A Game of Ass Assassin: Path 1 (Hunted)

This story was originally posted at https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/794284 on 2019-12-20. It is part of the GaySpiralStories community series ‘A Game of Ass Assassin’.

Summary: Jeffrey learns more about K.O.K. from his roommate Samir. The game is on in West Ferndale! A takedown. Where to go next?

“This is a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE community series inspired by the format of The Grandfather’s Gift and the game of assassin where I give you all the set up and you can write what happens next! At the end of each chapter, there should be at least two options for how the story can go. If you want, you can include more than that or write about a possibility that isn’t listed. The only limit is your imagination! Minimum 400 words for each new chapter. Please reuse this intro at the beginning of any chapters you add so that new readers will be able to see all the rules. Enjoy!”

(Day 1: Hunted)

Jeffrey thrust his hand into the frat boy’s hat and drew out a slip of paper, his fingers trembling. He unfolded it and gulped as he saw the number 117 printed on the paper. Fuck! I’m going to be Hunted for this first round!

“Come on, pledge, keep it moving!” Jeffrey was hastily shoved forwards to the next frat member, who ordered Jeffrey to remove all his clothes. Jeffrey stripped quickly, and in short order, he was marked with the number 117 on his lightly toned chest and back and on his firm ass-cheeks and dick. His clothes were taken away and an all-white uniform was shoved into his hands. The frat boy directed Jeffrey down the other side of the stage to put on the uniform.

Pledges were already scattering in all directions, those with guns moving towards the football field where the Hunters were test-firing their squirt rifles. Other Hunted were already getting a head start on their pursuers by fanning out across the campus grounds and beyond. Jeffrey briefly entertained the idea of taking a cab to the edge of West Ferndale or even going beyond city limits, but he had heard from stories about previous years’ initiations that Kappa Omega Kappa considered this to be extremely unsportsmanlike and would disqualify anyone caught outside of the K.O.K. frat house’s signal range. Instead, his plan was simple: get some food and water and keep moving around West Ferndale to evade his Hunter. He just needed to stop by his dorm room to grab the light backpack of supplies he’d prepared earlier before heading into town.

“Dude, you actually signed up to that stupid K.O.K. initiation?” Samir scoffed as Jeffrey entered the dorm room they shared. “You know the whole thing is fucking rigged, don’t you?”

Jeffrey glanced back at Samir while he checked his backpack in case he’d left anything out. Samir stood out among other students in the dorm with his olive skin and dark curly hair. For a math geek he had a pretty toned body, Jeffrey thought. They hadn’t known each other long but already Jeffrey had warmed to Samir’s friendly though outspoken manner. Samir’s parents were first-generation immigrants to the US from Jordan and they had worked extremely hard to support Samir and his brothers. “Samir, you know my dad would kill me if he found out I chickened out of joining K.O.K. It means so much to him… He’d be devastated. Besides, if I don’t make it, it’s only a week of … whatever the frat bros want to do with us, then it’s over.”

Samir shook his head. “Man, you’re so naive.”

“Samir, I don’t have time to talk about this now. I gotta get going before noon. Wish me luck, ‘kay?”

Samir stopped Jeffrey from leaving with a hand on Jeffrey’s arm. “Jeff, dude, wait a minute. You need to hear what I got to say. Couple of months ago, someone got hold of K.O.K.’s data on their initiations, who got in, their tracker movements, all that sorta thing, and leaked it online. Me and a whole lot of other data geeks have been crunching the numbers and connecting the data to other sources we know of—”

“Get to the point, please?”

“All right, chill! Basically, we think the frat decides in advance who they think should win and then ‘helps’ them out. Practically all the past winners have some connection to the Branden family. Brandens, relatives of the Brandens, children of business associates, even some from organised crime… Seriously. It’s not a fair contest. And I wouldn’t expect the frat to treat you fairly either if you lose.”

“Okay… so say I believe you. How come the police aren’t involved?”

