming me on board. The team’s not that big – it’s basically Dane, his friend Leo who helps with editing, proofing and layout, and a woman called Janet who co-ordinates the distribution network, plus a few part-timers who help out here and there with ad-hoc tasks.

My inbox chimes. It’s Dane, finally sending me the usernames and passwords for The Torch’s existing Facelook and Pinstagram pages. I log in to Facelook. 26 followers. I see someone, probably Dane, has posted a few headlines from the last issue of the paper, but no-one’s engaging. I open a new tab to check Pinstagram. 44 followers. Well, that’s a bit better, I guess. I switch the accounts over to my new email address before I forget.

Time to post some juicy new content! In another tab I open The Torch’s homepage. ‘The Torch – an independently distributed Factpaper’. I roll my eyes. Honestly, if you have to remind people that you publish facts, you’re not doing it right. The paper’s logo is a hand holding up one of those fiery torches, kind of like an Olympic torch. I guess it’s supposed to be an inspirational beacon of light warding off ignorance, or something along those lines, but the way it’s been drawn, it looks a lot like a thick, veiny penis that happens to be on fire.

I make a note to ask Dane whether he’d be open to changing the logo. Then I scan through the recent headlines. ‘Government Forcing Shops and Small Businesses to the Wall.’ ‘Emergency Covid Legislation: What About Our Civil Rights?’ Then I see a headline that makes me hesitate. ‘Deadly Covid Vaccines – What the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know!’ The piece is by a Dr. Cole Vernon, and it’s all about how the UK’s medicines regulator is going to rush through approval of vaccines for coronavirus without doing proper testing. It looks and sounds like bullshit, to be frank, but I tell myself that we have a free press in the UK and these kinds of articles bring balance to the debate over how society should deal with the pandemic. The fact that I really, really need this job is by-the-by.

I briefly scan the remaining articles, but there’s nothing else that would make good copy for Facelook and Pinstagram, so I go ahead and draft a post based on the vaccine story, making sure The Torch’s logo and tagline are prominently featured.

Deadly Covid Vaccines – What the Government Doesn’t Want You To Know! Stay Informed with The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper. #covid #vaccines #thetorch #factpaper

And… done. I return to reading through the HR documents. I finish one and close the tab. I open Pinstagram and refresh the page. Hmm, the page isn’t loading – it just shows an error message and a link to contact support. I check my inbox. There’s an email from Pinstagram, and a similar one from Facelook.

Your Facelook account has been suspended for sharing false news relating to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. If you believe this action has been taken in error, please contact Facelook support.

The Pinstagram account’s blocked as well. Of course, I almost forgot that Facelook and Pinstagram are the same company these days. Well, shit. What am I going to tell Dane? First day on the job and The Torch’s social media channels get shut down! I’ll have to start looking for another job…

I refresh my inbox and I see a new email pop up. It must have been delayed somehow, because it’s a notification that someone sent The Torch a direct message on Pinstagram. I open it.

Great post @thetorchfactpaper! But Pinstagram monitors posts regularly and I expect you’ll get blocked after posting this. Are you on Chitter? You should be! In fact, Mr. Factpaper, you should set up a Chitter account and start posting over there! -HypnoHype

I check out HypnoHype’s Pinstagram account (using my own personal Pinstagram). Okay, he’s got 8k followers. He’s got a rainbow spiral logo that looks kinda cool. I spend a while looking at the logo. It seems to fade in and out as I’m staring at it. Probably an animated GIF. I wish I knew how to create something like that. I look through his posting history. He mainly posts marketing advice for small businesses: bakeries and hairdressers and graphic designers and so on. Well, a little friendly advice can’t be so bad. And it is a bit strange that The Torch doesn’t have a presence on Chitter. I open Chitter in a new tab and prepare to join the Chitterverse (eye roll). Once the account is set up, I copy and paste the same post that I used on Facelook into the ‘What’s occurring?’ box and hit the Cheep button.

I refresh the page. Huh, I already have my first Chitter follower. It’s HypnoHype, of course, and he’s got 41.3k followers. Okay, that is a little impressive. He’s using the same logo, but this one has his face in the foreground – at least I assume it’s really him. I realise I shouldn’t have assumed he was a guy, but anyway… I see that he describes himself as a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant. He’s left a new cheep under my post, which currently has 3 likes and 2 recheeps.

