October 2020: monthly review

This is the monthly update for October 2020 which outlines what was achieved in the previous month, announces any important news or changes, and provides some idea of what’s coming up. (Renamed to monthly review.)

Last month (October 2020)

Stories: No new developments.

Enderon: Still working on a second round of back-end improvements.

Other games: Completed a game called ‘Night Shift at Cresswell Mall’ based on a story by Charmides at TUGStories.com. See here for details.

Patreon: Billing was paused for November.

Next month (November 2020)

Stories: On hold until the free build of Escape from Enderon is done.

Game: I’ll be continuing to work on Escape from Enderon. Trello board:  https://trello.com/b/150woSdI/enderon-game. I hope to release an update to the publicly available version soon.

Patreon: Nothing else to announce at the moment.

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading!