Ass Assassin, Round 2 Path (Takedown: SUCCESS)

This story was originally posted at on 2020-04-30. It is part of the series ‘Ass Assassin, Round 2‘, which continues where ‘A Game of Ass Assassin‘ left off.

With some help, Jeffrey makes a narrow escape from Carl, and survives to end of the round.

“This is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE community series inspired by the format of The Grandfather’s Gift and the game of assassin where I give you all the set up and you can write what happens next! At the end of each chapter, there should be at least two options for how the story can go. If you want, you can include more than that or write about a possibility that isn’t listed. The only limit is your imagination! Minimum 400 words for each new chapter. Please reuse this intro at the beginning of any chapters you add so that new readers will be able to see all the rules. Enjoy!”

In the last round, Jeffrey played in a grueling game between Hunters and Hunted. Eking out a narrow victory, he moves on to round 2 with the danger of becoming the frat’s brainwashed jizz-hungry fuckboy looming over him every second.

Seeing Jeffrey hesitate, Carl advanced cautiously down the passage towards him. It was now or never! Jeffrey sucked in his breath, shifted his weight back, and lobbed the Pink Haze-filled balloon at the Hunter’s head. Carl swung his muscular frame to one side, but he was too slow to dodge. The balloon caught on Carl’s squirt rifle and exploded, filling the corridor with pink mist.

There was a brief silence, then Jeffrey heard Carl roar with anger. “RAAAAARGH!” Carl’s heavy footsteps shook the warehouse floor as the massive Hunter, his uniform falling away in gray shreds, lumbered out from the cloud of Pink Haze. Jeffrey stumbled backwards in shock. He turned to grab the ladder and haul himself up to the gantry and safety, but before he could get his feet on the rungs, Carl’s body slammed into his back, knocking the air out of him and pinning him against the ladder.

Carl’s meaty arm wrapped around the side of the ladder, trapping Jeff’s left arm upright above his head. The Hunter gripped Jeffrey’s throat, jerking the pledge’s head back. “I have you now, liebchen,” Carl sneered in Jeffrey’s ear. “And now, you see, what you have done…” Jeffrey felt what could only be Carl’s huge dick, hot and hard against the cleft of his ass. Carl ripped off what remained of Jeffrey’s torn boxer briefs, leaving him completely naked. To Jeffrey’s shame, he was already stiffening at the thought of being fucked by the massive Hunter. He tried to struggle, but Carl had him securely pinned, and he couldn’t reach back to get at Carl.

“I was instructed to deliver you untouched, liebchen, because somebody wanted you all to himself, but…”

Jeff grunted as the head of Carl’s dick pressed against his exposed asshole. As much as part of him wanted the Hunter to fuck him, he couldn’t just give in… could he? He clenched his asshole shut. “Please, don’t—” Carl’s hand covered his mouth, gagging him. “Mmmmmfff!” He felt Carl’s warm, hairy chest scraping against his back as the Hunter prepared to penetrate him. Carl’s right arm snaked round to his front, pinning his own right arm against the ladder. He tried to break free again, but the Hunter’s grip was like iron. Carl’s hand reached down to Jeffrey’s hard dick and balls, giving them a gentle, almost playful squeeze. Jeffrey tried to thrust his hips into Carl’s hand, but with his body trapped against the ladder, there was nothing he could do.

“Enjoying this, liebchen?” Carl smirked. “Yah, I can tell. You want to cum?” Jeffrey nodded. “Ha. Ha. You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission! You understand? Say it!”

“Ugghhh… I’m not allowed to cum until you give me permission,” Jeffrey repeated.

“Yah. Sehr gut. Maybe afterwards, if you are good…” Carl let go of Jeffrey’s cock and moved his hand to his own thick shaft, positioning himself to penetrate Jeffrey’s hole. “Mmmmf!” Jeffrey tried wriggling from side to side, but it was no use. The Hunter’s cock pushed against Jeffrey’s ring, but once again Jeffrey clenched his hole shut.

“Ah, you are too tight,” Carl grunted. “Let me fix.” Keeping Jeffrey pinned against the ladder with one arm across Jeffrey’s back, Carl reached behind him for the squirt rifle. Jeffrey felt the nozzle, slick with Pink Haze, press against his hole, before an inch of the cool plastic slid inside him. There was a hiss and then a wet sensation as Carl coated his ass with a squirt of the hypnotic liquid. Fuck, it feels so good… Jeffrey whimpered into Carl’s hand as the nozzle withdrew and once again Carl positioned his cock at Jeffrey’s entrance. This is it. I’m going to be fucked by Carl. In his relaxed, horned-up state, Jeffrey eagerly pushed his ass back, willing the muscle-bound Hunter to slide into his hungry hole. What are you waiting for? Fucking ravage me! But Carl had stopped moving. Jeffrey felt Carl’s head slump against the back of his neck. Puzzled, Jeffrey turned his head to look at Carl. The Hunter’s eyes were glazed over, his pupils dilated. The barrel of a syringe was sticking out from behind Carl’s right shoulder.

“Jeff! You okay?” It was Mitch. “Dude, for a moment I thought you were done for.”