Welcome to Chitter @thetorch! You can post much more freely on here! I guess you want to drive more traffic to your website? People will engage more with your posts if they can see the real you that’s posting! You should cheep a picture of you holding a copy of the paper!


I’m already starting to find this guy a bit annoying. I mean, sure, it’s my first job doing digital marketing, but I’m not a total idiot. Obviously what he’s saying makes sense. It’s all about being authentic! I grab my phone and open the camera app. Then I realise I don’t actually have a physical copy of The Torch to hand. Would a print-out do? Probably not, it would scream ‘amateur’ to my audience. Hold on, I remember seeing some copies of the paper at ‘Frankie’s’, one of my favourite local cafes. I leave my computer running and grab my coat, keys and a face mask. I head outside for the first time in days, making sure to keep two metres away from everyone I pass in the street. You can’t be too careful during this awful pandemic.

Twenty minutes later, I’m back in my room with a hot chocolate and a few copies of the latest issue of The Torch. I grab my phone and, forcing a smile, I snap a photo of myself sitting at my desk, holding a copy of the paper next to my face. I type up a new cheep and post it.

Just got my very own copy of The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper. Get yours today or read online! #thetorch #factpaper #independentmedia #stayinformed

I take a break and make myself a cup of tea while I wait for any responses to come in. A few likes and recheeps. Someone in Bristol asking where they can get a copy. I dash off a quick email to Janet, asking her if she can confirm whether we have volunteers in Bristol who can deliver the paper there. Then it’s five-thirty, so I log off for the day, and start thinking about dinner. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a takeaway, to celebrate starting my new job…

The next morning, as soon as I sit down at my desk, I load up Chitter. 24 likes and 18 recheeps so far. It’s a start. My inbox chimes. Dane is asking why the Facelook and Pinstagram accounts are blocked. I tell him I’ll contact support to find out, but in the meantime I’ve started posting on Chitter and it’s going well. I attach a screenshot of the Chitter account with its grand total of 12 followers. I refresh the Chitter page again. There’s a new message notification. I check my DMs.

How’s it going @thetorch? You look cute, and that’s always a bonus when you’re trying to sell something! But I think you’d look even more handsome with a trendy hairstyle like this one! You should try it and then post a Cheep so we can see what difference it makes!


The link takes me to a Cumblr post of a skinny dude, probably eighteen or nineteen, shirtless, his hair swept up and forwards in a perfectly gelled sweep of thin spikes. Okay then… I start feeling annoyed again about HypnoHype’s patronising DM, but then I take a deep breath and remind myself that he’s giving me all this free marketing advice. If anything, I should feel grateful that he’s taking time out of his day to help me out. So I decide to give it a try.

I step into my tiny bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. God, I look pale. It’s all this time everyone’s forced to spend indoors. But that’s no reason not to take care of my appearance, I tell myself sheepishly. My hair is getting a bit long, I guess. It’s started to hang down on the left, partly covering my eye. I splash a little water through my hair, and then I pick up a dusty tube of hair gel and squirt some into my fingers. I rub the gel into my dirty blond hair, slicking it up into a tall fauxhawk. The sides could do with a trim, once the barbers are open again. Back in my bedroom, I take a few selfies with my new hairstyle, holding the paper next to my face like in my previous cheep. I decide to reuse the text, but swap out the photo for one I just took.

As soon as I’ve posted it, I get another message from HypnoHype. I open my DMs to find out what he thinks of it.

Looking good, man! You have lovely hazel eyes, now that we can see them in all their glory! Now, I know journalism is a serious business, but your look is just a bit *too* serious! People want to see the real you! You should lose that office shirt and post a photo of you in a more casual outfit. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin! Also, everyone appreciates a personal touch when it comes to marketing and sales! You should sign off each cheep with your name!


So, his name is Fabian. I make a mental note to look him up and learn more about his business. I need to get on top of my Chitter admin first, though. I open my wardrobe and rummage through the messy piles of clothing. Oh god, I need to do some laundry this weekend, I’m running out of clean shirts… I finally settle on two options, a white tank top and a burgundy V-neck shirt. Fabian did say something about showing a little skin, but I decide that the white tank top might be a bit too revealing, and go for the V-neck instead. It’s a bit tight on me, except for where it counts – the V is quite deep and exposes a lot of my smooth, lean chest. I also shuck off my boring grey work trousers and slip into my best pair of slim-fit jeans. Much better. I take a selfie and quickly type up a new cheep.