“You know the frat gets a free pass in this town, at least for hell week. The real problem though is that all we have are patterns in the data. What we need is actual, concrete proof that K.O.K. are rigging the initiation. Even then, that’s dishonorable but not necessarily illegal. We need evidence that the frat’s either benefiting illegally from all this, or doing something illegal in the process, before we can bust them. One of the guys we reached out to, he said he had proof of all this – but we haven’t been able to contact him since. He apparently lives in West Ferndale Heights though, so I’m going to head to his apartment this afternoon and talk to him. Keep your phone with you, Jeff, in case I need your help?”

“Okay, sure. I gotta go Samir. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Good luck, man.”

Jeffrey departed WFU’s campus and was well on his way into West Ferndale as noon came. Already crowds of tourists had begun to fill the streets around campus, hoping to witness the spectacle of hot young pledges getting stripped, used and fucked by other hot young pledges. Jeffrey dodged their requests for selfies and their lecherous stares as he kept up a brisk jog towards Ferndale Plaza. The Plaza was always crowded at this time of year with shoppers and day-trippers and would be an ideal first stop. Several shopping arcades stretched off the Plaza in different directions, providing multiple escape routes in case he was spotted.

On Jackson and 5th, a crowd was forming as Jeffrey passed by. A naked pledge with the number 051 drawn on his muscular chest was on his knees greedily deep-throating his Hunter to the glee of the watching tourists. The naked pledge’s cock was standing to full attention and dripping precum onto the sidewalk. Jeffrey watched the Hunter grab 051’s head and thrust his cock balls deep into the pledge’s throat. The Hunter groaned as the pledge eagerly sucked him to orgasm and swallowed the Hunter’s load of jizz, before licking his lips to catch any stray drops.

There were similar scenes throughout West Ferndale as Jeffrey made his way through the Plaza district and down Independence Boulevard. In front of Macy’s, one unlucky pledge was being fucked in the ass by his Hunter, the Hunter’s thick cock plunging in and out of the thin Asian pledge’s smooth hole, causing the pledge’s erect cock to slap wetly against his stomach. Outside a hardware store, a naked pledge with tattooed arms and long hair was on his hands and knees getting spit-roasted by two tourists in Hawaiian shirts, while his Hunter recorded the action on his phone. On Victory Parade, three Hunters were leading their naked and erect pledges back towards the campus. The pledges had their hands zip-tied behind their backs and their cocks and balls tied with thin black cord in an obscene display of prime college boy flesh. The pledges desperately humped the air, hoping to cum, while spectators laughed and pointed and took photos. Jeffrey shuddered. If this was what happened to pledges that lost the game on day 1, what might happen to him if his Hunter caught him? His dick seemed to like the idea, though, and Jeffrey blushed slightly as he adjusted himself in his white cotton pants before moving on.

Around 4pm, Jeffrey made it into Ferndale Central Park, having seen no sign of his Hunter, though of course he still had eight hours to go to win the round. The crowds had thinned out a little by now, most casual tourists having encountered at least one pair of Hunter and Hunted earlier in the day. Jeffrey found a secluded area behind a stand of trees to rest for a bit. He was just finishing a sandwich when he heard some movement behind him and what sounded like the voices of several Hunters chasing a Hunted. Jeffrey crouched behind a large boulder and scanned the area. From the direction of the Plaza, a shirtless pledge with the number 143 was running towards Jeffrey. He was being pursued by three Hunters who were laughing and whooping as they fired shots of Triple Whammy at 143. Most of the shots went wide or fell short, but then 143 stumbled and tripped, landing awkwardly several yards away from Jeffrey’s hiding spot. A shot hissed past 143 and splashed on the boulder Jeffrey was hiding behind, causing Jeffrey to duck reflexively. The next shot splattered across 143’s clothed ass. 143’s eyes widened in shock as his white cotton trousers began to dissolve. The pledge hastily ripped off the tattered pants and shucked his socks and shoes. His boxers had also begun to disintegrate into grey shreds. But by the time the pledge was ready to run again, another shot hit him square in the chest. Jeffrey winced as 143 went limp and fell to the ground, the pledge’s pupils dilating and his cock already stiffening to an impressive seven inches.