“I… what happened?” Jeffrey replied, still foggy from the effects of the anally administered Pink Haze. His hole felt so empty. “Uh… Thanks. For… stopping Carl.” He hoped Mitch didn’t detect the tinge of regret in his voice. “I thought you’d made a run for it!”

“I, uh, I had to come back for you, dude! Besides, Biff and a couple of his frat buddies are here. They got the upper level covered, I couldn’t sneak past them! We need to get out of here, now!” Mitch cast his gaze down Jeffrey’s naked body. “Um. Did Carl shoot you with more Pink Haze? Jeff – come to your senses right now!” Jeffrey felt the mental fog immediately recede. “Biff’s gonna be furious when he finds out we knocked out his best bud with stolen Triple Whammy, and I don’t want to be here when that happens. Let’s go!”

Jeffrey and Mitch exited the warehouse through a fire escape and made their way through the back streets of the Silverfern district towards the WFU campus. Mitch’s pledge uniform was still fully intact, making the naked Jeffrey feel even more vulnerable. Jeff’s cock remained stubbornly hard throughout, and though Jeffrey practically begged Mitch at one point to let him stop and take care of it, Mitch insisted that they press on towards campus, in case they were being followed by Biff or any other frat bros.

They reached the edge of campus just as the WFU clock tower struck quarter to midnight. “Huh, turns out we’re a little early,” said Mitch. “We’d better hide out somewhere round here for a — shit!” A Hunter was running towards them, squirt rifle raised. “Run!”

The two young men sprinted towards the nearest building, which happened to be the WFU sports complex. Fortunately, the main doors were unlocked. Mitch and Jeffrey found themselves in a small foyer with three doors leading off it. Mitch immediately dashed towards one and into the room beyond. Jeffrey tried to follow, but Mitch shoved him backwards and slammed the door shut. “Mitch, what the fuck? Open the door!”

“Sorry, dude!”

“Mitch! Damn it!”

Panicking, Jeffrey tried the door that led further into the building, but it was locked. He could hear the Hunter’s footsteps outside. Jeffrey tried the remaining door. It opened into a small receptionist’s booth. The door closed behind him with a click; he turned the latch to lock it for good measure.

The Hunter had reached the foyer and was banging on the door of Mitch’s hiding spot. “Guys! I know you’re hiding in here. There’s nowhere to run.”

“Yeah, but we just need to make it to midnight, and then we’re through,” retorted Mitch.

“Oh, is that what you think?” the Hunter laughed. “Nah. One of you is gonna give yourself up so I can take you in as my Hunted. If you decide quickly, I’ll be so thrilled, I’ll let the other one go.”

“Do you think we’re stupid? You can’t get to us unless you break the door down!” Mitch taunted.

“Ah, but I can wait for you guys all night. Once they open this place up tomorrow morning, my Hunter buddies and I will be waiting for you. Then you’re both gonna get it!”

“Cheating bastard!” said Mitch. “All right, dude, you win.” Wait, is Mitch going to surrender? “Hey, Jeffrey? Open the door and give the Hunter what he wants. That’s an order! Do it now!”

“Selling out your friend?” the Hunter scoffed. “I love it.”

Although his thoughts were unclouded by the hypnotic effect of Pink Haze, Jeffrey still found himself compelled to obey Mitch’s instructions. But that asshole had instructed him to give himself up to the Hunter! Surely there was some way out of this situation? He took a step towards the door. There was a set of keys on the wall. He took another step. ‘Open the door…’ He remembered, in the warehouse, the way John had found a loophole when Mitch had ordered him to ‘show some peen’. Mitch hadn’t specified whose peen. Another step. So… what if he opened Mitch’s door?

Jeffrey slipped the storage room key (which was helpfully labelled) off the wall and pushed them through a slot in the reception booth window. “Hey! Use this to open that door!” The Hunter dashed over and swept up the key. “Huh… thanks, dude!”

“Jeffrey?” Mitch called. “What’s going on?”

“Screw you, Mitch! I’m giving this guy what he wants!”

Mitch yelled as the Hunter unlocked the storage room door and barged inside, knocking Mitch sprawling onto the floor. From behind the safety of the glass reception booth, Jeffrey watched as the Hunter, an athletic guy with curly dark hair, doused Mitch liberally with Pink Haze. The Hunter looked back at Jeffrey briefly and grinned, before turning back to the business of rendering Mitch fully entranced. Once Mitch was completely naked and obedient, the Hunter made him follow as he left the area to claim victory.

Despite Mitch’s betrayal and the narrow escape he’d just had, Jeffrey felt a tinge of guilt – after all, Mitch had saved his ass from Carl at the warehouse. But Jeffrey had seen Mitch repeatedly put his own interests first. At least with Mitch out of the way, he stood a better chance of making it into K.O.K. Didn’t he?

Jeffrey counted down a full ten minutes after the Hunter left with Mitch in tow before he dared to venture towards the survivors’ area. He arrived just as the WFU clock chimed quarter past midnight. He’d done it – he’d survived round two!