Covid Deaths: Can We Trust The Numbers? Find out in The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper. Get yours today or read online! #covid #factsandfigures #thetorch #factpaper

I re-read the cheep, and then it hits me – I forgot to sign off as me! How could I be so forgetful? I try to edit the cheep, but after a few minutes navigating between the same three pages and then Yoogling the problem, I remember that Chitter doesn’t allow cheeps to be edited, so I end up deleting it and posting it again.

Covid Deaths: Can We Trust The Numbers? Find out in The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper. Get yours today or read online! -Piers @thetorch #covid #factsandfigures #thetorch #factpaper

I spend a while refreshing the page, watching the likes gradually accumulate. By lunchtime it’s reached 150 likes and there’s actually a decent amount of chatter happening in the replies. Some of the cheeps go on about whether The Torch is a ‘real’ newspaper or if it’s fake news, but mostly, the cheeps are compliments about how hot I look. Most of them seem to be coming from gay guys, not that I mind of course, but it’s not my thing. I reach the end of the thread, slightly disappointed that there hasn’t been any reaction from Fabian.

After lunch I check my DMs again. There it is – a new message from Fabian. I open it eagerly.

Nice work, Piers! I hope you’re pleased at how quickly your Chitter presence is gaining traction! To be honest, I think you should grow your personal brand by taking it even further! You should post a Cheep of you with no shirt on! You really do have the body for it! Leave the paper in the background of the photo. In digital marketing, sometimes less is more, if you know what I mean!


A small voice in the back of my mind tells me that this doesn’t seem right. What does flaunting my body like this have to do with getting more people to read The Torch? But then I start to doubt myself. Fabian’s advice seems to be working, after all, and he does have his own business. I’m just doing what he would do as an experienced digital marketer. I take off my shirt and sit on my bed with a copy of The Torch on the bookshelf behind me. It’s hard to get the angle right, but eventually I’m satisfied with the photos. I post another generic ad for the paper.

Have you got your copy of The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper yet? Get yours today or read online! -Piers the Digital Marketing Guy #thetorch #factpaper #independentmedia #stayinformed

This time the likes and comments come in even faster. 50, 100, 150, 200… It isn’t long before another message from Fabian appears in my Chitter inbox.

Hot, hot, hot! Dude, you’re gonna set the world of Chitter digital marketing ablaze if you keep posting such great content! You should post another photo of you, this time from the back. Digital marketing is all about showing off your assets from lots of different angles!


Again, part of me wonders if this is a good idea. I’m about to put my phone down and step away from my laptop when the phone rings and I nearly drop it in surprise. It’s Dane. I accept the call.

“Piers! How’s it going so far?”

“Hi, Dane. It’s… going well.”

“Great! Listen, I got a text from Janet – someone actually emailed her today to ask her how they can get a copy of the paper delivered every month. Said they saw you posting on Chitter and wanted to know if you were available to deliver it personally! So you’re already doing way better than the last guy I hired! Anyway, I just called to see how you’re getting on. You need anything from me?”

“Uh, I think I’m good for now. Thanks.”

“Thank you! Keep up the good work!”

Whatever doubts I have after that conversation are replaced by my newfound determination to impress Dane and get more readers for The Torch. I head into the bathroom and stand with my back to the mirror. Turning round to look over my shoulder, phone in hand, I smile into the mirror and take a few shots of my bare back. I flick through the photos. They’re okay, but nothing special. If only my arms and shoulders were a bit more muscular. Maybe, instead, I could show off my bum a little bit? I hook my fingers into the waistband of my jeans and briefs and slide them down my hips, exposing the gentle curves of my arse. I smile into the mirror again and take a few more photos. I can’t wait to post these, so, still standing half-naked in my bathroom, I tap out a new cheep, attach a selfie and send it.