“YEAH! WHOO! Damn, that was some good shooting Kyle!” one of the Hunters said as they approached 143’s body. Kyle, wearing a white shirt with the number 006, was the beefiest of the three Hunters with a dark buzz cut and seriously thick arms and thighs. “Thanks Hayden,” said Kyle. “Although if you guys hadn’t fucked up on the last one and let him get away at the pier, we’d probably be done by now! Seriously, Rick, you had a clear shot at your pledge! You should’ve taken it!”

“Yeah, I know,” said Rick, who was number 202. Rick was less muscular than Kyle, with a more balanced physique and broad chest that tapered to a slender waist. He wore thick black-rimmed glasses and his brown hair was styled into a fauxhawk. The third Hunter, Hayden, had a lithe and wiry frame, as well as a tattoo on his chest, the top of which was just visible at the neck of his white ‘044’ shirt. Hayden shouldered his squirt rifle and approached 143 and prodded the naked pledge with his foot. “He’s deep in trance all right. What now? Are we gonna have some fun with this guy or should we order him to go back to campus and wait with the others?”

“Dude, we’ve been tracking this one for hours and I’m tired and horny. Let me and Rick use his mouth at least while you figure out where our final target is.” Kyle turned his attention to the naked pledge on the ground. “Get up on your knees, boy! What’s your name?”

The pledge’s eyes became unfocused for a moment. “Chris… Chris Lansley.”

“Well, Chris, looks like you’ve lost the game. We’re gonna use that mouth of yours to get off before we turn you in to the frat for your week of hell. Now crawl over here and suck my cock.”

Chris obediently crawled over to Kyle and took out Kyle’s uncut cock. He licked his way up the shaft before wrapping his lips around the head. Kyle moaned as he placed his hands on the pledge’s shoulders and guided Chris’s mouth up and down his cock. While the naked pledge sucked Kyle, Rick removed his own thick dick from his pants and began stroking it. “Now suck this one, slut,” Rick said as he grabbed Chris by the hair and turned him to face his own cock. In one smooth motion Rick sank his shaft deep into Chris’s throat and began to fuck the pledge’s throat, eliciting gagging and moaning from the horny pledge. Jeffrey continued to watch as the two Hunters passed poor Chris between them, covering his lips and face with sticky precum. His instincts told him that he ought to get away now in case the Hunters found him and decided to shoot him with Triple Whammy just for the hell of it, but there was something intensely arousing about seeing Kyle and Rick use Chris, and he couldn’t look away…

“Uh, guys…” Hayden said.

“Dude, what is it? I’m about to cum down this slut’s throat,” said Kyle. “Ah… yeah…”

“Guys, the tracker is showing us really close to my target. Like, really really close.”

“Seriously? Oh fuck… urgh!” Kyle grabbed Chris’s head and forced it down onto his cock as he began to cum. Chris spluttered as he tried to swallow Kyle’s load while some of Kyle’s jizz leaked out of his mouth and dripped onto his chest. “Fuck, I needed that. All yours Rick,” Kyle said as he pushed Chris off him and let Rick take over. “Right… sorry… what’s going on?”

“Tracker. It’s showing my target literally on top of where we are.”

“Let me take a look… pledge 117. Damn, he’s right here? You sure that’s not some kind of glitch?” Jeffrey stifled a gasp as he heard Kyle read out his pledge number. “Could be, but we should look around in case. I’ll refresh and see what it says… wait, did you hear that? Is someone there?”

Kyle grabbed his squirt rifle and directed Rick to finish up and grab his. To the naked pledge, he barked, “Slut, you stay here until we come back to get you. Rick, time to get going!”


Choice #2: Should Jeffrey…

  1. Flee in the direction of West Ferndale University’s campus?

2. Flee in the direction of West Ferndale Heights?

3. Surrender to Kyle, Hayden and Rick? (FAILURE)

“Please clearly label any subsequent chapters to this story based on the pathways chosen. For example, if you choose to write a chapter based on the first option in the intro, title it “A Game of Ass Assassin: Path 1.” If you choose to write a chapter based on the third option of Path 1, title it “A Game of Ass Assassin: Path 1.3.” If you choose to write a new pathway not listed in the intro, title it “A Game of Ass Assassin Path 4” and so on. Please reuse this paragraph at the end of any chapters you add so that new readers will be able to see all the rules. Enjoy!”