Like the end of the first round, the K.O.K. brothers directed Jeffrey to stand in front of the frat’s banner. A frat bro with a camera snapped photos of Jeffrey standing fully exposed. Much to his embarrassment, Jeffrey was still incredibly horned up from the aphrodisiac effect of Pink Haze. “Damn, pledge, looks like you’re ready to bust a nut right here. Took too many blasts of Pink Haze?” Jeffrey nodded, blushing. “Haha! You must be desperate to rub one out, but you can’t, can you?”

Jeffrey nodded again. “Please… Can you help me out? Just give me permission to cum…”

“Sorry, man. Rules of the game – only the frat president and the top team are allowed to give you pledges permission. Can’t make it too easy for you guys! You want to stay in the frat, you gotta follow the rules. Although… Tell you what,” the cameraman said as he took more shots of Jeffrey’s naked backside. “Lewis over on desk duty recently joined the K.O.K. executive committee. Let me talk to him, see if he’s up for some fun.”

The cameraman approached one of the frat bros sitting at the registration desk, a tall dark-skinned guy wearing a K.O.K. tank top. They spoke for a few moments, Lewis glancing over at Jeffrey, before shaking hands. The cameraman returned to Jeffrey. “All right, pledge! I got a bet with Lewis that he won’t last ten minutes with your hot mouth all over his dick. If you get him off before time’s up, he’ll give you permission to cum. You in?”

Jeffrey swallowed. “Yes.”

“Good. Go on then. Introduce yourself to Lewis.”

Jeffrey approached the desk. “Uh, hi, I’m Jeffrey.”

“Cool, dude. Name’s Lewis, I’m the K.O.K. Philanthropy Chair. Vinny says you’re desperate to get permission to shoot your wad?” Jeffrey nodded. “Then get down there and start sucking.”

Jeffrey crawled under the table and pulled Lewis’s shorts down to expose the frat bro’s dick. The manly musk coming from Lewis’s cock and balls made Jeffrey’s own dick throb even harder. Jeffrey licked his lips, then leaned into Lewis’s crotch to take the frat bro’s cock into his mouth. He focused on tonguing the head of Lewis’s cock. It seemed to be having the desired effect as Lewis hardened in Jeffrey’s mouth. Above him, Jeffrey could hear Lewis talking to someone, probably a Hunter. At least he was hidden from view by a K.O.K. banner covering the front of the table. He kept going. Lewis was beginning to squirm in his chair, trying not to cum too soon. Jeffrey redoubled his efforts, leaning even further forward to ensure that Lewis couldn’t hold out on him. He could taste the salty precum on the head of Lewis’s dick. His mouth and tongue were beginning to ache, but Lewis was definitely getting close.

“… name and registration number, please — uh, oooh-” Lewis gasped. “Ex-excuse me one moment.” Jeffrey felt Lewis’s hand reach down and rest on the back of his neck as the frat bro tried to hold back his orgasm. “Ugggh! Urgh! Fuck!” Jeffrey swallowed spurt after spurt of Lewis’s cum. “Fuck. That was good. Huh. I swear that you were down there longer than ten minutes.” Lewis pulled his dick out of Jeffrey’s mouth and scooted back to let Jeffrey clamber out from under the table. “Guess I owe Vinny twenty bucks. You ready for your reward, dude?”

“Ready!” Finally, he was going to cum!

“All right then. I give you permission to cum, pledge.”

“Thanks Lewis! I’ll, uh… get going.”

Jeffrey went straight to his dorm and closed the door to his room. He immediately laid back on his bed and got to stroking his hard dick, but no matter how hard he tried, his orgasm remained out of reach. What the hell was wrong? He thought back to his encounter with Carl. Oh, no… Didn’t Carl say he wasn’t allowed to cum? Even with someone else’s permission, Carl’s commands remained in effect! He would have to wait and hope the effects of Pink Haze wore off before the start of the next round.

That night, Jeffrey dreamed that he was sprinting down a narrow alley to escape a pursuing Hunter. He was already naked, the Pink Haze in his system having dissolved his pledge uniform. High walls towered above him on both sides. The leering faces of Biff, Zachary and other frat bros appeared whenever he tried to find a way out of the maze of streets, sending him down yet another nightmarish alleyway. He heard Carl’s low voice, mocking him. Liebchen, liebchen! Suddenly, he was falling – he tripped headlong over some clear plastic that had been stretched across the alley, and he was falling, falling into the sticky plastic which was now clinging to him like flypaper… He was caught, an unseen Hunter’s hands pinning his arms, gripping his sides, a hard dick pressing against his hole, his own cock stiff and leaking. He could hear, somewhere in the distance, a chorus of frat bros singing the K.O.K. anthem. “To win and dominate and Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” With each beat of the song, the Hunter’s dick prodded his hole. He tried to clench his asshole shut, but it was no use. Jeffrey groaned as on the final “Fuck!” the Hunter’s cock thrust into his hole, and then, above the rhythmic pounding of the cock in his ass and the beat of the anthem, Jeffrey heard his father’s voice ringing in his ears:

“Fuckable ass… nice and rough… frat cum dump…”

The story continues in Round 3…

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