Finding it hard to keep up with the news cycle? You won’t get BEHIND if you read The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper! -Piers the Hot Digital Marketing Guy #thetorch #factpaper #independentmedia #stayinformed

I return to my desk and watch my likes, recheeps and followers roll in. Within half an hour the cheep has over 350 likes and 70 recheeps. I wonder what it would take to get one of my cheeps to go viral. I scan through some of the comments underneath the cheep. Most of them are ‘thirst’ cheeps from guys who want to see me go all the way, but I also see several cheeps from Chitter users who think my photos are inappropriate, saying it should be marked as NSFW or they’ll be sending complaints to The Torch about it. The comments make me angry. Don’t those fuckers realise how difficult it is to make money in traditional media? Can’t they see how much effort I’m putting into each of these posts just to shift a few more copies of this paper? I switch to my DM inbox. There are some messages from guys complimenting me on my body, but I ignore them, because another message from Fabian is already waiting for my attention.

Oh yeah, you got this, boy! You’re a natural digital marketer! Ignore the haters – they’re just jealous! In fact, you should feel proud of your posts! I know when I post something that gets a lot of likes and recheeps, it actually makes me feel horny! That’s how I know I’m on the right track – it’s totally normal and you should feel horny too when you get lots of likes and recheeps on your posts! Are you going to post another one soon? You should totally post one of you in just your underwear – your followers will love it! Grow that personal brand, baby!


Uh… Fabian gets aroused from posting marketing cheeps to Chitter? That’s a little weird… but as soon as I think about it, I realise it makes a lot of sense. How else can you tell how your marketing campaign is doing when the responses to your posts are always divided? Of course you have to rely on your instincts! I click the back button and return to my posting history so that I can review the previous cheep. It’s racked up nearly 600 likes and 120 recheeps so far! Fuck yeah, that’s a lot of people liking and recheeping my photos. My dick stiffens in my briefs as I think about all those people admiring my handsome features and lean, taut body. I guess I am good at this digital marketing business after all.

It’s almost five-thirty, and I had planned to finish work for the day, but I can’t resist sending one more cheep. I peel off my jeans and drape them over a chair, then move my laptop round on the desk so that I can use the built-in camera. I sit on my bed, my legs spread apart, exposing my light blue briefs which are stretched tight over my package, the fabric outlining my firm dick and balls. Almost forgot – the paper! I artfully prop it up against my left leg and arrange my dick so that it points towards my copy of The Torch. I switch on my desk lamp and angle it to spotlight my package and the paper, then capture a few shots for Chitter.

The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper! BULGING with useful information! Get yours today or read online! -Piers the Sexy Digital Marketing Guy #thetorch #factpaper #independentmedia #stayinformed

I watch the likes and comments accumulate on the new post, my hand inside my briefs idly massaging my cock. No more messages from Fabian, sadly. I look at the time on my phone – where did it all go? To my surprise, it’s already past midnight, and although I’m still horny, I need to get some food and water in me and then get to sleep. I rummage through my mini-fridge and make myself a very quick ham sandwich. I wash down the sandwich with a glass of water, brush my teeth, and then settle in to bed for the night.

I’m woken up by my phone buzzing repeatedly. I yawn and roll over to check what’s happening on Chitter. Wow! 623 likes, 240 recheeps, and 171 new followers! I quickly scroll through the feed. My last post, the one with me showing off my hard dick in my tight blue briefs, got picked up by one of those eye candy re-posting accounts. Some of the comments make me blush. As I continue scrolling, I feel my dick swell, tenting out my briefs. I slide my underwear halfway down my legs, grab my shaft with my right hand, and start wanking. My left hand is still holding the phone, and the thirst cheeps I’m reading are adding fuel to the fire.

@hotboysengland2: Damn, Piers, you’re looking tasty. I can almost see the treasure at the end of that delicious golden trail. Where you based, bro? DM me!

@twinkluver99: fuck yesss, i need more of this in my life! *aubergine* *squirt* *happywinkyface*

@bunsofsteel: stunning lad, great body! u single piers? i could show u a great time. id suckle on ur nuts and then stick my tongue up into ur smooth boyhole and eat ur arse until u shoot ur hot fucken juices all over me *drool*

Damn, these tweets are filthy as fuck! It feels wrong, but I can’t tear my eyes away from my Chitter feed. My hand flies up and down my throbbing dick. Slick, slick, slick… The room is starting to smell like the precum leaking all over my hand, the slightly sour and musky scent making me even hornier. Fuck, I’m getting close. I can feel my balls tightening, ready to release my my load. I glance at my phone and see I’ve scrolled to the very end of the thread.

