School is Hellish v1.1.0

School is Hellish is a mod of Outlands‘ game ‘School is Hell’. You can play the original here at The game is an interactive fiction game which should take you about 2 hours on a first playthrough. There are three endings, based on your character’s karma score at the end of the game. You play as a student in a school that is invaded by demonic forces. Collect items and rescue characters to proceed through the school! Warning: the content can be quite dark, so pay attention to the content warnings in game.

You can grab the game here (655 kB):

To play the game, simply run the .html file in a browser. You can also play the game on

This build (v1.1.0) adds a walkthrough and fixes a few issues with the previous build.

Changelog v1.1.0

  • Added: Changelog passage.
  • Added: In-game walkthrough, accessible from the starting passage.
  • Added: Feats can now be viewed in-game via the sidebar link.
  • Changed: SCHOOL SAVIOUR feat changed to require only 12 characters being saved. This makes it compatible with a 100% Feat run.
  • Changed: Karma symbol changed to ‘Circled White Star’ due to the pentagram symbols not displaying on iOS devices.
  • Fixed: DEMON FUCKTOY feat was not awarding, due to referencing incorrect variables.