@atlanta_dom_76: I bet a slut like him would do anything to get some exposure. If I were his boss I would show him his place. On his knees deepthroating my fat cock. Shooting his own pathetic load on the floor while swallowing my thick load of jizz.

That last cheep pushes me over the edge, and I cum so hard, I swear my vision goes a bit funny for a moment. My spunk arcs up over my body, splattering my neck and chest. I lie back on my bed in the afterglow of that incredible orgasm, breathing heavily. Some perverted part of me wants to take a selfie of my cum-covered body, but I manage to suppress that urge. Instead, I get up and head to the shower to clean up.

When I get back I put on a fresh pair of black briefs and then my jeans, but decide not to bother with a shirt. After all, it’s not like I’m working in the office, and I can always slip into one if I have to be in a Vroom meeting. I grab my phone and see there’s a new message from Fabian waiting for me in my Chitter DMs.

You’re well on your way to becoming a bona fide digital marketer, Piers! Next up is a lesson in delivering on your promises! In this business, there’s only so long you can tease your audience before you have to give them what they want! And what they want is you, Piers, in all your glory! You should cheep a photo of you showing off your most impressive asset – your dick! Don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about down there! In fact, you should be totally naked and fully erect in your next post! That way your loyal fans can see how much you appreciate all their love and support!


Although I’ve already cum this morning, Fabian’s message gets me hard again. But I hesitate. There’s a clear line between suggestive, sexy selfies in my underwear and full-on porn pics with my dick out on display. And this is the Internet! Once my photos are out there, I won’t be able to take them back. It’s a step too far for me; I can’t do it. I put the phone down, my hands shaking a little. Fuck. Now I’m starting to regret sending those last couple of cheeps, the ones showing off my arse and my bulge. What if Dane or Leo or (god forbid) Janet sees them? I open Chitter again. There’s yet another DM from Fabian, but I ignore it. I click on my cheep history and scroll down to the previous two posts. Seeing how many likes and recheeps the posts have received gives me a thrill, and I can feel my dick stiffening fully, tenting out my tight black briefs. No, no, no, Piers, don’t get distracted! My finger hovers over the delete button, but for some reason, I hold back from tapping it. Fuck, why is this so difficult?

My laptop chimes, and I glance at my email inbox in case it’s Dane. False alarm, it’s just spam. I click it, intending to move it to Trash, but of course the damn thing opens up as soon as I click on it. Shit, it’s Fabian. How the fuck did he get this address?

FromFabian West <>
Sent22 April 2020 09:42
ToPiers Morton <>
SubjectDigital Marketing


You should read the whole of this email very carefully!

I hope you’re not having second thoughts about your digital marketing career! Becoming a professional digital marketer takes real commitment. It’s a journey of deep transformation. You will let go of your inhibitions and broaden your horizons so that you can really empathise with your audience and understand what they want, in order to give them the exciting content that they’ve been waiting for.

You’ll undoubtedly make a few mistakes along the way, but that’s why I’m here to guide you on your career path into digital marketing! But Piers, this has to be a two-way conversation, a true partnership! You need to accept my authority and advice if you want to benefit from my years of experience and become a true professional! That means you should follow these rules at all times:

1. You should check your social media channels and email accounts for any messages I send you, first thing in the morning or as soon as you reasonably can! If you don’t find any messages from me, you should email to check whether I have any new guidance for you!

2. You should never delete any of your posts unless I tell you to! It’s important that you can go back over your socials and see all the progress you’ve made!

3. You should share your contact information with me so that I know how to reach you if you have any questions!

4. And most importantly, you should always be honest with me! You should always believe that I have your best interests at heart and you should feel able to confide in me about your hopes, fears, and struggles!

As your digital marketing mentor, I’ve made it my mission to turn you into the best digital marketer you can possibly be! But that can’t happen unless you step up and play your part in this incredible journey!

That’s all for now, boy! I’ll be in touch via Chitter if you need to ask me anything!

Lots of love,


I reach the end of the email, and immediately feel awful. Fabian is putting a lot of his time and effort into making me a better digital marketer – a better person, even! – and I’m selfishly throwing it all back in his face. I decide to make amends. I quickly type up a reply thanking him for his email and letting him know my personal email address and phone number. I apologise profusely for not trusting him and nearly deleting my Chitter posts from last night. Then I sit back in my chair and check Chitter again, anxious to hear from Fabian. Oh shit, I forgot to read Fabian’s last DM.

Piers, Piers, Piers! You haven’t cheeped like I told you to. Your followers are still waiting for a photo of your hot, hard dick! To be honest, I’m getting a little worried about you, Piers! I see your manager has put up your staff profile on The Torch’s website, so I’ll email you very shortly! You should keep a lookout for my email in your inbox and read through it carefully!


Fabian’s words make me feel ashamed that I’m letting my followers down. Letting him down. Obviously my devoted fans deserve to see me naked with my erect dick on display! Without them, I’d be nobody. I have to rectify the situation at once. I strip out of my jeans and briefs and pump my dick with my hand. I scroll through my Chitter feed again, reading the comments, and very quickly my dick swells to a full erection, jutting proudly up from my crotch. It’s uncut, a respectable six inches of man-meat, and just slightly thicker than average. My foreskin naturally peels back to reveal a smooth, red glans. A tiny bead of precum oozes out of my piss slit. I hold my phone above my head and grin into the camera, snapping several pics from different angles. Then I bring it close to my crotch and take some close-ups of my dick and balls. I choose a selection of the best shots and attach them to a new cheep.

Truth is Hard! Facts are Hard! I’m Hard! Read The Torch – An Independently Distributed Factpaper! -Piers the Hard Digital Marketing Stud #hardtruth #hardfacts #hardcock

I refresh the feed, and notice that my photos appear blurred out. Oh right, I need to click on it to unhide it because it’s NSFW. Already comments are appearing underneath the cheep. The likes and recheeps are coming thick and fast now, and my DM inbox is filling up with all the messages that I’ve been ignoring, too focused on Fabian’s. On that note, I see Fabian’s sent me a new message.

Amazing post, Piers! I’m so proud of you for taking this important step on your journey to become a professional digital marketer ! In fact I think we can put your momentary lapse of judgement behind us and move on to the next lesson! Now, of course, you should continue to post hot content like this every day to build your personal brand and keep your followers thirsting for more! But it’s also very important to serve up new content to your fans regularly and to develop your unique online presence! So let’s get started! You should post a cheep of you taking pleasure from stuffing your fingers deep inside your arsehole, moaning like a total slut while you work your stiff cock right to the edge! You shouldn’t let yourself cum though! It’s important to keep yourself horny and keen to satisfy your followers! You should only cum if it’s going to be captured on video and posted for the viewing pleasure of your fans!


The thought of- of taking a selfie of myself finger-fucking my arse and wanking, makes me even hornier, but even now a small part of my mind is sounding alarm bells and I begin to have second thoughts. I’m interrupted again by the chime of my email inbox. It’s Dane. He’s concerned about some of the posts I’m putting out on Chitter and wants me to attend a meeting at 1 p.m. to discuss it. From the tone of his email, it’s clear that I have to be at that meeting.

I check the time on my phone. It’s only eleven, so I should have at least an hour or two before then. I’m so horny right now that nothing else matters except following Fabian’s directions. He even said I could cum if I capture it all on video! So I ignore Dane’s meeting request for the moment. I move my laptop so that I can use the built-in camera to record everything I do on my bed. Once I’m happy with the setup, I start the recording, then sit on the bed, still naked, and spread my legs wide. I get the middle finger of my left hand wet with spit and then tentatively insert it into my hole. This is new to me, and it takes me a while to get used to the sensation of my finger inside my arse. I try to relax a bit. My other hand wraps around my dick and I start a slow, sensual edging. I pull my finger out of my hole so that I can insert two fingers at once and open myself up even more. I glance at the camera and moan quietly as my hand flies up and down my stiff rod. Then I feel my fingers graze against something deep inside me that sends a jolt of pleasure to my cock. I moan again. This feels good. I lose myself to the pleasure building up inside me, not caring how wanton I’ll look on camera. Oh fuck, I’m getting close. I feel my balls pull up, aching to release their load…

My phone rings. It’s Dane. Fuck! Not now! I decline the call. A notification appears – another message from Fabian. I can’t help myself – I let go of my rock-hard erection, practically quivering with my desperate need to cum, and let it slap against my abdomen. I open my Chitter inbox.

Your fans are still waiting for your next post, Piers! I figure you’re probably taking your time to experiment with your body. Doesn’t it feel like your arse was built to bring you such incredible pleasure? Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I shared your Chitter channel with one of my colleagues, and he has a special request! Instead of using your fingers, you should roll up a copy of The Torch and fuck yourself with it! We both think your fans will love it! Be sure to post the video soon!


Oh fuck, that sounds so wrong, but I’m too far gone to care. I reach for one of the issues of The Torch. I roll it up into a cylinder as tight as I can. The business end of it measures about two inches across and it threatens to unfurl before I can shove it past my ring and into my arse. I need to change position, so I lie back and lift my leg into the air, giving me a bit more room to manoeuvre the thick paper shaft into my arse. My phone rings again, but I ignore it. I continue pushing the end of The Torch against my my tight hole, gritting my teeth as the rolled-up paper stretches my ring. I manage to angle it right and it suddenly slides past my sphincter in one smooth motion, sinking inch by inch into my arse. I realise I’ve been holding my breath for a while, and exhale sharply. I also bring my leg back down onto the surface of bed, not realising that my heel accidentally hit the keyboard of my laptop.

The camera app on my laptop disappears and I notice that I’ve been added to Dane’s Vroom call. Everyone’s camera is on, including mine. I see Dane on screen, top left, his eyes almost bulging out of his face with shock. Janet, top right, has her hand over her mouth, looking absolutely disgusted. Leo’s expression is one of amusement, but there’s also something lecherous about the way he’s looking at me. The fourth panel shows me what everyone is seeing – my naked body sprawled out on my bed, three inches of thick paper protruding out of my bare arsehole and god knows how many inches shoved up deep inside me. My cock is fully erect, a thin trail of precum making its way down the shaft towards my ballsack. I’m mortified – I can feel my face turning as red as the exposed head of my dick.

“PIERS! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Dane thunders. “You’re fucking FIRED!” The silence that follows is broken by Leo trying and failing to hold back his laughter. My face burning, I let go of the paper stuffing my arse and place my hands behind me to push myself up to a sitting position. Unfortunately, the end of the paper shaft is caught on the surface of the bed, and as I sit up, it thrusts even deeper into my arse. I’m fucking impaled on a foot-long rod of stiff newspaper! Even worse, the deeper it sinks into my arse, the more the end of it unfurls inside me. I can feel the paper exerting pressure on my anal walls in all directions, eliciting an incredible sensation of fullness. It’s too much to endure. I close my eyes, throw my head back, buck my hips forwards, and cum. Spunk fountains out of my untouched dick in long, thick streams, coating my face and chest in hot spooge. I can taste some of my jizz in my mouth and feel it sticking to my hair. All I can think about at that moment is whether I managed to put on a great show for my loyal fans…

When I open my eyes, the meeting has ended. I flop back onto my bed, and carefully extract the shaft of newspaper from my arse. I stop the camera, and save the video to file. Still a bit dazed from the powerful orgasm, I simply click through a few windows in the camera app, giving it permission to post the video directly to Chitter. I don’t even bother to write a new post.

I doze off for a few minutes. When I wake up again, I immediately open the Chitter app on my phone. Success! 313 likes already, and counting. I see that I have quite a few new followers. One of them looks familiar. Oh, it’s Leo. I hope he liked my post. I wonder if I should message him to find out what kind of content he’d like to see. Well, we’re no longer work colleagues, so why not? I dash off a quick message to him. Then I check my DMs for another message from Fabian. I feel so proud of how far I’ve come in just a few days. Thanks to HypnoHype, it won’t be long before I can call myself a true digital marketing professional!

Bravo, Piers, bravo! I’m so happy that you’ve found your true calling as a digital marketer! It’s a crowded market out there, but I know you have what it takes to become a proper expert one day! The Torch is only the beginning of your glittering new career, so you should forget about them and focus on building your personal brand! You should keep the Chitter account, but ask Chitter support to change your Chitter handle! How about @PiersMortonXXX? And boy, I think you’re ready for other social media platforms now! I’ve set up accounts for you at OnlyStans and Cammerbate! You should log in and start posting hot new content that your loyal fans will pay you for! I’ll call you later to talk about taking a fair cut in exchange my services. Speak soon!